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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My my what a month!!!
Life has really begun to move.
I'm taking a break from work. It's my work!!! For me!!! Lovely!

First off hello everybody. I hope your all wonderfully well. I'm sitting here with stiff's cold. Melbourne weather goes up and down. I thought that might cheer some of you up knowing that even though I'm larging it up on a massive continent with a huge desert I'm still cold. For those of you who love to hear that I'm having a wonderful time in the sun then just pretend it was a couple of days ago when I was sitting up a tree with a friend of mine Ohana...on that day a swift walk in the sun made me sweat.
I'll tell you what I'm taking a break from....designing a flyer. I keep starting it and then getting sidetracked..from booking a venue space to creating a whole new set of workshops. I figure if I share with you guys what I'm doing then the flyer will be easier to deal with. I've set a target to have 250 colour flyers in my hand by the 5th March a wednesday. In fact I'll have 800 colour flyers by wed thanks to a call I had this morning to a friend called Tritia. She has a friend who works for a publisher and I will get my bundle of flyers for free. I just have to email her my flyer by mon night so she gets it tues morning. Free Flyers that's lovely. I had her confirm it by calling her friend, I wanted confirmation first hand. Tritia did assure me that she could get it done because she has had other stuff printed off for her by this friend but I wanted my mind to know that if we emailed the stuff mon night then on Tue we could pick them up. I got the re-assurance I needed. the other option would have been using Demian and Luke's colour printer which they are buying on monday. I felt like I needed to know the exact route of events.
So what are the flyers for???
The flyer will start with The Fusion Project presents....
I will be offering a six week course looking at Contact Improvisation. Specifically exploring Character, Expression and Playfulness. Why? I've always had a streak in me that takes issue with form...form that holds rigidity that stops creativity. Technique in contact Dance is wonderful a truly wonderful thing. Technique in Capoeira is wonderful a truly wonderful thing. Technique in art is wonderful a truly wonderful thing. Technique in Web Design is wonderful truly a wonderful thing. Technique in Parenting is wonderful truly a wonderful thing. Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm
In Bristol my Capoeira group was very playful and when I went donw to London I experienced Objectivity (Technique) there were players who I found it a major challenge to get a smile off, any facial feedback at all. their mind was focused, they had their goals and that involved marking the best kicks possible and sometimes landing wonderfully worked out technical kicks or headbutts. That was great I learnt a lot. But I got a bit sad. I love to see smiles, smiles and laughter....the real ones from the heart. It's very easy to tell a social smile or a laugh that disguises altogether different feelings. I like the genuine ones that bubble out of the essence of character. For me it's an enriching experience.
Me I like to play, and that is what I have to offer folks. I will be looking at how to bring play into ones approach to Contact Dancing. I love technique...AND I also love personal interaction and personal character. In Capoeria we called it Axe (sounds like ash-ay) Energy or ginga, ginga is ones own personal dance....the ginga is your own expression filled with your Axe your energy.
The group will be exploring connecting with other people through sound, smell, touch, sight awareness and character. IT's going to be so much fun. I'm really looking forward to smell. Having the room full of people contacting first through smell I expect to see and have some really interesting dances through this. I expect most of you know that the main mode of communication is through the body. The main interaction is non-verbal even if the person has their entire focus on the spoken words, they are still ineracting hugely with each other, through posture through responses to pheremones through the energy in the eyes. I aim to explore these elements.
Sound is fairly rare in the contact world but it is around and I aim to encourage it...sighs, groans, laughter, even frustration maybe some one has had a hard day at work and what they really need to do before they have some fun is let out a bit of annoyance. then once that's passed through them they can have a giggle about it, and so can everyone else. We've all been annoyed.'s an animal thing right???
Sight....sight as connection can either be through eye contact, or fixing on a part of their body (Which is kind of like a technique....I guess techniques are everywhere). then there is also a term in the contact world called Grazing. It basically just means watching watching the room. I would like to influence people to really have fun with it, become fascinated by what they're watching like a child who has to get close....who asks there parents to look, who copies, who's transfixed with curiosity. It's fun and it's a great way to learn. MAybe one has had a long hard day and turns up feeling a bit tired. Doesn't want to go home because that's boring but doesn't necessarily want someone crawling all over them. Well they can graze, let's remove the feelings of guilt or invasion and really encourage that insatiable curiosity.
I also want to explore peripheral vision which will be a huge part of awareness. this is learning to see everything that falls upon the lens of your eye. All that lovely data that with a pin hole camera gets picked up. Well we can do that too, it's just a matter of being aware of it. It's the type of vision hunters use because it's excellent at tracking or picking up movement. Right now as I type I can see my fingers move the trees sway outside the letters from on the screen, the tiles outside, grass, carpet. posters on wall etc....all without moving the eyes. We'll explore the usefulness of that for being aware of others around us. A useful tool when there are a lot of people moving about. Sounds a bit technical. Lol each time I run it just pops up in front of me. Luckily I said technique is a wonderful thing a truly wonderful thing. I guess it comes down to how we employ it with what spirit we engage with it.

