Training in CQ, chest infections and IV drips!

Trip Start Aug 03, 2010
Trip End May 04, 2013

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Flag of China  , Chongqing,
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Monday (16/05/11) to Friday (20/05/11) a couple of weeks ago, nothing noteworthy happened apart from on Wednesday (18/05/11) being asked to do rehearsal of my communication training that I am going to have to give, in a form of online conference meeting thing, to all foreign teachers and Chinese tutors in the next few weeks. Never done anything like this before and I was obviously not looking forward to it.  The rehearsal went ok and some peeps gave me some useful feedback, but I still feel this is a bit beyond me… I am supposed to be here just to teach Chinese kids haha.

On Saturday (21/05/11), it was a slow afternoon at work so, for no real reason, everyone just started messing about, playing music really loud and dancing to songs in the schools reception.  It was good fun and definitely beats lazing around waiting to finish work.

After work, a few people went out for a hotpot where the fun continued and as expected, a little drinking was thrown in for good measure.  Demy being the lightweight that he is, drunk himself to point where he was either falling asleep at an adjacent table or attracting the attention of a load of army type guys sitting nearby by (on the same table he slept at) smashing bowls with a chair and then me having to gesture to them that everything was ok haha.  We all then went to a KTV after which was good fun although a couple of the girls got emotional because they found out I would be leaving Fuling soon.

I was supposed to go back to Chongqing after work the next day (22/05/11) for more teacher training on Wednesday and Thursday, but ended up staying in Fuling for one more night because there was no one to go back with.  Instead I went to a snooker club with Demy, got stared at and even challenged to a few games by the regulars.  They must have thought wtf is he doing here lol.  Cici, one of the girls from marketing joined us and we then took it in turns to beat Demy, who is surprisingly poor at pool haha.

Cici went home and the night was still quite young, so Demy and I walked back to where we lived and decided to try out one of the riverside restaurants.  Turned out to be a seafood place (or probably river food haha) and tried a couple of their dishes.  We ate some small mussel type things in a spicy sauce and other different types of large clams with garlic and vermicelli noodles, or they could have been oysters for all I know?!?  But it was all delicious anyway.  We were joined towards the end by Coco and her boyfriend but the night ended soon after as everyone was tired and wanted to go home.

Anyway, I went to Chongqing late afternoon the next day (Monday 23/5/11) and checked in to stay at Seven's hostel for a few days for training during the week. 

I met up with Judy in the evening after she finished work at 7pm and we went to Sha Ping Ba for a walk and to meet up with her cousin, which felt like bit of an audition in a way haha.

Feeling pretty rough the following day (24/05/11) and after not sleeping very well with a nasty cough, I finally collapsed under a week’s worth of pressure from friends and started taking cold medicine.  I refused to take medicine before today and tried to deal with it myself, but it wasn’t working and I actually think I’m quite ill now.

After not doing much in JFB during the day, I went to work to see Rebecca (HR Director) about my external hard drive (which I still haven’t got back) and about sorting out where I am going to live when I come back to CQ in a few weeks.  I bumped into Seven there and we went back to her hostel together.  I then learned some more Chinese (like days of the week, month and times etc) whilst waiting for others to arrive from Fuling (Yoyo, Jenny and Sammy) before heading back out to JFB to meet up with Mark and go for some dinner. 

We all went back to the hotpot restaurant from a couple of weeks ago, Qi Huoguo (Amazing Hotpot) and again had a pretty damn good meal.  We drank lots of beer and as I was feeling under the weather, Mark suggested I drank some medicinal Chinese wine (tasted like a whiskey) to make me feel better… felt pretty good inside after haha.  It was quite fun night quoting lines from There’s Something About Mary, 'frank and beans!’ and then pretending to be window lickers shouting ‘he was masturbating!’ lol.  You have to watch the movie to get it I’m afraid. 

Anyway, Sammy, Jenny and I went back to the hostel after and at the time, we thought it would be a good idea to have some more beer and go back to their room to drink it.  They were wasted, asking me to stay in their room for the night, but I couldn’t and left soon after!

The next day (25/05/11), after not many hours sleep, I left the hostel with the girls, feeling extremely rough/hungover and met up with Mark, Zack and a few others and went to the teacher training thing in Haung Li Bang (the new centre I will be working in next month).

Poor Jenny though, she must be allergic to alcohol… she had a bad reaction to last night’s drinking and has broken out in a few red blotches on her face and her neck and chest are itchy.

