Iguazu Falls

Trip Start Apr 06, 2007
Trip End Jul 23, 2007

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Flag of Argentina  ,
Saturday, April 14, 2007

4-13-2007 Iguazu Falls
Jose: Iguazu Falls was amazing and we took so many pictures it was ridiculous. The pictures we are going to upload are the highlights of Iguazu we have easy 3 to 4 times the amount of pictures that we are not uploading. That being said the day began with a good hearty breakfast of champions at the hotel which was surprisingly great. We took several pictures of the dining area because it was quite modern and cool looking unlike our mold infested rooms. After breakfast we were greeted by Eli and Angelica waiting for our tour operators to pick us up. The ride took about twenty minutes and in that time we met Stacy, a single 45 year old woman that looked like she was my age and was also traveling the world...after quitting her boring and quite stressful job at Lockhead Martin dealing with defense contracts...did I mention she got her MBA at Colombia...Anyways she told us about traveling and about Asia which is where she spent several years teaching English when she was my age which means she probably looked 12 ...Honestly she really looked young to be 45 I mean I was floored when she told me but...
Anyways, we got to Iguazu Falls and I couldn't hear any waterfall so I was wondering whether it was really as big as people described it...Boy was I in for a shocker because as you can see by the pictures this place is MASSIVE...it took us an hour to get to the upper trail but once I saw the falls the sound was impressive ...Roaring water that makes Niagra Falls whimper. The falls seemed to be endless...and when we got to the bad boy, La Garganta del Diabelo (The Devil's Throat) it was breathtaking. You're about 20 to 30 feet away from the mouth of the waterfall. One thing curious to note is that on the walkway to the Devil's Throat(I took a picture of andrea and stacy there) the water that will soon be eaten by the devil's throat is incredibly calm, it is not rushing nor seems to be moving until you see the devil's throat. I hope my pictures do a better job of describing the falls than I do. But again all I can say is it felt both awe inspiring and spiritually peacefull, awkward considering the roar is so impressive. We took Video of the falls that we will upload as soon as we can get a video editor that can compress our files. Our files are currently about 100 mb each for video and we have several. Ohh and by the way I would have taken even more pictures that day but while I was taken a million pictures at the Devil's throat the mist created from being 20 feet away was the equivalent of about 10 shamu's splashing water all over you, so needless to say the camera decided it needed a break and decided to make all further pictures incredibly blurry from the water that had penetrated the lens. Given this outcome I must say I was incredibly proud of Andrea because when I told her not to worry about it she actually listened, which made the day that much better. So after completeing the upper trail we headed down for a boat ride that was optional that is really not if anyone comes to Iguazu they MUST take the boat ride it was the highlight of the day. We bought the DVD that came with the boat ride so we can show everyone how awsome it was. Basically you get on the boat about a mile down the river and they bring you by boat to the falls but the mile down the river is incredible by itself without the falls, it reminded me of jurrasic park because on either side was a wall of rocks followed by 7o ft trees. I was waiting for the Trex to pick out one of our shipmates, but ..luckily for us...we all made it. At the falls the boat drivers get you absolutely soaked by driving the boat right up to each waterfall and they pierce the edges so we feel the power of the waterfall. Of coarse to us it seems like we are in the middle of the waterfall, it was only after seeing the dvd that I now know that we barely entered each waterfall but trust me I thought we were going to go under from all the water rushing into the boat. IT WAS INCREDIBLE both felling the waterfall and also getting a firsthand look at the water fall from the water. It was so great that if I ever come back again I would defintely do it. So after our boat ride we took some more pictures as we dried up and headed home. That night we went out to the same bar we had been the previous night with the Australian/England Couple...hoping to see them since we had bailed on them and I really wanted to play chess..BIG dork what can I say...
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