It will be a six week course at Northcote Town Hall You can follow the link to photo gallery and then Studio 1 and Studio 2 . I'll be running the first and last 2 workshops in studio one and the other 2 in studio 2. That's the plan. I have a tentative booking made. I just have to work out about insurance. I'll have to pop down there tomorrow because the link on their website for terms and conditions brings up the application form.
The workshops will run from the 17th April to the 22nd May. I've got several definite comers. I need four to cover my cost but am aiming for 18. More would be lovely and I believe achievable. My initial plan was to run it at the Scout hall on the 27th March just 50 yards from where I'm sitting but blessedly it was fully booked and I had to come up with something else. Why blessedly. Well...the Scout Hall is cheaper and closer...I obviously liked that but it's pretty dark and has Nylon carpets. Those of you who know me well know that I'm a real natural fibre boy. About an hour after I found that out a friend was over and we were having soup she mentioned the Northcote Town Hall and said it was really nice in there..wooden floors and not too pricey. She said she had done some amazing contact dance there before. (A snap shot to my inner world AMAZING!!! I gulped....That's a tall order to follow. Luckily I'm a tall chap!!) Richard Whitely eat your heart out. I wanted to start the workshops earlier but the rooms were all booked. So my first venture into being a facilitator and sharer of my knowledge in the contact dance world will be the DAY after I turn 31. Wahoo.

I've been up at dawn every day this week. When I got to australia I did that for the first couple of weeks, few weeks, then it piffered off, easy learning and stimulation began falling by the wayside......I even starting getting fuzzy heads UH OH...I'm hearing that Sharp Wah Wah sound you get in a horror movie...NOT THE FUZZY HEAD. It wasn't all the time but there were times it started creeping up. DANG DANG what is it I need to pay attention to.....what is it I need to change...oooh I had a few days .. spread out over time...a day here or there when I was so angry and frustrated I was getting these signals...remember the body signals...and I was searching ..searching for what I needed to do. Eventually I worked it out. THE FUSION PROJECT had to begin. It's my lifes work I must start it. Sod woofing for feck all. Yes great a few skills would have been gleaned, interesting people met along the way but as I read the handbook all I got mas one major headache.....a little voice peeped out the fusion project.......maybe there's some cool woofing place...look here's a lovely commune vibes sound great.....HEAD ache splitting.....the little voice at the back of the head THE F****ing FUSION PROJECT....that's what you fecking well ought to be doing. And so my dream was resurrected.

The Fusion Project is a banner for all sorts of work that I'll be doing.
Hence THE FUSION PROJECT presents ...

I just went to close the door it's k k k cold and staring up at me from the floor is a laptop which I can load pictures onto no problem. I discovered that this morning when Demian wanted some pictures I took yesterday of him setting up his first wind monitoring system for his and Luke's new Company Enhar, shortly to be Enhar Blue. He told me to log on to Amenala's computer (she's our latest new housemate, she's staying in the living room for a month or so) plug my camera in and hey presto it worked no problem whatsoever. I can't even open the e drive on this computer....I have no idea why. I even got technical assistance from one of the other housemates who has a mac....He's the one who tagged those photos of me. Even though he's technically pretty sorted he couldn't get it open either. Amenalas had a password and I got Sylph to type it in. Once I was done I switched it off even though the back of my head said I had no need to. But I figured I was busy at the moment and I'd save energy etc...Now I'm bleeding wishing I could use it. I'd have some photos up in a flash. Good news is Soon Very Soon I'll have a couple of albums on facebook. I hope you can all celebrate knowing that when it happens I've climbed a mountain. For some of you it might be a coloured line on the road that you skate over but for me it's been a mountain.

