It never rains it pours

Trip Start Apr 05, 2008
Trip End Jun 05, 2008

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Where I stayed
Prague Plus Hostel

Flag of Czech Republic  , Bohemia,
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well this entry could be written on the preceeding day but since it happened past midnight I decided to do it for Wednesday.

Just past 3am in the morning and I awaken to this strange sound, could it be, no, surely not, wait a sec OMG it is.  The guy in the bed next to me is pissing down the wall of the room of the Youth Hostel.  I yell at him that he is still in the bedroom and  to go to the bathroom.  He gets a bit startled and goes to the bathroom, continuing then the shower runs, I have no idea what he is doing in there.

The Australian girl woke up as she heard me yelling at him and asks me what happened I explain the guy in the bed next to me urinated on the table and the bedroom wall.  He comes out of the bathroom and returns to bed, for some birzarre need to be polite (what is with that?) we are quiet.  Then a few minutes later I say perhaps we should put on the light and assess the damage, we discuss this and then turn on the light.  We then find that not only has this huge puddle drenched her sleeping bag but it has also wet the bottom of the Australians backpack and the puddle of pee is quickly spreading.  I then use the guys towel to stem the flow and then put on a jacket and in my jammies go down stairs to inform reception and get some more towels.

I report it to the guy on reception and he seems quite shocked I would assume this kind of thing would happen pretty frequently as its Munich there is the Hoffbrauhaus and people drink a truck load of beer and often end up doing such things.  I take 5 towels thinking this is enough and go back upstairs.  I mention that I think I will have breakfast in the morning and that I suggest this guy pay for it since he is disrupting all our sleep and we are cleaning up his mess.

I get back and the puddle has engulfed about a 1/4 of the room.  I guess Einsteins equation of relativity 4 litres of beer in equals 3.5 litres of beer out at just past 3am is right afterall.

The towels are not enough to stem the flow of urine, so we all decide to go back down, insist on breakfast and ask what they are going to do about our phantom pee-er.  We get 4 more towels, promises of breakfast and that they will come upstrairs at 7.30am to wake him and have him explain or tell him what he did.

The other 4 people staying next door are unaware of the going ons.  With an hour of sleep lost I toss and turn finally going to sleep about 5am and waking with a start as my alarm didn't go off, its just past 7.15am I hear someone rustling in the other room and decide to run to the shower, missing a few items.

I wash and condition my hair, check I have these, I go to towel off, damn it, my towel is in the other room, I then decide to get dressed, damn it, no undies or bra, only my trousers, no top, so I put my pjs back on and go outside and the girl next door is at the bathroom door looking perplexed, I take her into the bathroom and explain the nights shenanigans. 

I take my undies and bra and top and go downstairs to reception and use the toilet there to get properly dressed and have breakfast.  There are students everywhere.  I then go to reception and we go up to wake up Sir Pissor.

The reception guy wakes him and asks him what his name is, he is a bit groggy (funny that) and then reception guy asks if he speaks english, he says ' a little' and looks perplexed, I then ask what country he is from he answers France.  Tres Bon I exclaim, je parle en peu francias (Very good, I speak a little French!) and then proceed to explain in quite comical French adn English with added hand signals that he woke up at 3am and pissed on the wall I told him off and he went back to bed and that he wet the girls sleeping bag and backpack and he should be ashamed of himself! 

He says he was drunk and didn't know, I think he did and apologises I tell him he needs to apologise also to the others.  I finish packing my bag and say my goodbyes and say to the guy he better make nice to the girl.

I notice that my laptop did not charge overnight so I do a quick recharge downstairs for 10 mins then check my train times, shit it leaves 10 mins earlier than I thought so I rush to the train station. 

I make it with about 10 mins to spare and get on board, 2nd class I am with the riff raff.  A black man gets into my carriage and then proceeds to block the doorway not letting anyone else in.  This should have set alarm bells ringing, but I just took notice.

As we leave the station he starts talking commenting on how big and heavy my backpack is, I say yes, but I am used to it, and I am strong.  He says that travellers these days often travel with laptops.  I feel uncomfortable,but apparently not enough to get up and leave which I should have done.

He then starts telling me story after story, which are filled with lies, just by his body language and the way his stories keep chopping and changing my bullshit meter is going off the scale.  Half an hour in I explain I am quite tired, he says I can sleep and he will look after my things, LIKE HELL HE WILL.  I get up and get my packsafe out and proceed to wrap it around my things and tie it to the overhead carrier.  He has seen nothing like it.  I will not bore you with the details of his imaginary life, like he did me but lets say for a con-man he was pretty pathetic, he came from the Congo and said he spoke 7 languages but you could cut through the bullshit like butter.

He said he was getting off at the next station and had to make a phone call.  Different sceanarios went through my head, that he was calling an acomplice that he was putting another plan into action.  I had my own plan, as he moved away from the door, I took my scalf off and wound it around the door handle 3 times and to teh overhead baggage carrier and then face the other way like I had fallen asleep.

We pulled into the station and the door was pulled over 12 times, I did not stir then I heard an American voice and open the door.  Seems the train was getting packed I let them inthen explained about the guy.  I was a bit shaken but glad nothing had happened.  It makes you more cautious and be a bit more careful. 

New Rule: When you get on the train get on  the 2nd or 3rd carriage in, as the one next to teh door is an easy target for theives and you get less interruptions inthe middle ones.

The final 4 hours train trip to Prague me and the Americans spend almost the whole time chatting.

The train station is a mecca for accommodation touts and guys trying to sell you stuff or exchange money for you. I politely tell them NO by the 5th or 6th encounter I use the universal terminology of 'F Off' it seems to do the trick.

I make my way to the youth hostel which is not really all that central, its a couple of train stops and then one tram stop but easy enough to get too. The hostel is huge and when I check in I am given a big fluffy towel and a pamper pack. I make my way to the room and it's one of the best I have stayed in. It is 3 bunk beds separated by a wall, two on one side and one on the other. I stake the bottom bunk of the one that is separated, there is an separate toilet and shower and lockers, I unpack and sort through my things.

I decide to walk around the neighborhood to get my bearings. I go to the bank and the local supermarket. Prices certainly have gone up since I was here about 5 years ago. But it is still better value than France and Germany. I ease into things, deciding to go to the Youth Hostel restaurant for dinner - Pizza how unczech. I utisilise the free Wi-Fi at the hostel and am surrounded by high school kids. At around 11pm I head back to my room, there is no one else there. I listen to some music putting on MUSE which has become a favourite of mine since I downloaded it from Norbs in Germany.
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Hi Pen,
My gosh the time is flying, to think you'll be home Thursday week. As Fleur said, Warrandyte is a must, it will be great catching up with all the girls.

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