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Trip Start Jun 30, 2012
Trip End Aug 22, 2012

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Flag of United States  , California
Sunday, August 5, 2012

5th August Today was a pretty uneventful day - the others didn't get out of bed till 11 which was just after what was meant to be check out, so I spent around 4 hours messing about on my computer. We were meant to head to the beach today but the weather was very overcast so instead we went to Subway and made our way down to Mission Viejo shopping mall. The mall wasn't that great and no one bought anything so we were in and out within one hour. We then decided to go to Starbucks to use our vouchers and also find somewhere with internet access to follow the Olympics - we never actually watched the 100m mens live. Beth's cluster told us to wait there after we finished our drinks and said they would be there in the next 20 mins. This turned out to be nearly two hours - it was a very boring wait as everyone else was on their phones whilst I had to sit there and stare into space. We then headed on down to the camp - the fields are very nice around these locations as it is quite a rich area in Orange County. I then had to head down to the boys to meet my host family as she was going to pick me up from the other host families house. My family live in a pretty decent house with a great garden which has a pool and a jacuzzi. The dad Dave is a policeman and the mum Robin works for American Airlines - they have two kids Shannon who is 11 and Evan who is 8. When I arrived they had some friends over to watch the LA Galaxy game as they are all massive fans - the dad from the other family originally used to live in Portsmouth but emigrated 20 years ago - he didn't have a funny half American half British accent like Paul from Thousand Oaks. After the game I decided to join the kids in the pool especially since I had hardly spoke to them - they were busy playing with the other families kids. Just before I went to bed I watched some more Olympics with Robin.
6th August Another early start - however I could have have had a longer lie in as the boys were quite late as the other host families dog chewed their car keys and they had a struggle getting back into the car. In the meantime whilst waiting I was introduced to the families pet rats - they seemed quite nice however I still struggle to like them and their tails. I was assigned the skills n thrills group and had to coach 13 children including Evan. The kids had a really bad attitude so I didn't get to do as much as I had originally intended - hopefully they will be better behaved tomorrow. The morning camp was really warm - it seems quite humid over this way and feels a little hotter than some locations which are in the 100's - it was in the low 90's today. I was hoping to have an easy week however I was told a couple of days ago that I have to coach the full day which is 9-3. The weather seemed a bit cooler in the evening but again the kids didn't have a great attitude. Once back I grabbed some more lunch and watched the Olympics before going in the pool with Evan and Robin. 
7th August The kids were better behaved today and I didn't feel as though I was nagging them all day. On the full day camp as soon as lunch was over we lost 3 kids bringing our total down to 4 kids - this however went to 3 towards the end of camp. It was quite hard entertaining just 4 people and then finally 3 but we managed it - the time didn't actually drag however we probably did chat during the water breaks for longer than intended. When I arrived back I got changed into my swim stuff and jumped straight into the pool. The pool however was very warm as the heating for the pool was left on which is quite an expensive mistake - the family said it probably costs $50 to leave the heating on all night - the water was around 96F which roughly equalled the outside temperature (the pool is usually 86F). I then phoned up my family from Aliso Viejo and we have decided to potentially meet on Thursday after I get back from the beach with my current host family. I then met the children's step grandad before playing uno spin with them before they went to bed.
8th August Again it was very warm at camp so the kids struggled to maintain their energy levels - there is a heatwave going through the OC at the moment. The kids were very well behaved and I managed to get more out of them today than I had the previous two days. The evening camp dragged a little as not one of us (coaches included) had an ounce of energy. Once back from camp I originally planned to chill out but instead I took pity on Evan and played some games with one of the host daughters other kids called Keeley - I later regretted this as I had to play twister, headbandz, hula hooping followed by a game of sleeping beauty - I didn't mind volunteering to play this role as I got to lie down. We then dropped off Keeley's sister and Shannon off to their soccer practice before heading to the nearby Aliso Viejo to get a Wahoos which is a Mexican restaurant (I have had a lot of Mexican food since arriving in the US. 
9th August The morning camp session flew by today - the kids were well behaved. The boys aren't very good for letting me know what is happening so I was a bit embarrassed when some lady came to sign out her kid and I asked why wasn't he doing the full day camp today (I am one of two coaches for full day) and she was like it has been cancelled. Robyn had also heard so came to pick up her kids and I went with her - we then decided to drop off some of the full day kids who leave at 1 rather than 12 - think that family uses us as a babysitter. When we got back fro the house Jack was waiting outside to go to the beach (Salt Creek) with us - I didn't know whether we should invite him as he would never ask me himself would I like to do anything (Nick does a camp in the evening so he would be by himself). We arrived at the beach at around 2 which was great considering we were meant to arrive at 3.30 once camp had finished. As soon as we arrived there we were all in the sea - the waves were quite strong so the lifeguards would call you back in if you went past waist deep. Once the boogie board became free I had a go on that - I caught some good waves and at one point I went over the top of a load of people swimming. Nevertheless a few seconds later I joined them as I was threw off the board and went underwater as the wave was pretty strong. We then chilled out for a couple of hours and headed off. On the way back Robin dropped me off at the Phillips' house in Aliso Viejo - when we pulled up on the drive Drew was just getting out of his car after just arriving back from the same beach. Not long after Bill arrived and about 30 mins later Mary arrived. We then decided to head off to this Salt Creek grill restaurant - I was surprised when we arrived and people opened our doors as it was Valet parking - we asked how long the wait was and they said 1 hour - we then decided to find somewhere else. We changed the scene completely and headed to this Irish bar called Henneseys where I had a Hawaiian burger. Once we finished we headed back to the house and had some ice cream. Kammi the host daughter arrived about 15 minutes before I left she has grown quite considerably since last year and her face shape has changed - I would struggle to recognise her if I passed her in the street. Kammi and Bill then took me back to my host house. When I arrived back Robin was still up and was telling me that she spoke to her friend who also lives on that street - we even passed them pulling into the street and they said that their doctor was Mary. I then put the Olympics on however I struggled to stay awake. I noticed that the mens 200m final was to be played in a few minutes time so I decided to stay up and watch that however I fell asleep on the couch and somehow managed to wake up 30 mins earlier with the tv now off and everyone else in bed - woops. 
