Huaraz is DA SHIT

Trip Start Sep 16, 2010
Trip End Jan 18, 2011

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hola friends, acquitances, enemies!!

Our sincere apologies for the blog blackout, I´m sure you´re all really pissed off, but the internet went down in the whole of Huaraz for a few days. We have been action men so bare with me as I recall what has happened, albeit after our two days of acclimatisation in which we did nothing but sleep and feel insane in the membrane. It was like being a fat kid in a candy store, but the fat kid is so fat and lacking in energy that he can´t gorge on the candies within - twas a tad frustrating but it had to be done otherwise any other activity is impossible and leaves you altitude sickness.

Monterrey - Tues

This day we booked up everything for our actionman adventure turbo big-lad week in the mountains, and so decided that we should treat ourselves to a relaxing trip to the thermal bathes down the road in a small village called Monterrey. It was like a local swimming pool but . . . the water was as brown as Mr Brown combined with a brown bear and liked well . . . like AIDS. Oh well, the locals were froliking in it so what the hell, btw Peruvians can´t swim they just barely survive drowning before they reach the side, and so we got changed in the ladies chainging section (Note: Damas = Woman). One pool had luke warm brown ditch-death water and was rather pleasant to swim in, although we tried vehemently to not get any in our mouths or ear, or eyes, or hair, just to be safe. Another pool next to it was very hot, like a jacuzzi, but to replace the massaging bubbles it had lumps of algae/rust that was floating on top - good job our new motto is ´when in Rome´ (copyright George). That night we went to a retaurant called Chilli Heaven, run by a guy from Blackburn (plus weird northern sense of humour) and had some rather hot but lovely curries - our anus´s paid a heavy price.

Lago Llaca - Wed

as mentioned, we had sorted out this day´s activities with the hostel owner, Tito, and were going with a friendly swiss couple to Lago Llaca for a short one-day hike to boost our acclimatisation for this friday´s bitchin´ four day hike. Up at 7am (boooo) we caught a taxi for around 2 hours along some pretty horrendous spine-shattering roads (I think that´s why all peruvian taxi drivers are short) and up to a glaciated valled between two enormous snow-capped mountains - needless to say the views on the way up were glorious. We then trekked/bouldered our way around the deep azure lake in the sun until we reached the foot of sed mountains and the face of a rather impressive glacier. We marvelled, snapped, smiled and pondered this truly epic view - glacier front - glacier snaking up the face of the mountain - two snowcapped peaks - surrounded on both sides by sheer cliffs with little waterfalls trickling down. We had luncheon by the lake in front of the glacier, watching the chunks of ice floating about, and listening to the errie cracking the glacier makes, although never seeing any ice fall off. It was a great introduction to the scenery around Huaraz, and apparantly the trek we are undertaking from Fri-Mon is better, superfly.

Again, we both hope all is well and welcome anecdotal evidence of your continued existence.

Pav y Sim X

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Lime on

Looking good chaps, keep up the sterling work (both blog and exploratory)

barr.allright on

So thought I better give you some sort of Shire update as you keep asking. However, it as to be Shire plus various other places in the UK as there is feck all ppl left in the Shire! :( Well there is 8 of us, including Frank in the other Shire, but it's very hard to get everyone together.
So we went to Fosters pub quiz on Tues for Lime's b*day and only went and bloody conquered it!! £35 was ours! However, it has been since decided (by one team member only I may add just so the others don't get too lairy about it) that the money is going to charity. I should also add that most team members were obsolete as Woody knows EVERYTHING! The man has more knowledge that an IT box. Anyways it was a good night, Lime was pretty merry. Apparently he had a skype convo with Tally when he got back and doesn't remember much and he called her a douchebag several times -oops!
Tonight we are off to Frogfest to watch that well cool band the MeMeMe's BANGING! I will come back with more stories of what happens as I'm driving and hopefully the rest shall get merry. I'm hoping for a repeat from Timmy of the journey back from Ellie & Hayley's 18th b*day party :D
On other news I can confirm that Jack is alive, happy and learning. He started his lectures this week and said he knew some of the material but also didn't know some of it but was happy with that. And his coursemates and housemates are a 'diverse bunch' take that how you will with Jack. He was most shocked that one of them is studying Artificial Intelligence and hasn't seen Terminator.
Jim-Bob is also fine, breaking big stories left right and centre, he is shaking Weston wild. I am seeing him next w/e in Reading, so will again come back with more stories on that one.
Steeds is getting chucked out of bars in Australia and still travelling with cracking personality Maria - don't know if there is anything more going on there.
Uurm what else is there? Phil has jury duty coming up(!) Prim and Lime's sexual tension is bubbling up a treat, I give them another week before it all explodes. 93 days till Crimbo! Timmy has an interview for a month internship (unpaid) with the BBC- tres exciting! Frank is now rat catching King, getting his own van and everything. I've taken up Pilates.
I really can't think of anything else, sorry! Ohh yeah Voss has quit the Co-Op, no wait sorry got that wrong he'll quit after his shift tonight. :p
Anyways I best get back to it, Fight Talk is on. Keep on updating, hope the mountaineering goes well. Miss you LOADS. Massi haggles. Barr. xx :)

barr.allright on

P.s. Pav I cannot believe that you finally had tequila, how long have I been trying?! xx:)

Stigolas Cage on

Pav y Sim I must say that I'm very jealous of you, and hoping for more of the same on this cracking blog you've got.
Barr, you are still the lynchpin of the group despite hardly any of us being in the Shire, I salute you!

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