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Shreepad beach resort
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Devbaug-sangam,Tarkarli beach,
velneshwar beach,temple
varvade village
Ganpati Pule
lanja village
vijay durg fort
Kunkeshwar mandir
Psunami island
Malvan city
Sindhudurg fort
shiv shrusti -Dervan

Flag of India  , Maharashtra,
Thursday, January 12, 2012

Konkar Road Trip-(Konkan safari)

I am a traveller-not by birth,but by passion.
i try to Travell every 3 months-not to get out of my daily domestic chorus,but to see,explore,discover,learn,eat,and to FIND!!!!
usually we are only 2 person who travell ,but this time i made an exception..
I tried roping in my closest friends to travell with this time..
well i can it was not meant to be a travell trip-we wanted to enjoy ourt trip-so we decided to plan out for "Goa"-4 din full njoy karo-daaru aur beach.
we started to come in like we were 15-20 people for the trip...all exited-the planning began in November-2011...
                          but in the Final planning it was later decided that Goa be dropped,and Tarkarli be the final destination...so Tarkarli it was.
people started to falling out..as they wanted Goa and not Tarkarli-as goa will be like Dil chahta hai and not Tarkarli-who know's Tarkali-what would we be doing out there-there would be no fun--was the talk which i was hearing from my friends--
from 15-20 people it came down to 13 people-who where-
and from these 13 people the no.came to 6 guys who where...
Rakesh Yadav (Me).
Sandesh Sawant.
Sachin Deokar.
Ravi Joshi.
Dipesh Salkar.
Makrand Mohite.
and yes of course our driver who eventually also become our friend-Jaywant Chalke (Jaya)....
the day was decided 11 jan..
i had no money..
but thanks to my friend sandesh.he got me a freelance job..and i wan finally able to final out trip..
i was supposed to be at an interview-and get that job which would fetch me 18000/-but had to ditch that.as it wuld effect my Trip.
Sandesh was dicy-as he had his interview and was waiting for the call..
My dearest friend Ravi was  dicy as his senior was out for the holiday and he had to be there in his Lab..
Mak and dipesh had thier office meeting dates isues..
Ravi was constantly calling me and asking me if Dipesh was comming-or if i was sure he would be comming-as if he ditched us we would not be getting the Rental car as well our trip would be cancelled-(as he has ditched us several times before....)
                         Our plan actually went from only beinga Tarkali trip to a road trip where we would be seeing different places around KONKAN...
 Clothes,towel,underwear,brush,mobile phone,toothpaste,charger,torch(with no cell),etc etc packed.and yes Money as well...
                             The supposed plan was to meet in Sion @ 8 pm-but but but-we all got together at 10 pm as ravi was getting instruction from his father who was worried about him-as well his GF was also worried and giving him instruction.
 Mak met at 8.30 near cinemax 
 Dipesh got late as he was bringing the car and was struck at the railway signal crossing..
 sachin was waithing for as ut airoli near his office
sandesh was waiting for us at dadar staion-and annoyed..
after meeting at Sion-we picked sandes at Dadar circle-
Did the pooja-
got in the car..
and i lost my bloody Sandals at the spot where we did the pooja....
there was no turning back as we were already halfway to vashi station to pic-up sachin...
as MY firend Sachin is as huge as KHALI the wrestller..
so we decided to make him sit at the back of the QUALIS CAR..
he came we where seated 2 our place so he automatically sat behind...
                                            KONKAR TRIP STARTS:-
the journey starts  i am sad for my sandals-but sandesh gives me his Bata Chappals at vashi station before meeting sachin...
I had the itenary with me and which i told my friends which places we should be visitng-but the driver got scares as the sopts were more and days less..
the fun actually started at poladpur...all the real jokes started from here-we where lterally luaghing for about 5-10 on a single joke which i made-and sanesh who was quiet -started having fun from here..

                                                  KASHEDI GHAT:-
as we came across kashedi ghat..
sachind who was behind-complained of stomach problems becacuse of the road bumps he was getting from behind...
and finally he told the driver to halt the car- as wanted to go for the loo...
he was fast fast as lightning..his pant where down-with the single of our eye...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-that was the sound which came out from his mouth and some different sound from down under his ASS..
But the question was which was asked by RAVI-where is the water to wash his A$$...
and the answer from me was THE Bisleri which he(ravi) was carrying..
yes we all had to sacrife the only water bottle we had..

all the journey till the morning-and at the exit of RAJAPUR village sachin ended his puke problem from his mouth and A$$..and thanks to our driver who had extra bottles of water he had for drinking also was sacrificed....
                                                     Reaching MALVAN:-