10th August The morning session flew by again but the evening session dragged once more. The older children in this camp aren't very well behaved and I have said that I would prefer coaching the little ones rather than the eldest group. I wasn't impressed at one point when Nick suggested for the final two hours of camp the children play hide and seek and they took it seriously and on the count of go they all ran off and he then said cya you can deal with this. Jack then rounded them back up and we played a few games with them but they didn't seem that keen to get going. Once camp finished I headed on back to the house before we then headed off to Dawn's (other host families) house for a BBQ. Before the food was served we all jumped into the pool and jacuzzi. The majority of the night was spent watching the Olympics on tv. Before we left Nick tried to decide between our group who was going to do the Saturday Clinic - I managed to hold out so Jack was assigned the second spot with Nick. I didn't feel bad as I have been feeling tired lately plus Jack never did much during the full days. 
11th August I had a mini lie in today (woke up at 8am). Once I packed all my stuff I decided to have a swim in the pool - I later realised once I left the house that I left my swim stuff out in their garden. I wasn't impressed when I woke up this morning and found that Nick left me a message on fbook saying that if I wanted to come to Newport beach with them I would have to find a hotel or someone to stay with for the night - he didn't mention this last night as we usually get a hotel between us all for the night. I then rushed around and called my Aliso family and they said it was cool to stay with them for the night. I couldn't really stay at my Laguna family as they were leaving for a family holiday at 7am and had just found out that her mum has Kidney stones - she was meant to look after the rats too - it was a bit chaotic in the house. At 2oclock Nick and Jack picked me up and dropped me off - it was quite a quiet car journey. I then settled myself into the house before then leaving with Drew to go frisbee golfing in Irvine - I wasn't that good however so couldn't keep to par 3. Once back I freshened myself up before heading off with Mary to pick Kammi up from her friends house and then driving off to their family friends - the Smiths for a get together. The mum Kathy used to teach both Kammi and Drew during their first year at school. For the first half hour I was the central attraction as they all tried to find out a little more about the Isle of Man (one of the Phillips' neighbours loves motorbikes so we got talking about the TT the other day). Not long after we arrived we sat down and had dinner which was pasta and later had cookies for dessert. Then we all decided to come inside where we proceeded to have dance offs against each other whilst playing Just Dance - I beat one of the Smiths' nephews when dancing to Satisfaction. The family also had a massive Scaletrix set in their garage - the dad supposedly spends a lot of time putting together new cars and has spent a lot of money on his set. Not long after we all had a go at playing them we left.
12th August I woke up fairly early again and spent the morning creating session plans for Bill as he is coaching one of the local teams this year. When he arrived back we headed down to Hungtington beach where we went cycling - the temperature was pretty hot once more - there is a heatwave currently around this area. We hired some bikes (the ones with the really wide handlebars) which are a bit awkward to ride at first but it didn't take long to get the hang of them, the only problem with them is that they didn't have brakes on the handlebars so instead you had to pedal backwards to stop. We cycled on down to Newport beach which is about 5.5 miles away from Hungtington and then cycled back. I have always wanted to cycle from beach to beach as you get a great view, it certainly beats jumping over styles, the only obstacles this time were people walking out in front of you. Once we arrived back and dropped off the bikes we headed on down to Main street where we looked at through some of the shops and then later headed on down to Wahoos where we grabbed lunch. We then headed on back to the house where I chilled out for a bit before heading off down to Tustin with Bill - they are taking in two girl coaches this week - its a shame the guy in charge of assigning groups ignored me as this family wanted me back again. I arrived at the new camp for 5.30 and at around 6.00 my new host family (mum Priya and kids Grant and Analiese). We then headed off straight to Priya's parents house for dinner - her family is Indian so we had curry and for dessert chocolate eclairs. The house was packed as some family from Washington DC came over as well as a hot of other family members. The grandad was quite funny and barely said a word and sat in the corner lol. We left quite early (around 8) and then went to Albertsons to pick up some food for the week before going home and watching the closing ceremony. The TV network then had problems so I only got to see up to Annie Lennox's performance which was a bit creepy.
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