OH YES That's not the only set of workshops I have devised. This morning I discovered a set of sounds that I had been trying to recall. LAM VAM RAM YAM HAM OM (AUM) and HUNG (hueng). These sounds correspond to each of the major seven chakras starting from the bottom. I've decided to get over my shyness in talking about this stuff. I've been sensitive to the chakra system for years and years and at times I've shyed away from talking about it with other people because I didn't want to be percieved as a quack. If others were sensitive I'd hold the conversation but if they weren't I wouldn't bring it up. Severe negation of myself but hey I fell in love with that for a while, I couldn't possibly have got so ill if something wasn't seriously adrift. But now I'm taking steps to rectify that. I also used to think ..all these grandiose claims are made about what meditating on them can do but I know loads of people that do and they're just fluffy fluffs no more sorted than anyone of us. Yes well that's true...But I'm not interested in making grandiose claims I'm interested in the experience and learning through that experience. For me I get particular sensations when I focus on different Chakras. It doesn't always feel the same but generally I always feel something particularly my third eye. Just a slight focus on the middle of my forehead will make it throb. Indeed it's doing it's thing right now!!
So I was writing these things down with the Indian names of the Chakra they corresponded to...Muladhara...Swadhishtana...Manipura...Anahata...Vishudd ha....Ajna...Sahasrara. ... . I copied the names because they're beautiful, what wonderful sounds, I love sounds...Swadhishtana doesn't that roll round the mouth deliciously. Vishuddha....Glorious. As I was writing these down using my felt tip pens Red for for Swadhishtana etc Oh Ok for those who want to know it continues Yellow, Green (Pink) Blue Purple White. The hue and intensity of colour will variate with what book you read and sometimes the white is a very pale violet but that just TECHNICAL isn't it. Notice how the heart is Green and Pink... That's beacause green is the inverse of pink the same can be done with all the other colours....that's one for me to research. so there I am half way through writing a word at about nine this morning...after having done an hour of movement meditation stuff and eaten a bowl of porridge with rice, oats, apple, raisins, celery and garlic salt...I guess that sounds weird it was great, it had water rice milk and soya milk. Yes so there I was writing VISHU....DD when my memory pokes forth a reminder of NIKKY who I worked with at Central, she did a lot of work with sound and Sanskrit. Where we worked as individuals and in pairs and groups lots of eye contact and movement. I instantly decided that that is what I wanted to do.
I decided to do a series of seven Workshops one for each Chakra. I've often done classes and the work is really we can explore them all. I decided I'd really like to spend some time focusing on them. I was about to say which one I'm most interested in but in fact it is all of them. However I am interesting in spending time with some that I find harder to access. As Nikky did I will do individual work and meditations...then I will do partner work...keeping the focus on that area of the body whilst holding eye contact or touching hands etc...feeling how the sensation is...asking questions like...Do you feel differently than when you walked in the room? than you did last week?
Sound will then start to be introduced and explored in pairs...alone, with a new partner, in a trio, movement and sound, gradually I'll bring the whole group together. And we'll fade the sound out softer ..softer ..softer. Thank you Chartwell for your huge inspiration on using this technique. Chartwell is of the Shona people (Southern Africa)he sings with the mbira and he spends fifteen twenty minutes fading out. So lovely.
I also want to decorate the space with the appropriate colour and use essential oils that correspond with each Chakra. Kia the girl that mentioned the Northcote Town Hall said she'd definitely come. She said "I've heard you making sounds I'm coming" Her eyes shone with passion. She sounded a lot more convincing than when she said she'd come to the contact dance workshops.

Tritia has just done a painting inspired by the chakra colours and I will use that as the Background for those flyers, as well as the workshops information including THE FUSION PROJECT presents Chakra I'll put Background art by Tritia and her contact details. I'm also giving her and her friend who works for the printer the course for free, providing they bring three people with them. I'm chasing a different space for these workshops. Danny's Warehouse. This guy has converted an old warehouse into a studio apartment with a huge front roomed all decked out with lovely floorboards. The space has been used a lot for Crystal meditation World peace meditations, Light meditations, the E.A.S.E program. I wish to do it there because I feel the resonance of the building will correspond to what I'm doing. I have felt strongly about the energy of building for a long time. I think it was extra highlighted when I went on my class 12 trip to Italy. I was 18 years old, we had worked on a number of songs that our teacher wanted us to give as a gift to the spaces rather than just go and gawp. At first I was nonplussed but after a few weeks of rehearsals they really started to sound quite exquisite. Finally we got to Italy and each church we were in demanded a different song. It was a mixture of the atmosphere and the acoustics. Anyhow I believe space has a memory to it. I'm convinced you've all walked into a room and felt a particular vibe immediately, well that is why I am choosing to do it there. And luckily the contact dance workshops, with my theme of playfulness etc is being planned for a performance and rehearsal space. Perfect.

This travel log is feeling like one big personal ramble. Me Me Me. Well you'll just have to write back to break that all up for me.

Photo Albums Coming.

Up and coming courses for me.