Dipesh got down at a palce to had his blessing from a road temple-which i had seen earlier that all travel bus driver visit before leaving the place....
dipesh has his village home near Achara beach.. which we visited..
and finalyy at 9.30 am reached MALVAN city.
Dipesh had some contact out there with a person who would be accomadating us at a HOTEL..
but as usual(from BHIMASHANKAR experience) i had already booked a hotel from my side..
we searched some hotels in malvan-but they were not good or not as per our demand..
so i told them to try the hotel which i had been talikng about...
but as we entered Bharad naka(way to tarkarli)..our Driver got some furious-and yes some of my friends as i was taking them deep inside the village..and some hotels did not entertain groups as they where striclty family resorts
But Sandesh and Sachin kept their cool-as i think they knew where i was taking them-and had been here earlier.. 
we reached the hotel destination..
the owner came met as and took us from some narrow houses..and
as we reaced the hotel...
Every single person got their answer and kept mum.as i have taken them to place where they have never imagined..
It was all silent..
but thier was this sound or water clasing to each other comming...
every body where in trance for a while..
as the rooms where just bang in front of the BLUE CLEAR ARABIAN SEA TARKARLI-DEVBAUG.....
                                                     TARKALRI DEVBAUG:-
now it fun here after having breakfast-we were all to the sea-fun mastli unlimited..
makrand and dipesh were in knee deep waters as they where sacred.the driver was sleeping
the fun was going smoothly but sachin swing his bat-and the ball-(which was balled by me) went deep in the sea-he had  to hear all the gaali's from everybody....
                                                      SINDHUDURG FORT:-
We went to 
SINDHUDURG FORT  after having lunch at Ruchira Hotel-were we had Malvani food.
SINDHUDURG FORT-Dipesh who is a die-hard follower of SHIVAJI RAJE-gave us info about the place..where the driver was annoyed as i am a non-marathi...
we actually missed snorkelling and scuba-diving,as it was late evening...
After we came from malvan-i told my firends to have a walk with me till sangam..
as we started out walk we saw a buch of fisherman with their caught-makrand was a bit scarred as he was..
we saw a hell loads of fish in the nets-after asking a fisher men we came to know that
these fisher men go as far as 10-20-deep in the sea at 5pm in the evening and return at 8 pm with the catch..and their's a different batch who goes in the morning...
after the catch they divide the share..
we walked under the night sky-(with just one torch brought by MAK(makrand)and my cell phone's torch)seeing shooting stars..and i came back hearing Gaalis(abused)
from my friends becacuse i mede them walk so long-we did'nt even reach Sangam..had to return halfway...
                                                    NIGHT IN THE HOTEL:-
Beer was out and out were the issues we had in us-like i and ravi had with dipesh...mostly me
but every thing was made clear whatever we had,
Like i wanted sandesh to open himself to us as he still somewhat was conservative to us-ans makrand told me go as things are going-don't force it to happen-eventuaaly everything will come to u in time-and sandesh will tell about himself in time...
we also made hukka which did'nt work porperly and as the hukkas  were on the person waitng for it went to deep sleep except the driver who was wated after one beer..
so i started painting out dipesh,makrand and sandesh faces and asses with colgate and close-up-yes i was also help by sachin and ravi who helped me in this fun..
sandesh was totally out as he had;nt got any sleep from the past 3 days.so was literally not getting up even after shaking him and beating him hard-so he aslo had to bear my rage so he was also not left- even after having his ass filled with colgate he did'nt got up-
the driver was left as he was new and was not part of our group...
Raci slept after this event..but
ME and Sachin decided to sleep outside in the net as we would be killed in side the room if any 3 of them got up and know their faces had been screwed with close-up(toothpaste) ..
saching did'nt sleep.4 some reasons..
I Had some hukka and slept in between 3.30-4.00am-
                                                           Puking Sandesh:-
Sachin waked me up at 5.am and told me that Sandesh has started Puking on the floor.
i got up fast and saw that instead of going to the bathroom he was comminh out of the room to puke more..he Face was alrefy filled with toothpaste and now his pants were filled with the puke.. i went to check and saw that dipesh was saved from the puke.. as the puke were just 4-5 cms away from his face....he was sleeping happpily..
Sandesh puked becacuse be already had said in the night that he is not accustomed to having strong beer..but had to had it as their was no option for him...
so from 5 am in the morning he puked until 7 am-his puke were like a lions roar..comming out from the bathroom.
as people were were getting up makrand  who got up first was scarred -as dipesh face was filled with red blood-no it was not red blood-it was the red toothpastein his face..
but as he was trying to figure what was happening-he feeled something on his face to-i.e the same toothpaste-so i pulled up the camera and showed him ravi with the toothpaste and him appplying the paste to his face-which actually did'nt happen as i hd apllied it on makrands face...
so dipesh and makrand after having thier bath caught me and applied brylcream on my face.

