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Trip Start Dec 28, 2004
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of Thailand  , Phangnga,
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

well here i am back in khao lak. back in my little house with my little garden of carniverous plants and my little kitchen and tiny refridgerator.  coming back to a house after its been sealed up for the better part of the rainy season can be an adventure.  my friend dmo came back to his house and had found that a small cobra snake had slithered in through the toilet and had taken up residence while he was gone.  nothing so exciting for me thankfully, just a lot of mold on just about everything.  that is the problem with living in one of the rainiest parts of thailand.....the moisture gets into everything and soon you see a nice slight green haze on just about every surface.  i'm constantly wiping down my furniture here to get the mold haze off.  ah tropical paradise.

i finally broke down and bought myself a big old honkin flat screen HD tv. i have joined the 21st century ladies and gentlemen and i think its safe to say that i have left the arena of backpacking and am now somewhere in the home building mode.  add to the tv a clothes washing machine and you will see how the nest is progressing.  still need a lot of stuff, more furniture please, and some stuff for the walls but its coming along nicely i suppose.

i finally got my 1 year visa for thailand.  well its a multiple entry visa good for a year which means i still have to do a quick run out of the country once every 3 months but its still a much better deal then what i had before and its actually a pretty hard visa to get so i have entered into elite territory on that front.  

Thailand is funny.  people come here on holiday (vacation) and experience "the land of smiles" and always comment on how friendly and warm the thais are to the foreign tourists.  after you stay here awhile, you come to understand a very basic truth and that is that they do not want you here and dont really like you all that much but are more then happy to take your money.  Thais for the most part do not like foreigners, thats just the way it is here and i think that anyone who has been here a couple of years will tell you the same thing.

 the completely asinine visa regulations that this country makes the average foreign tourist jump through are a symptom of this thinking. if you arrive by air you get a 30 day visa on arrival, free of charge. now if you are backpacking and jumping around countries and cross over by land you only get 15 days.  as a rule, people who take buses across borders have less money then people who fly in, so they want you there less time.  

 even if you are travelling with a healthy amount of spending money, if you want to stay over your 30 day visa you get at the airport you need to start jumping through some serious hoops because they dont want you to stay. they want you to spend your money and be gone.  now this all sounds like a pain in the ass i'm imagine here for about 8 years.  imagine the flaming hoops of flaming donkey shit i have had to sommersault through just to remain in the land of smiles.  if you ever run into me, ask to see my passport and your jaw will drop.  at the moment my passport is 122 pages thick and is FULL......mostly of thai exit/entrance stamps and visas

but now the little bastards are stuck with me.  not only do i have a work permit, but i have a one year non immigrant visa and if that fails, then i can just get my marriage visa.  it took 8 years but i have my boot firmly implanted up the ass of thai buracracy and i'm wigglin my toes while whistlin a happy tune.

 so where was i? oh yeah.....arrived back in khao lak and got mimi back from the dog sitter.  now here is a point of great annoyance.  before we left, IM said her friend loves dogs, has like 3 and wouldnt mind taking care of mimi.  i agreed since getting mimi to and from IM's house was a nightmare before, i thought the best course of action was to have her stay in khao lak and since we had someone to watch her and she would have little furry friends all would be well.  well IM went to go pick her up and when she returned i barely recognized my dog.  apparently the "dog lover" had never heard of mange so mimi had all of these bald spots all over her body which is not a good look for a shitszu and then the hair she did have was all matted and filthy.  the poor little thing was happier then a hog in shit to see us but before we could even play with her we had to give her a bath and take her to the vet.  shes on pills and shots and shampoos and after 3 weeks, the hair is just now starting to grow back.  DOG LOVER HAAAAAAAA.

 i'm thinking about getting a pug puppy.  mimi needs a playmate because i'm always on the boat and IM will be working and its not cool to have her sit home alone all day by herself.  its kinda funny, mimi wont really play with IM.  she'll ignore her and come bother me and bite my toes. i was talking about this to IM and she said that while i'm on the boat mimi will follow her all over the place and not leave her alone but when i come back on land mimi just ignores her. i found this hilarious.

