Such a full day I had to wait to write about it!

Trip Start May 07, 2008
Trip End May 14, 2008

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wow I sure hope I remember everything that I wanted to write about this amazing day!

On my first night in Cesky Krumlov I met John and Emma in my room from Australia, each of them were traveling separately and both were great friendly people.  We had good conversation while I settled in and Emma invited me out to listen to a Gypsy band that was playing but I was pretty tired so I declined and had a rest.  Then by the time I was ready to do something small John was back and we went out exploring together.

He had already been there for a day so he was a great guide to the small town.  This city is so magical at night, it has cobblestone streets and sidewalks throughout and wooden bridges over the river that winds through the city.  From almost every point you can see breathtaking views of the Castle all lit up.  We hiked all the way up to the castle, the castle walls, the moat and the bear cages.  The views of the entire town up there were amazing.  Then after that major walkabout we grabbed a drink at another hostel that is very lively at night "Traveler's Hostel".  Later I found out this was the hostel that the movie "Hostel" was filmed in.  It wasn't only the town but this hostel and the people of the town too.  Someone even told me that the gypsy kids from the movie still live there and you can see them running about but they are a bit older now.  So Yes Rob I will finally watch that movie with you now.  Only because I have now been to the set and it will be cool to recognize the scenes.  John and I then headed back to the hostel because we had one BIG DAY planned for the morning.

First I got up bright and early and headed for tourist information to buy my ticket.  I was glad I went early because I was the first person in line and two seconds after I arrived a line-up formed right behind me with everyone wanting to buy tickets to Prague.  I got my ticket and was very relieved.  Then I had a small breakfast and went to collect John.

We headed back to the town square were they called us a taxi to take us out into the hills surrounding the town to go HORSEBACK RIDING!!!  What a great idea.  I was glad that John was there to push me to just spend the money and have a crazy fun day.  We went horseback riding for 2 hours all over the countryside.  Through forests, fields, and river valleys.  It was so hard not to sing "The hills are alive with the Sound of Music" the scenery was identical to the movie.  Also at one point we kept hearing an old motorcycle and we could picture the movie "The Great Escape".  So we both started to whistle the theme to that song.  Our trip consisted of our guide Wendy, John, myself, and a little Czech girl taking riding lessons.  My horse was named Rody and John was on a horse named Bonny.  They had chosen these horses specially for us due to our size.  I wanted a horse that I would look small in comparison to LOL  (Long story there but my mom will understand).  They were laughing too because they have a tree in the barn with all the MANDATORY riding helmets.  The further up the tree you go the bigger the head you have.  They tried on what felt like 7 helmets on my head while laughing cause I had to use the helmet at the top of the tree.  I was laughing so hard seeing myself in my little black riding helmet.  I think the only thing worse is my Orange fire warden helmet at work.  So after two hours we got back to the stables took pictures of us on the horses and they even gave us a free souvenir picture of our Rody and Bonny running naturally in the fields.  We called the taxi and headed back to town for........

RIVER CRAWL 2008 !!!

We went canoing! There is the amazing option to go canoing down the river from town.  You head out in a two person canoe complete with waterproof barrel for your belongings by yourself and off you go.  Your trip starts with a small version of Splash mountain as you head down a corridor built into the water fall in the river.  Poor John was in the front of the canoe and got completely drenched.  Then you wind your way through town, under all the bridges with everyone waving to you, and shouting A-hoy! to everyone you see.  A-hoy! is Hello here.  We saw a sign for our hostel along the river and pulled ashore to change out of our jeans into shorts and let them dry.  I also switched my hiking boots for sandals (We were still dressed for horseback riding).  Then off we went again leaving town.  The river runs through massive sections of nothing at all, just you the river and tall ancient forests that serve witness to the fact that you were there.  Then you round the bend and..... PUB!  LOL the 15 km canoe trip we were on had 3 forest campground-like pubs along it.  So out of no were it is break and beer time.  This is were RIVER CRAWL started.  From time to time other canoes or rafts would pass you and shout the friendly A-hoy!  Then you all pile up at the pub.  It was so much fun, almost like Adult summer camp (complete with campfire and singing "She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes" but in Czech of course).  Then back to the river for the next stretch.