After the long day’s training hungover, we all went to the school in JFB and watched one of Zack’s class for some new ideas.  Whilst at the school, Rebecca gives me some recruiting foreign teachers work to do and tells me in a month or so, I will be given a new position (a promotion of sorts) looking after all the foreign teachers in an area of Chongqing, hopefully it means more money, but I don’t actually think I’ll have to do too much apart from talk to them every now and then.  I guess I’ll find out more later!

After the others finished work, we all went to a restaurant which we had previously nicknamed ‘the writings on the wall "place"’ and ordered some food, beers and more medicinal Chinese wine (for me, although everyone was drinking it) and played truth or dare haha… crazy night… most of it videoed too by Yoyo haha. 

Sammy did enlighten us to a funny truth at one point though… apparently after I left their room the previous night, Jenny in her drunken stated started moving her hands around her bed, murmuring ‘where’s Ben’ !!?! haha.  That’s embarrassing.

We had more training the next day (26/05/11) and on our lunch break, we were taken to an expensive restaurant and treated by one of the owners of the company.  We actually went there the day before and had a pretty poor meal to be honest, but we weren’t paying today so it was ok haha.  The lady training us joined us this time and thought she would have some fun testing my Chinese skills… she said I was cute and wanted to video me to show to her Taiwanese students back home.  Weird.

Before the afternoon’s training restarted, Mark, Zack, Sean and I were commenting on how her training appears meander around the subjects she is teaching and focuses on stories of her American husband, Taiwan and general nothingness.  Mark renamed her ‘The Meanderthal’ haha.

After training,  feeling quite ill actually and coughing a lot, the Fuling peeps went back to Yoyo’s house and slept killing time whilst waiting to meet up with some others and head back to Fuling by train.

I got really annoyed with Demy on the train back at one point, he told me and Yoyo that we had to be at a kindergarten school early the next morning to take part in some activities… it had been a long few days, I was feeling quite ill and Demy’s planning and communication was just ridiculous, especially when has known for a few days.  I nearly stayed in CQ that night and that would have really screwed them up the next day!!  Since then, Demy has fallen out of favour with a few people…

The next morning (Friday 27/05/11), after probably the fifth restless night’s sleep coughing in a row, I finally figure out that it is not a cold or cough I have at all and that it is probably something a little more serious.

I meet up with Yoyo, Demy, Seven etc at the school in the morning, tell them how bad I feel and that I think I need to go the clinic type hospital place nearby to have it checked out… they doubt me a little and hesitate before I say I am not going to the kindergarten until I have had it looked at haha.

Anyway, the doctor in the clinic takes one quick look at me and says it is a nasty chest infection and that she wants to immediately put me on an IV for 2-3hours with antibiotics haha.  I go to the kindergarten anyway, but am given a rest from the activities and just stand there looking foreign for marketing purposes.  As soon as I got back, I went to the clinic and had my first of three days worth of the antibiotic IV drip she prescribed me.  It’s not quite dramatic as it sounds; the IV is just a quicker way of delivering the medicine.

I was quite popular in the clinic with the staff and locals, I suppose it is not often you see a foreigner linked up to an IV haha… an old woman kept trying to talk to me and it was quite fun, I could actually understand some of what she said.  She would also look at me every now and then and then laugh to others (in a bemused way)!!

I worked over the weekend, but not on teaching duties (just didn’t have the energy or lungs for it) and visited the clinic for another 2 days for my antibiotic IV.  Felt a little bit worse on Saturday (28/05/11) so the doctor, in addition to the IV, gave me about 15 pills to take 3 times a day for another 4 days. 

I have been taking it easy since, having dinners cooked for me (being proper looked after haha) and have not been teaching.  I have today (Wednesday 01/06/11) off and am back to work (and teaching) tomorrow, where I don’t suppose anything interesting will happen until the weekend where I am maybe going to Chengdu and LeShan with a few people from Chongqing after work on Sunday night… I’ve been to both those places last year when travelling, but am not going to turn down the opportunity to go again.  I don’t actually know if I can go yet though – I’ll find out more closer to the weekend!

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Sandi on

That's nothing.
I went to work... then home. The Work. Then home. And repeat.
Nice pics though.

julie on

Having sat here for an hour and read PAGES of blog, I have decided that it basically reads ... weird food, drinking, women, shits. weird food, drinking, women, verucca. weird food, drinking, women, infection.

mum on

I think Julie, you covered everything, I re read this entry just in case you missed a very relevant topic

Deanna on

LMAO! Agreed

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