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Flag of Croatia  ,
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We decided to visit Dubrovnik, as I have been here to Croatia recentlyish twice but still hadnt got down there, and all the travel guides `claim` its better and more beautiful than Split. I wasnt about to let my little port town be beaten into submission by the forces that are TRAVEL GUIDE BOOKS - so we went. Dad was a great help - you will read this as sarcastic as the story goes on...

Dad advised us the bus was cheaper and quicker than the ferry, and even though recently we had discovered on a map that there was a tiny block of the coastline along the way that was Bosnia-Hertzogovina before reaching Dubrovnik and the long petered out tip of Croatia down there, it was only a bridge and it was fine to go across on the bus. No problems.
So we buy some supplies and realise the 4.5 hour trip will be looooooong when we hear the people behind us are total tosser twats from the UK who wont stop talking crap. Oigh. I felt a little sorry for the guy who was our age and seemed to be travelling with this lady of about 45 who didnt mind having drivel fall out of her mouth constantly. I think she infact enjoyed it. Yes, yes I think so. Among other things she discussed how Croatians really were quite well off (though the unemployment rate was at 50% last time I heard), and that the people gave an air of `peasants`. She kept noting whenever there was something she found ugly along the way, and it was probably about this point that we both turned to our trusty iPods - only to realise we both had lowish batteries!!! We had to nurse them through the trip but what made it more than ok (for me - Shane pretty much cried the whole time...like a girl...teehee) was the breathtaking scenery.

While the bus careered periously close to the edge of curvy cliffs, we watched as hundreds of islands floated past on the brilliantly clear blue water. There were some clouds hanging on some high cliffs too, it was really lovely. But yes, we were getting hot and stuffy stuck in our chairs, and we were glad to get off at 5 minute break stops. Shane realised he had accidentally brought his passport and this little bit of information became important when we stopped at passport control to enter Bosnia-Hertzogovina. As per dads blase information, we had expected to just drive over a bridge and continue on. So I promptly peed my pants, metaphorically speaking, as an officer got on and told us all to show him our passports. When it came to Shane and I, I simply told him I didnt have mine with me, that it was in Split with my aunty whilst we did a 2 day pop into Dubrovnik. The mane looked at me, at Shanes passport, and then moved on. The relief was immense!! We continued on and had another pit stop and the cool thing I noted there was the island travelling along beside the coast actually joined the mainland and the water stopped up! Something little, but I loiked it! We also noticed there were many barrels bobbing around in the water along the way for a while, probably fish breeding or something. Just as we continued along we came to a stop again and ANOTHER officer got on. This seemed to be for leaving Bosnia-Hertzovina, all 10 minutes of it, but it seemed the first officer had only been so easy going because there was another to pick up the pieces!! The second one was a hardass and when I went through my spiel again he badgered me about it, while the bus was silent. Shane politely confirmed with the man that we are going back into Croatia, but he didnt seem impressed by this. He asked for photo ID but of course I had left my license at home and the only thing I could provide was our new ANZ cards - mine with the dorky photo of Shane and I sucking on twirly straws...again he wasnt too impressed, and went over why I needed my passport etc. He cautioned it could be hard to return without it and then moved off the bus. As I work for Immigration it would have been obvious I should have taken my passport, but with dad claiming it was only a bridge to cross (him probably having done it last during Communism days) I had not thought. We realised we would have to take the ferry back up to Split, as there was no land to cross that wasnt Croatia then. This ended up being a cheaper and FAR more fun option (again unlike what dad had told us), and when I told dad of our mishaps and my brush with the law (!) he laughed and said I should have known and that it was good for the blog. Hmph.

