Trying to live harmoniously with rednecks

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

'Heat delirium - a state of aggressive (often violent) mental agitation caused by the prolonged exposure to excessive relentless heat..'

Current temp: early forties, approaching fifties (C).

It's been a bit of a game trying to convey what it's actually like to live here. I think I mentioned after only a couple of weeks of my arrival just how quickly it became clear that I was surrounded by idiots. But when there's so many examples of day-to-day madness (especially as most days around here often blur into one) it's difficult to portray just quite what it's like.

As the general lunacy has been so consistent (and so constant) it's easy to look beyond the immediate mess in order to see a more palatable truth - a kind of deliberate state of denial if you like, one that's infinitely more comfortable. That way you can go about your business without getting too distracted by all the trivial mindlessness. Which is why lately I haven't been particularly fazed with people like:

- 'the neighbour', who with a sudden rush of life jumped over the fence and started throwing pepper in the eyes of playing children before telling a startled and highly outraged mother to 'get f**ked!'


- 'the aboriginal woman', who in the click of a finger jumped up from a bench outside a shop and started hammering her fist into the face of her bewildered man, deliriously, like a crazed animal. If his face wasn't there you'd have thought she was banging uncontrollably on an unanswered door. Yet she made it look perfectly perfectly natural. It was interesting to see the street populated immediately by whites who spilled out of shop doorways to watch with folded arms as she dragged him around the pavement by his thick matted hair. The noise that accompanied the commotion was.. how d'you say... a bit disturbing.

But it was the other night that brought the final straw. I went for a beer with big Greg and watched a guy get a proper hiding, materialised right out of nowhere. Actually the poor bastard fell at my feet, right by the stool I was sitting on and within seconds the whole place erupted in pandemonium. It was all so immediate. All we could do was sit there and shut up as this gangly bearded fella in dirty overalls came over and began breaking his face up carefully and meticulously with his steel toe-caps. Right on cue the juke box got turned off and every one of us in the room got to hear that lovely dull connection of steel on bone, a good five or six clean breaks to his ever so delicate skull. What made it more insane was that above the table-line, you could see that the guy dishing out the punishment was thoughtful enough to keep the pint he was holding upright the whole time he put the boot in, all leisurely like as if he was eating a sandwich in front of the telly. After the final foot went in he began jumping up and down on the guys head while he screamed like a mad thing. This went on of course and it wasn't long before a few more neanderthals got involved and finished the whole messy job. Minutes later the jukebox was resumed, balls started clinking together on the pool table and the joviality started up once more. If you'd have just walked in you wouldn't have suspected a thing. This is the sort of shit that goes on.

I think I've seen too much to keep hanging around to be honest. It's time. And I don't think I've been more ready to leave a place..
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scottwoz on

Re: Skimpies
Hey Cal!

Good to hear from you. Actually looking at doing the brothel tour next week funnily enough - a proper tour though not just the one you have after a skinful of Swan and Emu. I actually heard from your little bro a couple of months back. We're gonna meet up in Melbourne for a sesh at some point. Haven't seen him since we took him snowboarding at Treble Cone. Should be good. Trust all's well over there? Catch you soon and cheers for the message.


radsolv on

That's Entertainment!
I am trying to visualize that scene in the bar room with some sadist kicking another guys skull in and jumping on it while the victim is lying helpless on the floor. And the juke box stops, pool players come to watch and apparently absolutely no one makes any attempt to interfere. What was his offense? Sounded like he would have needed an ambulance. Was one ever called? Don't know what I would have done if I'd been there, but if I just stood and watched I would sure have lost a lot of my own self respect.

scottwoz on

Re: That's Entertainment!
..and if you'd have done anything else you'd have lost a lot more than a sleepless night. Maybe you'd have spent the rest of your days sucking food through a tube or maybe you'd have got off lightly with a glass ash tray in the teeth. Your 'summary of events' actually made all this sound objectionable. If you'd have been there you'd have seen immediately how this was not the case. This isn't the movies.

Thing is Rad, there are often five sides to every story and when we try and consider the actions, motives and circumstances of such an overwhelming situation like this from our own 'rational' perspectives, the whole understanding falls down. These boys play by a different set of rules to you and me and live life with the kind of conduct that would have you shake your head in disbelief. This sort of thing isn't unusual at all. It's actually an everyday thing for them. This isn't your regular upbeat civilised bar in the city remember, this is a watering hole in the middle of nowhere for neanderthals to get 'high' and when someone upsets the apple cart things get broken. This is their game and these are their rules. The likes of you or I stepping up and intervening with tools of 'reason' or even more foolishly with 'force' would be fatal - and downright stupid. If people 'stayed out of it', it's because they knew better than to do otherwise.

In case you were wondering, I lost absolutely no self-respect whatsoever that night, not a smidgen. I value my own life (and the quality of my family's life) enough to have the sense to let these ferals do whatever they want to each other, as long as they keep me out of it. Incidentally, I heard days later that the guy had it coming, that he actually got off lightly. So... his offence? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm just glad I got to 'have' a sleepless night.

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