A communications workshop this sunday.

Contact technique classes to start the sunday afterwards. (See I do balance my play)Oh yes it had the dreaded word 'form' on it. Gosh!!

A 7 week course starting on wed 5th march on Shamanic Trance Dancing. From what I hear you do a guided meditation to set some intentions and then you blindfold yourself and dance your intentions. I've met two people who have done it and there eyes tell a big story. Aside from that it's real pulling power is that it comes from a Hawaiian tradition. The woman has been a dance teacher for years and then a lomi lomi masseur (more hawaiian stuff) as soon as she discovered this stuff she trained as a facilitator. Hawaii has been cropping up a lot in the past few years and whenever it does my body glows towards it. Well I've been making certain commitment to follow that glow. It's how I got out of my years of fatigue in the first place.
Wow I just did a double check on the Hawaiian stuff a website came up that wouldn't load either. It turns out I will be doing the last one on my Birthday the day before THE FUSION PROJECT presents. That's supercool. sounds like a great birthday treat. I've mentioned to several people that I've never had a birthday know a big birthday party to celebrate oneself. When I was in my teens and early twenties it seemed like a terribly selfish and ridiculous thing to celebrate oneself. I couldn't quite get my head round the idea. but for the past couple of years I've really wanted a party, thought about it a lot but ended up buckling out. Sometimes even spending a whole day with someone and they didn't even know it was my birthday. I did that with Laurie once. Silly me eh! Well I've been promised by several SHOCKED people that I'm having a party this year a party just for me. GASP ... For ME !!! Blimey. I aim to be able to embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly and have a wonderful time with many smiling laughing folk.

On tues night's I've been going to a Contact Dance Jam that will continue

Fingers crossed my classes will run on mon and thurs. Thurs is so nearly guaranteed!

I've also enlisted my housemate Sylph to share with me some of his knowledge. He lived trained and taught in a dojo in Sydney. Forgive me I can't remember the name. I should know what it is I have embarked to study. I do know it's Japanese. We had our fist class yesterday morning. It was great fun. Kind of old man style street defence like raising both hands to cup the head. do that quickly and notice how fast the elbows come up. As you do this again Imagine saying...or for those of you feeling playful say "please don't hurt me I'm just an old man/woman. Phew...then imagine taking a step straight towards them as you do this. That gave me a few giggles. My body wouldn't step towards Sylph but the action was fun. We got theatrical about it just as a boy was walking past the house on the way to school. We must have looked like a right pair.

My last weekend was thoroughly taken up with Breakthrough To Success a free NLP seminar that was entirely fascinating. Pennies were dropping by the Dozen. My my it had been a long time since I got so enthused about so many things. My brain was firing off ten to the dozen about action plans ...dreams imagination was fired up my enthusiasm for learning re-ignited, my commitment to teaching fortified. It's all been go go go since then. Research...planning...actions...Oh my Actions that was of huge importance. IT was stressed time and time again how dreams were great how fantastic visions were marvellous but that it was actions and commitment that got things done that got you to where you wanted to go. Visioning was a huge part of the process. Not just realistic vision though it was stressed that those are vitally important if you are to attain your goals and gain the confidence of the ability to make your goals happen. Visioning was also used to expand ones personal map. Chris kept on saying it's not the map it's the territory. Lots of people live in the map...they get the map confused with the territory. So huge wild and crazy visioning was used to help break out of our self imposed maps. Maps are great to help us get around. but a map won't tell us if a street is lined with trees or not and if it does cos it's a small map it wont show us what shape the leaves are and if it is a small map then it won't show us what we'll see if we keep going.
One thing that kept catching me was he mentioned Milton Eriksonian techniques over and over again. Chris mentioned a lotta lot of folk Quantum physicists, Newton Einstein Business Men, Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King..... But let's stick with Milton Hyland Erikson 1901-1980. Well who else do you think had been important in my life and mentioned this guy a lot. Kyle Davies the man who I went to see in Cardiff that guided me through my own internal process that enabled me after four one hour sessions to completely have the reins of my life again. completely in the sense that I could once again hold down a full time job pay my rent get out to Spain etc. He mentioned Milton Eriksonian techniques a lot, he said they were a huge inspiration behind the creation of Reverse Therapy.

Love you all.

Oh yeah I learnt this little tidbit to. If you cut a holographic image in two you still get the whole image, you can do this over and over again. the image stays there, I believe eventually it loses it's clarity but hey ain't that cool. He did all sorts of explaining about the science behind that how it related to quantum physics and how it related to our memory our cells...

Love you all.

Dolly loves you too!!!
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