                                 DOLPHINS-NIVATI BEACH & PSUNAMI ISLAND :-
We went to Devbaug-sangam-for the boat ride as it is expensive at Tarkarli beach-near Karli river.
Had to bargain the price- which was 1400/- which included-dolphins(which was not guaranteed).
Bogwe beach.
Nivati Fort.
Nivati Rock.
Nivati beach.
psunami island
sea gulls
well the guy came down to 1300/- after lot of bargaing...
Sandesh was not hear as he wanted to rest after a lot of puking....
                                                    BOAT RIDE:-
as soon as the boat ride started we had to make a halt as the boat driver went to bring lifejackets-and as there was checking done by some people if they provide one.
the ride started and as soon as we reached near sangam-were the river and the sea meets- the ride got a bit rough and the boat went alitter higher--
so our dearest friend MAKARAND quick as lightning wore the jackets so to be on the safer side..
Dolphins were nowhere to be found..so we headed to nivati beach-which i say is one of the most beautifull beach i have ever seen.. 
The beach is hiding in beetwee two hills or can say rocks-one is black in colour and the others is some what golden adn when the sunstes gets even golden in colour..
at my first trip i has skipped goin on it and seen it far from a boat..
but hiding behind a big rock came the beautifull NIVATI BEACH..
the beach is small and is in between waters-like a sandwich..
                                                            But the most amazing part is a very small tiny beach next to it. which can accomadate like 20 people on it surrounded by black rocks,the beach had no mark on anything-it was just a spotless beach until we droped our feet on it..
we even saw some beautifull girls(tourists) out there-so we named them DOLPHINS(from here every girls we saw was called by the name Dolphin or Dolphin's)..
as we left Nivati beach we saw a buch of boat near sangam..
AND yes DOLPHINS(the real one) STARTED TO EMREG from the sea..
i was not able to see them in my earlier trip..
we had our paisa wasool time...they where every where..
but we where not able to see them in full..but it was totally a paisa wasool.even we were able to see one of them going down under from our boat....
We reached Psunali island..their were some water sports activity of which only makrand did a motor boat ride by paying 100 buck for it.
we actually bagained for BANANA RIDE.for 400.of which dipesh makrand and the driver backed away from it as they were scared..
after waithing 45 min for the ride to come we decended to our boat and as we were leaving the island the banana ride come -but we did'nt do it as we where getting late ..
                                                          BYE BYE TARKALRI:-
we reached and freshended up-sandesh was now fine..
everybody wanted to stay one more day in DEVBAUG..as all were happy-but we had to leave the place for our next spot..i.e KUNKESHWAR...
                                    KUNKESHWAR MANDIR AND VIJAYADURG:-
Visited Kunkeshwar temple-ad in the evening visited Vijayadurgh..
                                              ME SURESH SAWANT AAHE:- 
as we where exiting Vijayadurgh..we saw a old man in his late 60's lighting the "Diyas" and also placing 
Incense stick(agarbatti) around the fort..
As a curiosity we asked him who exactly he was..Suresh Vishnu Sawant..
Eery evening he comes to the fort and light's the Diyad in the fort as well he aslo take care that there's no posionous insects inside the fort whcih can hurt the visiting people...
he also did try asking help from some local politician but no help came so alone tries to restore -and what is left of the ruins...
we asked him his addres -so that atleast twice in a year we can help him financiallly and aslo gave him some money to help himeself and the fort..
but he also teached us the meaning of life..our parents and our comming future-by which MY friend DIPESH Salkar, eyes got wet...
as were leaving VIJAYADIRG. we also took the image of MR. SURESH SAWANT.. 
AND YES MY Friend Sandesh sawant also felt proud of being a SAWANT.and deep inside 
 I also felt proud as well,cause i also have someone close to me,who is Also a SAWANT....
                                                      Makrand's home:-Lanja
Went to makrands village-were greeted by his uncle aunty and his loving grandother
visited ganpatipule temple and later went to velneshwar:
as the distance from ganpatipule to velneshwar is      71.6 km, 1 hour 32 mins
MDR37    according to google maps-it went the other way around-all becacuse of the bad and bumpy road...
it took as 5 hrs to reach velneshwar..
and after reaching there we came to know that there's a newly introduced FERRY SERVICE by which we can reach VELNESHWAR only by 1 hour..
                                                    VELNESHWAR :-
so we had our night at the small beach hotel out there for 800 rs..
and some yes  there were some paranomal activity whcih we saw in the hotel late night:
later in the morning sandesh got up early and as we were walking by the beach enjoying the morning-we had the luckiest chace to see dolphins comming out of the sea and jumping out of the water,later sandesh got a binocular 4rm some one and they were able to njoy the view more beautifully..
                                                          BYE BYE BLUE COAST:
so we had our time and it was time to say good bye to the most beautifull place in MAHARASHTRA..
yes we missed some Place to see-yes we also had some bad argument and had differences.
me and dipesh
makrand and rest of the gang members
makrand and ravi
me and sandesh
me and the driver.
but this thigs happens between friends and should happen!!
this things makes the bond more stronger ..
in the end  this trip was the best we had- that we could...we njoyed and this will continue in the near futre..
love u guys for making this trip the BEST!!!!!!!
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