Shane says:
ok Dubrovnik was nice.. I suppose. a beer in the old town cost 2.5 times what it did in splits old town! can you believe it! anyway I'm jumping forward. I'll get to the start.

we finally arrived after the bus trip from Hell, only to find about 100 Nonnas scrambling for prime position at the bus exit doors. All holding up signs, in about 5 different languages,  stating rooms for rent. ok thats fine. we get off and I do what I always do when I'm being hassled by a shop keeper or what not, I walk away. I went to some of the Nonnas at the back of the queue (I didnt know, I thought maybe they might have had a crook leg or something, and the herd has forgotten them, leaving them to die and their carcasses to rot) so I start talking to some at the back, only to find that the pack can smell a sale, and they all crowded around. One would say one thing, (like I'm only ten steps from the old town) and another would scoff, head butt the one who said the lies (well in my head they did anyway, but I have a vivid imagination) then proceed to tell us its more like 70 steps and try and sell their place to us. Now I dont think an exaggeration of 20 steps in headbutt worthy, but again it may or may not have happened. Milli and I split up, and bartered (hmmm batter) down for a while, and finally settled on a guy who would take us for 35 euros. I cant remember what the kuna equiverlant is but thats about 65 dollars. This is a little more expensive than we wanted, because we have recently re-assessed our financial situation and it makes me cry. Thats why when we found out it costs 11 dollars to climb the old town's walls, I sulked and said for Milli to go by herself and take photos. you can see me sulking here.

after a while the croatians were staring at me a little too hard (god they stare. who do they think they are... the Italians?? I mean really. sure they are all a bit pretty looking, but if you had 50% unemployment you'd have alot of spare time to go to the gym and be pretty looking too.... reminds me of the day we got to Split Nick took us for a tour and everyone was staring and the girls where giggling,, now I just thought they liked what they saw but Milli shot me down and said it probably was the beret I was wearing. Apparently its not cool by Croatian stanards.. I choose to believe Milli was just getting jealous and using me as a scapegoat, but since I have taken off the beret I have found people stare less..... anywho... I'm getting off track) yes they stared a little to much., freaked me out so I paid the 50 kuna to clime the wall and caught up to Milli, which you can see here.

also Milli fly's jet star, can you tell?

yes so the wall was lovely, yada yada, we found a crazy cat lady which you can see here.

we went out to dinner the second night near a place we found near the ferry terminal and I decided to be adventerous and have black risotto. its basically squid risotto with the ink of the squid left in, turing the rice black. it did not taste good. you can see that here.

we also took a visit to the 'hand of truth' for only 5 kuna it will read your hand and tell you your fortune. now you would think it would tell you nice, uplifting things yes? well you'd be wrong

you can see Milli's here

and Mine here.

we did manage to find a nice beach on the second day. here is a picture of Milli looking through my wallet and helping herself.

the second picture is of her disgust on only finding a twenty.

the third and fourth pictures are of me pretending to be a spy and testing out the awesome zoom on my camera.

we did however take the ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar and got a bit drunk on the way, which you can see here.  

anywho I need to upload more photos, milli can finish the rest of when she gets here. shes out getting her hair dyed, I went passed, snuck my head in, and had a look before, and she's looking pretty cute!!

Milli says:
Just quickly, the CRAZIEST OF CRAZY COINKIDINKS happened on the ferry from Dubrovnik. We had snagged a spot up the top by the bar and under the tarpaulin type get up - and this turned out to be the equivalent of GOLD I tell you, as the sun was unfaultering the whole 7 + hours we were there. People were going to get drinks and holding their chairs under then as they did because there were too many people and not nearly enough chairs! Anyhoo, we were sitting in the shade and looking around, and Shane overheard some Ocker Aussie introduce her friend Maryann to someone. When I had a look the lady Maryann looked suspiciously like the lady who I get my legs waxed - and who had said she was going on a girls trip which included Dubrovnik at the time I was! I had emailed her a couple of days ago but she had not replied and we spent the next hour or so looking at her and trying to determine if it was infact HER. She looked slightly different but WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!
Later I walked past this lady in the restaurant downstairs and had to talk to her and I found out it WAS INFACT HER!! Yes, crazy times. Ok I'm hungry so I'm off.
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