Trip Start Jan 29, 2007
Trip End Jun 02, 2007

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Flag of Peru  ,
Thursday, February 1, 2007

Well, if we had any feeling that Peru felt sort of familiar, Id say those are gone.  We arrived in Iquitos today- a pretty amazing descent into the jungle- to be greeted by throngs of taxi and moto drivers rushing us like kids to an ice cream truck.  We finally got into a moto (basically a gasoline-powered rickshaw) driven by a jolly guy named Richard.  To make a long story short, by the time we made it to the hotel, we had shared an aperitif and saltine snack with a local guide, secured a jungle expedition for the next day, discovered that the town was fresh out of soles  (it being the end of the month), and booked our passage to Tabatinga. We are staying very near the Plaza de Armas, marked by  a large chapel illuminated in purple and blue flourescent lights, a completely iron building built by Eiffel, and the cacophony of motos zooming around the square.  It is extremely hot and humid and indeed, enitrely unfamiliar.  At least we have a functioning fan in our room, and our bathroom smells only slightly like feces.  You get what you pay for, I suppose. This place is lively and everyone seems to be out, but i guess that makes sense because im sure the nights are much more comfortable than the days.  So, tomorrow we are leaving early early for a trip to a lodge in the jungle, and withluckwe will see some caiman, dolphins, sloths or any number of oversized creepy-crawlies.   By the way,  the literal translation of sloth in Spanish is lazy bear. Just so you know.
Hopefully well get some pictures  up in a bit.  Im still working on navigating these keyboards, nevermind USBs and  whatnot. Lots of love.

What Im listening to right now:  Backstreet Boys, with background of motos and honks
Mood: tired/sweaty/excited/full of criolle food
P.S. Sandro: drunk sailor. Sam: where for art thou?
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psifunk098 on

Sounds like Iquitos
So happy to know you guys will be comuning with little perezosos. Enjoy the river! (this is Gwendy). If you have time you should try the Lucuma popsicles at the stand on the corner of...Dan says hi and please bring back an alligator. Rio wants to eat your shoes.

leisz77 on

Strange as snow in Abilene
Well so you made it...the head waters of the Amazon. Congratulations, do you guys have any idea what you have gotten yourself in for? Do you know how many evil little things there are up there, biding their time, waiting for weak American flesh to ravage?

Last night I was watching an Animal Planet special on tropical parasites. I would describe some of them but I am not sure it is appropriate for a family travel blog like this. Just Wikipedia Candiru and stay out of the water. Better yet dont drink the water. or eat the food. and take shallow breaths. and wear long sleeves. and I hear they like to get you while you sleep, so dont do that either. And dont trust those 'lazy bears' either, they are just acting all slow so you let your guard down. Then they pounce.

And no this is in no way related to my time in Micronesia, why do you ask?

I am waiting out a snowstorm in a Starbucks outside of Abilene TX. I am rather disturbed that the city first made famous and introduced to me by Dad through those songs about wrastliing doggies, gittin' on home and rotgut whiskey, is indistinguishable from Orange County.

Reflecting on this actually I take it all that parasite stuff back. Swim naked with the Pirhanas, toss your mosquito net, it will be street vendors only from here on. Because Starbucks is coming man. And it is so soothing you could scream.

Meredith and I are counting down the days so stay healthy...we need our tour guides. So much love and hugs and smiles.


ginger0 on

family blog
Well, this is interesting, I get to hear from all my family by checking in on this blog...not as good as human touch but better than being newsless in PVE. Sam and Sandro por favor tan cuidado en el viaje de rio, el rio mas grande en todo el mundo. I don't suppose we'll hear from you until Belem or maybe they'll have computers in Leticia. Dad and I are truly excited for you though. We know it will be a journey you'll never forget and that will provide you with great stories to tell the rest of your lives.
Per your request, I have been opening your mail. Sandro, you received a fancy note from Lisette at USC thanking you for visiting Marshall. She says, 'I hope you enjoyed the operations class and tour. Most of all, I hope you gained a better insight into life at Marshall. Please contact me if you have any questions as you make your decision. Best regards.'
Dad says to tell you he has been in offsite meetings all week and he just got his new computer working but he can't wait to read your news and 'blog on back.' Please take a photo of a lazy bear for us. Hugs.

garyleebrown on

Be Careful
Dear Sandro and Samantha,
I haven't figured out how to make this blog thing work. Right now, trying to figure out how to communicate is detracting from communicating. I suppose it will get easier.

I spent the day at the ranch, we now have acceptable colors. Mom made an offer on a house for Jackie to move into near eventful day.

I love you and want you to take care.

ale_olivieri on

Ultimas noticias
Ayer llegaron el tio Nelson y tia Marisol a Ginebra despues de un largo y cansador viaje, pero contentos y bien. Esta manana a las cuatro de la manana nos estabamos levantando el papa y yo para ir a dejarlo al aeropuerto donde tomaria un vuelo con rumbo a Amsterdam- Nairobi.
Cada dia miro vuestro website para ver si hay nuevas noticias, pero me imagino que aun no llegan a un lugar suficientemente civilizado como para tener acceso a internet. Hasta pronto. Mama

rasuch on

If you and Buddha had a baby...
It'd look like that sloth.

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