Bako National Park

Trip Start Sep 30, 2010
Trip End Sep 30, 2011

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Lodge 121 Kuching
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Flag of Malaysia  , Sarawak,
Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are going to Bako National park today, so another early start at 5.50am as we need to catch the 7.00am bus. We wouldn't be so tired if some idiot hadn’t decided to start playing his stupid guitar and singing really loudly right outside our room at 22.45 when we wanted to go to sleep! You can imagine where we wanted to stick his guitar! This morning there were no delicious bananas for breakfast just toast. We were slightly confused about where to catch the bus as one place had been circled on our map but the guy at reception had told us it was in a different place. But we knew it was red and the number one bus, so hopefully we would be able to find it. After walking to both possible bus stops we were none the wiser, the only bus in sight was yellow and the others driving around were the green buses. Chris told me to ask this random man, as he told me that he was a bus driver. He clearly didn’t speak English and didn’t know what I was saying. I asked Chris how he knew he was a bus driver, assuming he had seen him walk off the bus and he said "oh you know he was standing like one" What the hell, dumb arse! Anyway I spotted some tourists so went over to ask them, they had a bus time table leaflet which was the most useless thing ever, all it had was the bus number and times but no indication of where to get them from and at the top of the leaflet it said buses are neither on time or reliable oh dear!

After this I found another lot of tourists who thank god had been to Bako National park and told us where to get the bus from, it was where the yellow bus was sitting. After waiting way after 7.00 a mini bus appeared and some woman was ushering us to get on it. We checked where it was going and that the price was correct and off we went. It didn’t take long to arrive at the dock where we needed to catch the boat to the park. First we had to pay our national park fee then we found some other people as the boat took six and we all got in. The boat driver was really nice and was explaining that he had been born in this fishing village. The boat didn’t have a very powerful engine compared to the other boats and they all went speeding past us as we chugged along. The guy was pointing out the famous mountain but it was so hazy we couldn’t see it, never mind. The boat took about 20 minutes and then we arrived. The national park, well what we could see of it through the haze was made up of loads of towering limestone cliffs covered in thick jungle with palm trees dotted throughout. The South China sea was very silty and some mangrove trees surrounded the dock where we climbed out of the boat. We paid our 8rm each, bargain just over a pound for the boat, then headed for park headquarters to obtain our map of the walking trails.

As we wondered along the concrete path we came across the 'celebrity’ bearded pig snuffling around the forest floor. We then arrived at park headquarters and in the tree above the building we saw our first Proboscis monkey and the opposite side of the path was a fluffy grey Marquee monkey. They were both eating leaves so it was impossible to get a photo of them but it didn’t matter we were just pleased that we had seen them! We got our map from Park HQ and decided to do the 3 ˝ hour lintang trail, which apparently had seven different types of foliage on the walk. The signs were very clear so hopefully we wouldn’t get lost. The first plant we thought was weird was this palm plant that had loads of horrible spikes all over it, wouldn’t want to fall over in that! The path to start with was a board walk a bit like being in the botanical gardens in cairns. After a while we came across a view point which was only 700meters away so we decided to go for it. The scenery was very pretty on the way lots of huge lime stone cliffs and caves and many different ferns. The walk was going well until we came to a rickety wooden staircase, which we climbed no problems. Then there was this huge virtually vertical hill, with a path made up of steps made of tree roots and many slippery leaves covering the forest floor. Luckily today we had come well prepared and were wearing shoes. However it was very, very hard walking up the hill it was soo hot and so steep and the path was literally tiny with a massive cliff edge drop to the right. There was a rope to hold onto which I couldn’t as I was holding the water and my camera. As soon as we got to the top of the slope we had to walk back down another tree root step path to get to the view point. The view was nice over the jungle and of the beach but it was too hazy for it to come out on the camera. We were so hot our clothes were actually soaking wet as wet as when you get them out of the washing machine! Luckily we had anticipated this and had brought six litres of water with us on the walk.

