Peru Gringo Chapter 1

Trip Start Aug 23, 2008
Trip End Jun 15, 2008

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Flag of Peru  ,
Saturday, August 30, 2008

We flew out from Heathrow at six in the morning so we stayed up all night and had a few drinks with Keyso, Gerd (and Cat for a while) Pattonhead and Micky Manc in London. First time in London and we were there for all of about 8 hours. Ah well, we'll be back. The flights from London to Madrid to Lima took about fifteen hours plus the fartin about in the airports. Minus Craic.
The taxi ride from Lima airport to Miraflores was a proper baptism of fire. Never seen driving like it and in some serious shiteheaps as well. Maybe we just aren't used to it but it felt like being in Mad Max. Straight away you notice Peruvians are sound as fook, far nicer than anywhere in Europe and sound about you not talking their language. We went to the the black market and walked about central Lima for hours and nobody hassled, stroked or nicked anything from us.
It beats the short Strand

After two days in Lima we battered on to Ica and then got a hostel in nearby Huacachina, a sweet looking oasis about five minutes from Ica. Most of the people there are young travellers looking to chill out and go sandboarding and it was nice to meet some people. The downside is that the locals are just looking to shake you upside down for all you've got and their attitude reflects this. We're not tight enough and I think the pushy people get the best deals which is kinda shitty.
Our lodgingsKeva at the Oasis

The second day in Huacachina we went sandboarding out in the sand dunes. If you cant snowboard you may as well just lye face down on the board ('sand skeleton').
Keva SandboardingBrendy sanboarding

This was good craic but not half the adrenalin rush of the sand buggy ride up to the dunes. The driver was a lunatic and kept plumetting off the edge of the sand dunes. At one stage we left the ground going over a bump and I'd say he was trying to freak us out. Brilliant craic though.

Our carriage awaitsKeva freakin out in a sand buggy

We met an Australian on the sandboarding and he came out with us for a few drinks. Sound and knew the craic but unfortunately some American guy tagged along with him and melted our domes all night long. He said he was telepathic and was trainning with the shamen in the Amazon. Obviously the concept of slagging hasnīt taken off in America or this boy would never be getting away with this crap.

Ricky, Brendy and KevaBrendy, Keva, Chris (melter) and RickyFelix the bartender shows Keva how to move

Anyway we just chilled out by the pool all the next day before taking an eleven hour night bus to Arequipa.
Brendy the HippoKeva in the life she has grown acustom to
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Where I stayed
Casa de Arena, Huacachina
K'usillu's, Lima


orlaith on

Great to hear about your adventure
Hi you two, just got a first look at your blog....whatever that is....being a wee bit old I can jut manage e-mails so blogs are a bit above me.You have certainly started off well....that sand buggy things seems a bit rough...but you came thru ok. Never mind the blog you,ll have to write a book when you get home.....o maybe you,ll be the eternal travellers and not come home. Whatever you do, enjoy every minute.
All good here in sunny Bulgaria...maybe next year you,ll make it this far. Keep in touch.

ormeaurd on

Greetings from NYC
Looks brilliant, Meeting different people is what traveling is about( including the weired, mad and fuck up).
Love the blog idea hope everyone signs in at home( I will be going home in two weeks)
Good luck

mrrsfx on

glad to hear you both are having a ball.

amtc85 on

Glad to see you's are having a ball. You's arent missing much at home apart from rain, rain & more f'ing rain. Wee man getting big, must try & send you some pictures. All the best with your travels. May it be good craic & safe. Love Aine, Conor & Padraig xxx

cosmosis on

Looks class
Here cracker idea,
looks amazin - loving those sand dunes

ill keep a wee eye on this blog thing

clintons on

Hello :D
Just getting the blog working now , kept shutting down on us on your heap of a laptop haha ! Going by your pictures seems your both having a good time ! See you like my shorts & bikinis haha ! try not to forget about us ! Talk to you soon ! Take care , Love from, Mummy , Daddy , James , Ursula (The Good Looking 1) , Sinead & The dog ! Lots of love xoxox

roseannlouise on

hey cous!

quigsnclinty on

Re: hey cous!
Yes please keep in touch and send me lots of photos cant believe im not going to be there but its a story we can tell it. Tell Kevin i said hi and to look after you as i know he will ill give you all a ring soon. One month will fly in then your a mummy. haha


quigsnclinty on

Re: Looks class
Hey Cosmo you need to get your ass to Peru its more amazing than i thought.

quigsnclinty on

Re: Hi!
Hey Aine make sure and send me photos i dont want coming home to babies i dont know. haha

quigsnclinty on

Re: Greetings from NYC
Hey Charlie having a great time and yes meeting lots of mad people. haha Sorry i wont be in Ireland to see you but thats another journey for us to visit you.

quigsnclinty on

Re: Great to hear about your adventure
Ill be the eternal traveler if my uncle wants to fund it. haha

When you coming to visit me????

bmwroseann on

Hawthorn View
Hello Keva and Brendan. Hope you both are doing well and enjoying yourselves. You missed the twins christening yesterday. It was a great day with a good turnout, but Im sure you will have done something quite different yesterday!! Up with Roseann tonight. She cant wait to have the baby (get it over with). Roseann, Jim, Siobhan and Ciaran and the Twins of course.

quigsnclinty on

Re: Hawthorn View
Hello the Clinton clan i forgot all about the christening and was ringing everyone for a chat and no one would answer, felt unloved. Get Ciaran to email me some pics of the babies please. Tell roseann rather her than me and ill give her a ring soon.

bmwroseann on

No Longer Hawthorn.
Hello Brendan and Keva just to let you know that we are no longer in Hawthorn. We are officially up in Lagmore. No internet at home yet, so excuse not hearing from us that often. Hope you two are still enjoying your trip.
I know you have heard that all babies are now into the big bad world.
Enjoy and if you are not come home.
Jim, Roseann and Siobhan.

lisamac on

yo yo yoo
festive tidings to you!!! hope you are having fun and sydney is treating you well. how long are you staying there for?? all good in the hood over here, donegal is coming soon on NYE- we are playing 'pantoCRIME'- a murder mystery one of the will be very funny or a massive fry....or both!! Here's hoping. Anywhoo we will of course miss you lots (there will no doubt be considerably less booting of the joot without the keva/lisa combo to initiate proceedings but I will try and keep the spirit alive!!! (I expect the same of you's on the other side of the world-photographic evidence would be a bonus!!!) Speak soon. Lisa Mac xxxxxxx

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