Beach day...Walk from Bondi to Cogee

Trip Start Apr 06, 2007
Trip End Jul 23, 2007

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Flag of Australia  ,
Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 3 - Beach day...Walk from Bondi to Cogee
Jose: So feeling refreshed after a long much needed rest we woke up and decided it looked like a beach day. The sun was shining and Andrea was really excited it was warm for a change. So we got directions and headed to the bus. Having learned from previous experience I decided to get change before getting on the bus. I stopped into a convenience store and picked up a bottle of water. Now having the appropriate change we waited for the bus. When we got on and I went to pay the bus driver he exclaimed "What's this...That's funny money...that won't work here" What he was referring to was a fifty cent piece I had just received from the local convenience store, which of coarse was manned by Apu (from the Simpsons) himself. I got so angry but luckily we had enough money to get on the bus. The whole trip there I was coming up with ways to hurt Apu but then realized that he had probably got it from someone else and it really wasn't that big of a deal. But for those first ten minutes I was ready to strangle him.
Anyways, we got to the beach and it was gorgeous. We decided to get some food before laying down because we had tried to get breakfast earlier but nearly puked at the mere sight of what they considered breakfast at our hostel. Andrea tried the bread and it might have been rotten and if not even worse.
Andrea: The bread was actually was the stuff I put ON the bread. It was a brown, creamy substance, that looked similar to Nutella - which I love. So I lathered on a good layer, and sat down to eat. The first bite was HORRIBLE!!!! It tasted like every kid's dream of how terrible vegetables should taste, along with some garbage. Rotten stuff - apparently, it is a substance called "Vegemite", which is VERY popular here, and these poor Australia kids have to eat this stuff!! Awful, horrible rancid stuff. I now understand how the Germans feel about American Root Bear when they get here. Blah. Enough said.
Jose: I on the other hand had an innocent corn chips and milk but the milk tasted unlike any milk I had ever tasted ...including the milk's that had gone bad!!! I mean it it was the pits. Anyways we found a kebab place that was just opening up and the service and food there were excellent. The owner, which had served us, had a slogan that said "We serve to serve again" I thought that was quite nice. I can't explain how friendly and accommodating everyone here is. They always say "No worries" in response to a thank you or sorry.
So after stuffing ourselves we headed to lay out on the beach. After a little people watching and surfer watching I decided to finish My New Favorite Book. I can't tell you what it is yet because I am planning on writing an entire blog about it. So, I finished the book and by this time the surfers had multiplied, they went from 15 to about 50 people in under an hour. Most of them were learning in schools and such and I really wasn't in the mood. Plus the water looked really cold. So having read in one of books that the beach is surrounded by cliffs and that you can take a real nice walk through the cliffs to the other main beach Cogee, we decided to be adventurous and try it out. Did I mention the beach is surrounded by cliffs so the beach is not that big and it looks like a bay. The views of the beach from the cliffs were spectacular. I took twice as many pictures as usual and pretty much took a picture every other foot. I looked a little weird but who cares. On our way to Cogee we passed several cool things such as 2 different pools that were built in the cliff to overlook different beaches but when you're in the pool it looks like your in the beach. It's quite paradoxical, you need to check out our pics once we update them. We also found a bowling club that only pictures can really explain what it is and there were so many old guys dressed in white(I guess that's the uniform to play) playing this game on a Thursday afternoon it was ridiculous. Then we found what else but a rugby field on top of one of the cliffs. I took pictures of all this stuff since it seemed so surreal. Then the last thing we passed before Cogee was a cemetery built on top of the cliff overlooking the ocean. We found people as old as 1911 and as recent as 1995. We wondered if the plots closer to the water were worth more or not. Anyways, it took us about 2 and a half hours to make the supposedly one hour trek. I guess they don't figure on taking billions of pictures. I almost forgot that in between Bondi and Cogee are other more secluded beaches that had some surfers riding some serious waves and others with local families on rocks that were in the middle of the water. If I didn't have pictures I wouldn't believe me. It seemed like something out of the movies when people get left on deserted islands or something. Anyways, once at Cogee we grabbed a bite to eat and then jumped on the bus back to the city. We were very excited to get home because we had heard earlier that there was a free good old fashion Barbie waiting for us, not the doll, the word is Australian for BBQ. When we got home we were quite disappointed to find out that first it was not free, and second that the only thing they were serving was grilled sausages from a gas grill and salad. We decided to have it anyway because it was the cheapest dinner we would get. Since drinks were not provided we decided to break into our wine stash and started off with the Chandon as in (Moet & Chandon). It was outside while having our sausages that were quite good in fact that we met Paul. Paul is a aussie that is currently working in Sydney on Drill rigs (they make very big wholes) and is completeing his 7th week out of eight. He is 31 years old and has 3 kids and one on the way and hasn't been home in 7 weeks...could you imagine his wife. The kicker is that he is extremely Christian and was only at our hostel to serve the sausages (community service of sorts) and to get people to attend his church. Even though we had just been to church Yesterday he felt the need to tell me what a great time I would have at his church and he went on and on. He wasn't a bad guy since we bonded because our coke addiction (Coca Cola that is mom). Anyways he was extremely funny and entertaining. Apparently he wants 12 kids like the disciples and his wife was not feeling it. I can not imagine 4 kids much less 12. In the end I went though my long neck bottle of reisling and OHHH it was so good!!! After those 2 bottles of wine we were pretty much toast and all our conviction to go out that night were exhausted so we headed for the room.
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