Getting back down was so much easier than the climb up and in no time at all we were back on the Lintang trail and to our joy up another but smaller hill. Again we were walking past lots of huge pretty limestone rocks and after a while started heading up some stair cases with a lot of stairs. We were so hot by this point and shaking really hard as we must have had super low blood sugar after that intense climb to the view point. At the top of the stairs I was feeling really, really ill and dizzy so we sat on a rock. for some reason I couldn’t stop breathing really heavily bearing in mind we had only walked up a few stairs which wasn’t particularly strenuous and it was like I was really out of breath as if I had just run a 200 metre race at pull pelt. I asked Chris who was sitting behind me if he was having this weird breathing problem and he said no and came round and said “Your too hot and are Panting like a dog” Way to make a girl feel better what a charmer. Anyway after heroically taking off his t shirt and fanning me with it the weird breathing did stop and I felt better, phew that was horrible and scary!

After walking a little further we ended up at another view point, again it was very nice but impossible to capture in a picture due to the haze. After walking through the jungle for a bit longer we came to a clearing of scrub land. Here there were trees similar to eucalyptus and white sand on the ground. Along the route was a rickety falling down bridge path, we decided to avoid this and walked around the edge as it looked a bit unsafe. After this it was back into the jungle with lots of red trees and palm foliage and some interesting fungi that was pink and grey. After some more hills with roots for steps we were back into another clearing. This one we are sure must have been an old laver field as you could see where the laver had just flown through the trees and destroyed them just leaving a fossilised trunk on the ground. After heading through the laver field then the jungle again we ended up at another rickety old bridge. This time however we had no choice but to cross it. It swayed as we quickly ran across but luckily it didn’t collapse. We then got slightly lost at the next lava field as we couldn’t work out where the path was, but then we saw this person who must have been walking the opposite direction to us around the trail appear from the bushes, so we headed back to where she had come out from. After some more walking through the jungle we came out at the wooden decking near park HQ and headed to the café for some well earned lunch, we were so hungry!

After noodles and veg for lunch we really wanted to see some more cute proboscis monkeys so we headed to the trail that went down to the beach as apparently that’s where the monkeys lived and we were hot so wanted to go in the sea. To our luck two monkeys were randomly sitting on a bin. I think they were baby monkeys as they were grey. The walk to the beach was supposed to be easy. It certainly wasn’t. It was like being on the set of tomb raider having to scale a few more root steps and jump across rocks. So much for 800 meters as well it took ages, we did see another monkey in a tree swinging around on the way though. I couldn’t wait to get in the sea but it looked really unappealing and murky.  As I was thinking about that lovely cool water I put my foot in and it was hotter than the outside air! So I gave up and lied on a nice rock with the lovely cooling breeze aww so nice I just decided to rest my eyes for one moment, so nice and cool so tired and accidently fell asleep opps. I was rudely awoken by my foot getting wet and realised the tide had come in surrounding my rock, luckily I had put my bag and shoes on the rock with me otherwise they probably would have sailed off out to sea. I quickly looked at the time as we needed to leave no later than 16.00 otherwise we would miss the last bus. Luckily it was 14.30 phew just in time to walk back. I found Chris wondering around looking at the caves then we headed back to the boat dock. We got on a different boat this time with a much better engine. We whizzed back so fast it was really fun. The big red bus arrived and we headed back to Kuching very tired.

We decided to go to the Malaysian food court across the river tonight so went to catch the little boat across the water. We thought the man was paddling the boat across but then he raised his hand and pulled this rope that was attached to an engine at the back of the boat how funny. Chris ordered some deep fried sea weed which turned out to be some deep fried fish thing obviously she miss heard us oh well still tasted good. I had some bamboo rolls which were quite nice like spring rolls. After that we had pizza a very local dish hehe.

Sabina and Chris
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