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Trip Start Jun 02, 2008
Trip End Jun 12, 2008

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Hotel Duncan

Flag of Belize  ,
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Team Blog
Bob and Bette
The week has gone well.  Whenever we sing "sing with me how great is our God", the geckos chime in with their clicks.  I will try to smuggle some geckos back in our suitcases for the choir.  The attendance at both sessions of the VBS exceeded expectations.  The people all seem to have an interest in the things of the Lord but the big question whether this is something they are saying to please us.  They do sing with enthusiasm.

Bette wants to know her Mother's status.  Did she return home on Sunday or go to a rehab facility?  Any details would be appreciated.

Hello this is Carolyn

Just wondering why NO ONE from my family has even e-mailed me or even sent me a message!  Any way we are all doing ok. Had a b-day party for some one today.  Finally getting use to the bugs - not! I can now say that I know how to paint out houses, nail a deck floor of a tree house, paint an old school building and ride a school bus with over 100 people on it (for real) and best of all have Bible School for over 100 people and do crafts with Bette. Well since no one from my family is checking on me I will say hello to everyone else! 


MichAELA here!
We've had a wonderful day. I was excited to see the Mayan Temples and ruins. We also did the zip line in the rain forest. It was very thriling. You should have seen Tyler's face and mine. Everyone shared a piece of great german chocolate cake. We had a fun day. Tomorrow we are going to the beach! :) Can't wait to see everyone! Miss you all and much love. XOXO
This is Tyler,
well first off i hate zip lines. they are no fun, lol, just joking. it was actually pretty fun but also at the same time scary. This entire trip has been pretty fun. i can sure say that i am glad that i came. I saw the mayan temples and they were really amazing. We got to climb up to the top of a temple and it was pretty cool. well i just want to say hi to my mom if she reads this and i love her. well thats it
Hey it's Chelsea,
Hello everyone ow are you all? I miss everyone so much but I'm having a great time unlike Tyler I loved the zip lines lol it was a lot of fun you have to try it. But I didn't have another camera to take pictures so mom won't be happy about that maybe I should stay here and hide lol. Casey got a lot of goo pictures he said he would make doubles and share with me so thats good. This birthday was a whole lot of fun thank you for helping me pay the way to come here and thank you for the birthday cards!! :)) I am having so much fun. Jim and Jenny are the people that own the house that we are staying at, and they made me a birthday cake it as Jermain chocolate it was really good. : p (thats a smiley face thats sticking out it's tung by the way.) But tomorrow we are going snorkeling, and the day after well be on our way back so thats good, but I will really miss everyone here so we have to come back next year and the year after and the year after that etc. lol the food here is soo healthy and good so thats cool it's weird for me to really enjoy healthy food lolol. But I have to go so I love all of you so I hope you have a good night day whatever it is their, ok I love you and miss everyone so much thank you bye.
hey everyone its casey im have a great time hear but yes i am ready to come home lol but i just want to say that i miss everyone so much and i cant wait to see everybody at home but anyways we are going to go snorkalling tomarrow lol and we went to the zipline today and it was a blast i had so much fun oh and dad im thinking about biulding one lol just playing but anyways today was chelseas birthday and i no she had fun and so did i so thats good all i wanted was for her to hae a good day lol but anyways im going to go beacuse i want to go sing with everyone but i love you all so much bye:):):)
I'm Mardenie Duncan . These guys are great ! I've had so much fun with them , I am13 years old.  I have been
here five years . I love this place ,because I feel so comfortable here . Some times I miss my "other family". I
have  one sister and five brothers ; three are half brothers . Casey , Chelsey , Michaela ,Tyler ,Amy ,and Miranda are what I call the younger guys . The others are what I call '' older guys ''.
                                                                                  Ta,Ta,I hope I can do this again ,
                                                                                                   Bye ,M.D.
P.S.  I always say SHAZAM .
Well, good night, God bless, and keep your lights shining. (Mt. 5:16)
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janlou on

Wow what a great day
I am so glad you all had a great day, i am so jealous. Chelsea i am glad your birthday was so wonderful and you know pawpaw loves german chocolate cake. I wish we had some of that healthy food here. Glad you loved you b-day gifts. don't forget you have to have some money when you leave for a tax on possessions bought i think. ask dennis. I love you girl, Casey, now that we know you all can sing, we have a choir that needs some singers, what do you think? I really would like to see your pics to. I knew chelsea would take all of hers early. Oh well. Glad you got to go to this and your enjoying it--double blessings love you too. going to bed after i write carolyn

janlou on

hey carolyn
I thought I would write you. did you go on the zip line tell me. was it fun, I would have been so worn out climbing the myan ruins. did you go? You did a great job on the outhouse and the tables too. Did they ever have a roach derby. I told casey and tyler too. I know you are wanting to go home soon too. But then you probably wonder in the same instant,(teenagers, oh my maybe i should stay here) just kidding, but my teens used to drive me crazy on some days. I am so glad you got to go, memories to last a life time. See you soon and have a good night, you friend always janice

tonyashulthise on

I'm sooo jealous
Hello everyone. I am happy evryone is having a great time. Thank you all for having a b-day party for my rotten daughter. I can't believe she went through 8 cameras already but it really shouldn't surprise me. It wouldn't surprise me if she used her water camera before going to the beach. She has her Grandma in her. lol
Chelsea I am glad you are having a great time. I love you and miss you very much. I have 2 days to still get through. The boys are at Ryan's, can you believe that. I love you baby.
Casey I love and miss you also. Can't wait to see you all. Continue doing the great job that you all are doing.
Love tonya

julieryan on

Hey Casey
I am sooo glad you are having a good time! We miss you and are ready for you to come home too! Got a question for you though.... Mom has invited us to go to Gulf Shores with her and Jimmy this weekend thru next Wednesday or Thursday. Do you want to go? Your dad can't go, cuz he has some place he has to be. If you want to go, cool, but if not, we will have to figure out somewhere for you to stay. Let me know as soon as you can, ok? LOVE YOU bunches!!!! Julie

charlovanmeter on

Well, gang-Sounds like everyone has had a rewarding experience there. Happy Belated birthday won't have another one like that for a while. Mardine sounds like a sweetheart, I know she will miss you all. Miranda, get some sleep on the plane because we have a lot to do on Thursday evening to get ready for our trip. See you on Thursday, I love and miss you. I pray for your safe return home Love to all. Charlotte

BTW a special hello to Carolyn, I felt bad when I read your e mail, but I know those girls miss you. I am sure you all will have a lot of catching up to do when you get home. Take Care.

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