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Flag of China  , Shandong,
Monday, October 3, 2011

I went to Weihai and it was awesome. So right after Wangs wedding I rushed back to my room to finish packing as Ping's husband Bo was coming to pick me up.  So, while I was trying to finish up my packing Bo called and told me he was about 10 minutes away and wanted us to meet him at main gate.  So I went and got red and we walked over to the main gate.  A few minutes later Bo was there and we were loaded up and ready to go!!!   Unfortunately we had about a 10 hour drive (eww).   Now, I stated before that driving in china is scary and this was no different people here are crazy.  Bo was darting in and out of traffic on the interstate, which would have been fine if he hadn’t been driving in excess of 100mph!!! I was a little nervous to say the least after visiting a Chinese hospital was not on my to do list.  Nevertheless, it got to about dinner time and we stopped in Jinan, this is the capital of the Shangdong province and was about 5 hours away from our destination.  Bo had brought a friend with him and he really wanted to take me to get donkey meat.  I have to admit I have ate some rather interesting things while have been in China but donkey I had not had. Needless to say I was a little skeptical of this, yet we went into the restaurant and ordered our meal.  I nervously tried the meat and it was an explosion of flavor!  The meat was exceedingly lean but it was great.  What we did is we had this bread and veggies from other dishes so I started making sandwiches.  It was fantastic if I had the option to ever eat donkey again I definitely would.  We finished our meal and we started on our way again.  About 5 hours later we finally arrived at our destination.  We dropped Bo’s friend off at a hotel and then went to Bo and Ping’s apartment.  When we got their Ping greeted us and gave us some more food now this was pretty late at night and we had had a rather large dinner.  Yet, how could I say no the food in china is great and I had had Ping’s cooking before and it was great.  We ate and talked for a few hours and then went to bed.  We woke up really early the next day at like 7am so we could go to the beach and swim in the ocean.   The water was freezing after all it was October but it was still a lot of fun.  When we were done ping had this thing u slid over your head and could change underneath it.  After we changed we went to a restaurant and had some breakfast.  I had this bowl of soup that was kind of like hot and sour soup but it was spicier and great with some fried bread and sausage.  I can’t lie I was a little full from the night before but Ping and Bo bought so much food and were so generous that I kept eating (it helped that the food was really good.  From here we went and visited a few places.  We went saw the boardwalk and some parks.  This was amazing.  There are some big hills that surround Weihai so the city is built long and along the coast line so the parks all bordered the beach.  This made it even cooler.  And what I saw was fantastic.  It was just ocean view the entire time.   After we were done with the parks we went to this market.  This place was sweet they have everything from pearl necklaces, to jade, to clothes.  The best part of the market was that you could haggle with the merchants.  We spent some time here but while we were here my friend from Kearney (Lucy) met us there.  Lucy was a visiting teacher from China that spent 2 years in Kearney.  It was great to see her and she helped me shop and helped me pick out an outfit for Avery.   After we finished at the market it was time for dinner.  Dinner was a large event.  I was meeting another teacher that had spent some time in Kearney named Guzu Shah.   To say this meal was large would be an understatement.    There were about 9 people there and we had our own private room at this exceedingly nice restaurant.  The meal started with every person getting their own individual crab (yum!!!!!).    Then the rest of the food came out.  There were at least 16 different course from fresh fish to dove (the dove was actually one of the best things there it was really good).    It was here that I found a really nice Chinese cultural tradition.  The main host gives 3 toasts then the 2nd host gives 2 then everyone else gives 1.  This was quite surprising but it was really nice to see this aspect of Chinese culture.  I spent a lot of the time at that meal talking to Martin (this is Guzushah’s son).  He is in college studying mathematics.  Dinner drew to a close and I had to waddle out of the restaurant.  I had literally tried a little bit of every dish which was really hard cause I don’t eat that much and there was so much food.  