Ostrich and Oyster's

Trip Start Nov 24, 2008
Trip End Ongoing

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Where I stayed
Knysna Backpackers - Knysna
Backpackers Paradise - Oudtshoorn

Flag of South Africa  , Western Cape,
Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After our relaxing days at Mossel Bay we travelled inland through beautiful mountainous scenery to Oudtshoorn, and our next hostel, Backpackers Paradise. This hostel certainly lived up to its name; beautifully set out, with separate sleeping area, kitchen and pub. We had a great dinner, BBQ roast chicken, a few drinks, some pool and an early night for our long day that followed. Early morning we were driven up to exploring the Cango caves, which have over the years formed an amazing tomb of stalactites and stalagmites which are unbelievable. We were then taken to an Ostrich farm where we were got the chance to feed, touch and Nicola even got the chance to ride the ostriches. Very surreal it was a horrible experience! Stupid birds! The mountain bikes were then unloaded form the van and we cycled to a beautiful little tea garden where we had an ostrich salad lunch (I sought my revenge!), followed by a dip in their pool. We then had a 12km (7 miles) bike ride in the 36 degree heat to a wildlife centre, where we were given a full tour of the park and all their exotic animals, including a big cat section of some incredible beasts. Finally, to top the day off we went in to the cage with the Cheetah cubs and played with them - what an amazing day!! A couple of beers later with Nick, a great Belgian guy we shared our dorm with, we were ready for our beds, knackered from our day.

Our next stop, Knysna, was a quiet little town known for its' big lagoon and its' oysters. The backpackers was an old Victorian style house and also very mellow, this, and the fact we had our first private room since our first nights in Cape Town, saw us falling asleep about 9 o'clock watching Harry Potter! The following day we ventured down to the waterfront before going on a cruise round the lagoon, along with a great lunch and a bottle of wine. That evening a group of lads from Jo'burg that were spending the night at the hostel asked us to join them for a braai (BBQ). So had a few drinks with them, a great laugh and amazing food; braai'd yellowtail fish, baked potatoes and watermelon, sensational. Before catching the bus the next afternoon we walked out to Thesen Island where the famous Knysna Oyster Company is, and tried some fresh oysters, which were actually quite tasty.
The last few days have been a good chance to recharge the batteries a bit and give the old liver a break. The scenery, hostels and people (local and fellow travellers) have all been amazing so far and we're having such a great time. Hope all is well.

Love Nicola and Peace Robbie. x  
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oneandowenly on

Owen's Yuletide message
Merry Christmas to both of you!!! A very sophisticated blog indeed! Yet, the crowd are restless. Why you ask? Well, while your entries are very readable light entertainment indeed, the bear's are baying for the silliness and tales of frivolous frolics which can only be told by THE most reprehensible himself - Mr. Derty 'The Dean' Double-Dinho!! That being said, I prefer to lead by example. So, how can I exude such behaviour in my own text? Hmm...? Well, one humorous anecdote does spring to mind; an occurrence in which I was privileged to have played such a crucial role. Shall I begin?

Our story begins last Sunday, involving Marco and I setting out to enjoy a [semi]civilised meal with the lads from five-a-side. With both of us knowing that we would have to work at 9am the next morning, our collective approach to the course that night should take was tepid to say the least. However, the monotony was broken by the fact that our meal just so happened to be concurrent with the Johnson's staff night-out taking place in Luigi's before heading elsewhere. Now, as you may know, Marco is reasonably well-connected in Jiggy's as it is - given that their meal is held there most years - thus, when Mr. Giudice was indulging his guests with free-drinks, Marco was quick to manipulate the situation by approaching the table with such memorable comments as 'did you get your drinks ok?' As a result, Marco, impressively, managed to entice the unwitting owner's wife to invite the two of us to the next stage of their evening's festivities; a free-bar, lock-in in the Cocktail Bar at Jiggy's!! Hence, the irrevocable fuse was lit for the events which followed.

Subsequently, if the anticipation of a free-bar at Jiggy's was the catalyst, then the abhorrent amount of alcohol which followed was, most certainly, the elixir. At various stages they did have designated bar-staff. However, all they actually did was experiment with hybrid cocktail concoctions; at no cost to us, of course, except to sample some which were far from winners. For example, one such drink was designed to taste - in the self-styled words of its creator - like a traffic-light lollipop...I assure you it did not. Mostly, the night was shaped, not by the bar-staff, but by the owner authorising bottles of black-sambuca, vodka, sourz and tequila to be placed on the corner-table where most of us were seated, to be dropped into our mouths, straight from the bottle, from height! I can only partly justify the proceedings as all-night, all-drinks, all-free, all-chaos! For instance, Marco was sick in the toilet having punched well above his drinking-weight (as we both did). However, having not brought any attention to this fact, it was some time later when Grealis came trudging back downstairs inquisitively stating 'Aw no! Someone's been sick!' At this point, Marco attempted to blame the sick on, of all people, the owner's son; resulting in a highly amusing occurrence of both of the accused pointing vigorously at each other.

Naturally, though, the level of consumption could not continue all-night. So, after Marco had wisely decided to call-time, albeit unannounced and well after 3am - I soon followed. Neither of us can remember walking home, though we certainly know we weren't together.

Now, I had called my mum to request a lift to work before going to Johnson's in the full knowledge that I would not be able to drive(even illegally!) In reality, however, this did not even happen. My mum came up to my room at 7:30am and found me on top of my bed, fully-clothed, and...pause for effect...wallowing in my own sick!!!! All over my floor; all over my bed; all over me! I was woken by the sound of my mum saying, incredibly calmly, 'Oh God, Owen!' My dad, meantime, thought that this was one of the funniest things he'd seen in a long time. I was sick again shortly thereafter before conceding that, no...I wasn't going to make my work.

Marco, meanwhile, did make it to work! However, his mum was so disgusted with him that she dumped him at a roundabout half-way to Rosyth! Without a word of exaggeration (and there certainly are witnesses)this was the type of night with such a fall-out that hitherto unknown or unremembered stories rolled-in for days thereafter. For instance, Marco could not work-out why both his back and his leather-jacket had scratches on them the next day. Similarly, when his dad arrived home from work the next evening, he was quick to ask Marco why the Christmas tree was on its side when he woke up the following morning!

This, truly, was a remarkable night! A brilliant reaffirmation that Dunfermline does, after all, have some diversity beyond it's self-afflicting plague of small-town syndrome. And if that does not give you some small measure of wistful pangs for home, then I trust that you are indeed enjoying a time of your lives beyond this small-town comprehension. Merry Christmas from Scotland!!

P.s. Indidentally, it was very timely that I sent this message before it became white-noise compared to the fan-fare which you'll doubtless be hearing about shortly. Stay tuned; red-letter news from home!

p.p.s. Get me facebooked!

thebish87 on

Hello from bish!
Hello! and happy new year to you both! Glad to see you are both enjoying the experience! Ive done well to compose myself to write this after reading owens tales of mischeif, had heard it already but owen uses such emotive language to describe his experience!

Anyway, keep having fun and stay safe.

Much love

Bish x

PS. rab - Chris Short came to my checkout the other day and wouldnt go for about 15minutes! No joke - as ginger as ever a man has been!

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