We paddled for most of the journey, only taking time to float every so often.  I knew that I was getting a lot of sun and was so thrilled to be in 22 degree sunny weather on the river.  The last pub we got to I didn't want beer because I am not a huge beer drinker so I switched to rum.  This is when I was introduced to "Tuzemák".  The lady told me "Yes we have rum but not Caribbean Rum, Czech RUM!"  It was sooooooo good!  And the best part, for some reason doubles here cost less than singles in town.  So John and I Tuzemáked it up!  We were feeling no pain, and also not feeling the sun...  I was soooo red!  (After the day of 2 hours on horses and 4 hours canoing you can see why but thankfully most of it has turned brown now and it didn't really hurt.)  We went down one last waterfall and we had reached our destination.  4 hours later!  It was so much fun!  We then packed up the canoe and flew back to town in a very cool Czech van with some other people we A-hoy'd! back and forth with in the canoe after the Tuzemák introduction.

We then met up with Emma and her friend Eric in the bar for drinks (Tuzemák of course) and then out to dinner at a great vegetarian restaurant.  You will be happy to know Sathiya there are lots of good vegetarian choices here, it seems to be quite a popular thing here and many backpackers I am staying with are veggies too.  I don't know if this breaks my veggie streak but I ate some chips here on the river that were "Peperoni flavored".  I czeched the ingredients and it appeared to be smoke and spices only so I think I am safe, and it didn't taste like meat LOL but it was the only food on the river.

Then back to the hostel were it was about 10pm now and we met up with Katie and Cassidy from Vancouver island.  At Eric's recommendation (he is from Czech and lives in Prague) we were going out to the only Disco in town.  I think we as the Aussie would put it "Rocked up" around 11:30 to the Disco (minus Eric LOL he just went to bed in the hostel and just didn't come back out).  The disco was HILARIOUS!!!!  I have never experienced anything like it in my entire life!  Very hard to explain but we were the only tourists there and the music was all over the map with crazy videos on the wall and people dancing SO FUNNY and provocative on the dance floor.  It felt like repression let loose and they were dancing for the first time.  There was even a pole in front of the DJ booth that got lots of use (Yes I used it too LOL).  I had so much fun dancing my brains out, I even had a dance off with a Czech guy and won!  It was just a good time.  The men were all over Cassidy that night, for some reason she was like a magnet for creepiness that night.  It was all manageable until John, Emma, and I all got up to dance.  That left Katie and Cassidy unprotected and SWOOP!!  Drunk touchy guys on both sides of them, they had moved the purses to the middle of them and were starting to look freaked.  John and I could see from the floor what happened right away so we started to dance like freaks pointing with our hands to the doorway.  Cassidy gave a BIG NOD and it was operation flee the Disco.  We squeezed out the guys, grabbed the purses and danced our way in a big group out of the bar.

Did the night end?

Nope, we danced back to the Traveler's hostel for a final drink and then called it a night, but since John, Emma and I were in the same rooms, we stayed up laughing, and joking, and talking till sometime after 3 in the morning.

WOW this has been one long updated and I haven't even proofed it and I have to log off soon.  I guess in closing the only other thing that has happened since that night and right now was a HORRIBLE bus ride back from Cesky Krumlov.  In the morning I went to the bus stop and caught a Non-air-conditioned coach that packed people even standing in the isles for a 3 hour bus ride that took over 4 hours due to road accidents and construction backlogs.  It was grueling and I was happy to arrive at "Sir Toby's Hostel" in Prague and crash on the bed.  Nothing much happened yesterday except for that.  I had a good Chick Pea and lentil supper downstairs in the Pub here and watch "Free English movie night" here.  It was a Czech comedy with English subtitles.  Very funny, very odd, and the ending just sucked, well lack of ending I guess.  The story just stopped.  But it was still fun laughing with everyone that came to watch.

Alright I am off now to explore for a few hours before my hair appointment and then off to Kylie tonight!

Love you all!

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