Yet, might night was not yet over, Bo and Ping wanted us to meet some of their friends so we went to this huge apartment building (25 floors) and yes we went all the way to the top.  This apartment was nice and their son took us out to the roof (gulp) and had us look out over the city which was really cool.  Then we went back downstairs and they had some tea and food ready for us.  Now, here I was stuffed from a huge dinner and I was supposed to eat more!!! How as this possible how could I eat more?  Yet, I managed to do it I couldn’t say no…. after all I didn’t want to be rude. So, we ate drank some tea and talked.  It started to get late so we packed up and went back to the apartment.  The next day I was going to the end of the world….sort of.   We woke up the next morning and Ping had another large breakfast waiting for us.  This was really hard to eat however, as I was still so full from the night before….. Yet, we ate the food and we piled in the SUV.  We drove to the cape of good luck (the name changed 3 times in 5 years but it’s also known as the end of the world I guess…).  On the way there we stopped in some parks and other areas to take some scenic pictures and see China.  This part of China was amazing.  We stopped at one park which was built on little islands in the middle of a lake.   This park had waterfalls was exceptionally nice.  Nevertheless, we left and got to the cape of good luck.  This pace was nice.  It had the statues of the first emperor of china and explained its significance.  We went saw the most eastern part of Continental China.  From here we kept along our journey and started walking towards the exit.  Yet, we got a little lost and saw a sign for what we thought was the exit which took us to the entrance of a mine.   Now, I’ve seen my share of horror movies and this entrance and the area we were in would have been ideal for a bad horror movie. We thus backtracked and made it back to the road and started this time on the correct course.  We finally made to the exit but we found that this place was really cool with statues and a little pond and a huge area full of different Buddha statues.  I even met a few Monks.  After our jaunt I was a little tired and need a rest so we got back in the car and we headed back to what I thought was going to be home. Yet, Bo wanted to show me his old business.  So we went to a Sea cucumber farm.  It was exceedingly interesting this place was a series of small ponds with small ocean openings and there were a lot of Sea Cucumbers.   I cannot tell you much about the ride home as I fell asleep but the next thing I knew we were back in Weihai and it was time for another dinner.  It was at this dinner that I met Joe (Zoe’s husband).  I also met Mr. John and his wife.  This was exceedingly interesting for me to meet them as their son is back in Kearney and had met my parents and had dinner at my house while I was in china and here I was meeting his family and eating dinner with them.  This meal was just as elaborate as the meal the night before with just as much food if not more.  But this time I had 2 crabs and squid and so much more.  I ate again until I was stuffed and had to be rolled out of the room.  Yet, before we left we shared ore toasts and Mr. John decided he wanted to adopt us as his god children!!!!  Mr. John had even bought a $200 bottle of baijiu (Chinese liquor) for the meal.  I have had some different baijui’s while I’ve been here and they have been rather hard to take.  Yet, this one was good it was nice and smooth and didn’t make me want to die hahahahaha.   On our way out of after this meal Joe and Mr. John both surprised me with a gift of good and it was a lot of food and it had one of the things I had been craving Peanut butter!!!!!!  The next morning, I was unfortunately leaving Weihai.  Bo and Ping decided to take us on a small tour of the area before we left however.  Bo took us to his home town which was a really small farming village. Now this was the stereotypical farming village that people portray in developing countries but it was great!!! I got to meet Bo’s brother and his mom and dad too.  I even played a game of Mahjong with his brother and wife… I lost but still it was fun.  Then I met Bo’s mom and dad whom asked if I was Red’s dad.  She said my beard made me look old but my other than that I looked really young.   I was the first foreigner she had ever met which I found to be shocking.  Bo’s brother came and ate lunch with us at a small local café which was nice.  I even ate some silk worms now some of them were good while other were not very good it just was a luck of the draw on which one you would get.  I also ate a bunch of small clams which were exceptionally fresh as they literally were alive in the kitchen and then cooked and brought out too us.    After lunch they took me to Yantai and I got on a train back to my home. 
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