IM's ex boyfriend suddenly died last week.  i havent gotten the full story but apparently he had a bad fever and went to the hospital and was there for 2 days and then came home. the next day he died.  now this sounds about right for a 75 year old but this guy was 25. he was the father of OOM so everything is in a bit of an uproar at the moment.  IM went home for a week to do the funeral stuff and is actually on her way back to khao lak right now.  i think we are a few steps closer to having OOM stay with us since #1 her dad just died and #2 IM's sister is pregnant so hopefully that will give something for grandma to fixate on.  man my spell check is going f'ing crazy with all of this oom im mimi stuff.  i know  i've told this story before but first time i went to IM's house i was introduced to her cousins, sister and daughter, and their names........IM, AOM, OOM, EM, AM. yeah right?

On the work front........diving starts in about 2 weeks which is kinda exciting. been out of the water too long and i can wait to go to some of my favorite dive sites.......HELLOOOOOO ELEPHANT HEAD ROCK!!! I had written earlier that i would be on land for the u.s. election and i was pumped about that because i am a news/politics junkie for some reason but a couple of days ago i received a phone call from the big boss and was told i am changing boats this season over to manta queen 1 so all of you who follow my exploits on ......i am now on manta queen 1.  this is actually pretty sweet because its a bigger boat with a lot more room which is pretty important since i live on this thing for about 7 months.  i'll post some pictures when the season starts so you get a better idea.  there may be a chance of working year around with the company but we'll have to see what develops. fingers crossed.

i had to go to the u.s. embassy the other day for some paperwork and i have to say, having experienced both prison visiting time and embassy visits, there is not much difference.  lots of bullet proof glass, lots of metal detectors and probing eyes.   embassies are strange places because you go there as a citizen in need of services from your country and who is there for the security? thai's. who is there at the information booth? thais. who is behind the bulletproof glass to take your paperwork? thai. behind the magic glass to take your fees? thais.  i actually did see an american walking in hallway behind the cashier though so that is something i guess.  i find that the hardest place to find an american is in the u.s. embassy.

so who is pumped up about the upcoming presidential election?  its a bit ridiculous that the whole process takes 2 years and costs like a billion dollars.  i mean couldnt we just maybe shorten this thing to 2 weeks of intense campaigning? yes i find politics enormously interesting and usually quite disheartening but a 2 year long election is just too much.  i feel you can say everything you have to say over the course of 2 weeks.

as you might imagine, i am a flaming liberal. tree huggin, granola eatin, hybrid car lovin hippie god damnit but i dont think that all republicans are fascist pigs, although some definitely have some questionable ideas.  I hate the level of discourse that politics have fallen into in america.  the absolute villification of all liberal ideas and policy by the right with over the top hyperbole reduces what should be one of the greatest things about america into something seedy and dirty and full of vitirolic hatred.  is it so impossible to have two different ideas, two different paths towards greatness without comparisons to hitler and communism?  why is it so hard to say "i respect your opinion but I disagree with you and here is why..." instead of "he is a communist muslim foreigner who clubs baby seals and eats unborn fetuses stolen from the wombs of god fearing christian women (white of course) in hopes of strengthening his bond to satan to over take the earth and plunge us into a 1000 years of darkness to which there will be no salvation.......lord hear our prayer"

i'm rooting for Obama all the way.  i honestly dont think that there is a conservative that i could vote for as president. in days gone by i thought that MAYBE John mccain  because he was mostly centerist and seemed to have a lot of integrity and if nothing else, you had to admire what the man gave for his country.  But when his turn came up in 2008, the man sold his soul and all of his prior convictions to try and become president.  

Its not like Romney this year.  Romney it seems, never has had a conviction in his life.  it seems that whatever stance is necessary for him to get elected, well thats the stance he will take.  Romney is an empty suit that is filled with whatever the right feels provides them the best chance.  mccain on the other hand abandoned his beliefs and that was disappointing.

for those of you who say that it doesnt matter who is president, they are all the same. i would say to you, please remove your head from your ass.  laws are passed everyday and regulations enforced or not enforced and these things affect every aspect of your life even if you are not aware of it.  who is in charge of making sure your air is clean and your water not polluted? who defines the priorities of the populace? the ones who win the elections. what are your priorities? what is important to you? i'm not saying who to vote for but at least take an active interest in the goings on for you are part of the republic whether you like it or not and the government acts in your name.

Look at me, i just wrote my first political blog 
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