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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i read an article the other day that struck a bit of a nerve.  The article was about the state of Georgia's new immigration law and how it is affecting the agriculture industry of the state by taking away a large portion of their workers who happen to be illegal aliens.  One of the polticians responsible for this garbage piece of legislation (i'll get to the law in a minute) said that the farmers should hire non violent ex-offenders since they are usually in need of lawful employment.  at this, all of the people in charge of these agricultural behmouths (i wont call them farms) absolutely went apocoleptic.

the problem is seems is that they don't want to hire people who have been in prison or have some sort of record.  it doesn't matter that a person may have had a non violent criminal offense 20 years ago, there was a criminal offense and therefore that person is discarded from the pile of hireable candidates.  Does no one else see the multiple problems with this or am i the only one that is paying attention?

before i even properly begin my tirade i will of course admit to my bias.  Being an ex convict myself, i suppose i may have a slightly different perspective to this then most people but please hear me out.  first of all, these people are NON VIOLENT offenders, usually meaning drug possession or drunk driving. its not like they are asking you to hire a child rapist or serial killer.  these are usually people who have gotten caught up in the system through bad choices and now they are looking for honest work only to be turned away.

the second point is, did these people not serve their time and therefore their "debt to society"?  if the society that they are released into is not willing to provide even the most basic oppurtunity to earn a living legally, what choice is this person left with?  by continually black balling these people throughout their lives, we are driving them back into a life of crime because looking for a job does not pay the bills or put food in your kids mouth.  An ex convict still has to pay rent and car insurance and if we are not willing to give him a job, there is a good chance he will TAKE what he needs.

the third point is, these are not exactly prime jobs that are being withheld from the ex offender.  we are talking back breaking menial agricultural labor.  do these people think that there is going to be a line of people with their resume's waiting to come pick peaches?  Pay a decent wage and give a guy a break and you will be surprised by the outcome but of course this is america where we want to import our laborers and not pay them a liveable wage.......same as it ever was.

 the sad truth is that we have 2.4 million people in prison with 1 in every 31 adults being incarcerated.  the united states has the highest percentage of its population in prison then any other country on earth.  We make up 5% of the worlds population and yet 24% of the worlds prison population.  the reality that we are facing is that our over legislated and restricted country  is populated more and more by either convicts or ex convicts and to discriminate solely on these grounds will become harder and harder.  land of the free my ass

The whole catalyst for this crappy situation is the law itself which is billed as a "tough immigration" law.  I don't know why republicans try to dress this shit up in fancy clothes and take it out for a spin. have some balls and say what it is nice and clear so people are not confused on the matter.  this is what we call racism.  racism against people who want to come and make a better life for themselves and their families.  sounds fairly familiar doesnt it?  Probably the beginning of the story your grandparents or great grandparents told you about why they left russia/germany/england/ireland etc etc. started in a very similar manner.  All of our families are immigrants and to try and close the door on the people who want to come here and strive to better themselves and their family's is bullshit and out and out racism.  

i will admit that the situation at the moment is not ideal.  what with people climbing over walls and walking through the desert like moses and the israelites but with the way citizenship is almost completely barred to the average immigrant, can you blame them?  oh sure if you have a PHD in nuclear physics you will be fast tracked but if your only job skill is picking lettuce, you are fuckkkkkkked.

i have a bit of a personal stake in this as well since it is almost impossible to get IM over to america on a tourist visa.  on the documents she would have to fill out, it says that "we automatically assume you are applying for U.S. citizenship, it is up to you to prove otherwise"  this is what the united states government says when a person applies for a tourist visa from a country that is not in europe.  "Proving" our absolute lack of desire to live in america is almost impossible because since she is not rich, she obviously must want to come and try and work in the grrrrrrreatest nation on earth.  When you explain to them that you would rather live just about anywhere else BUT america, the shock is evident.

i find it funny that text books in high school now are required to teach the concept of "american exceptionalism".  Meaning that somehow our country is not only different but better then every other country on earth.  now i can understand this OPINION......i dont really share it myself but i can at least get down with the idea.  but to teach this as a FACT to school children is a bit of a reach and really instills a sort of nationcentric identification that is in no way understood or agreed upon by the other 6 billion people on this planet.  please go back and read my paragraph about the statistics of incarceration and then talk to me about american exceptionalism......what a fucking joke that is.

you know what is crazy?  i consider myself a bit of an american patriot.  i actually do love my country despite all of its faults but because i love her i feel it almost a responsibility to point out when she falls short of her ideals and lets face it folks and neighbors....she's been falling short quite a bit lately.  i would never trade my citizenship for that of another country and i will argue until i am blue in the face with the euro shits who continually talk shit about america all the while enjoying the freedoms that we have provided for them.  in short, i think its a wonderful place but it could and should aspire to be more then it is.

 it seems that my last blog post was quite well received by my vast audience of readers and admirers.  apparently they (you) enjoy it when i strip off the sexy veneer of my outer "ID" and go spelunking in the guano filled basement of my inner workings.  there is some weiiiiiiiird shit down there so be careful how much you encourage me to go poking around.

on a small side note....i have posted a couple of movies onto the blog just because i have the time and free internet to let them load onto the site without interuption.  i have wanted to show you guys some manta movies but have never had the time to upload them so here are the first couple plus a funny little video of IM doing her make up.....the balance is amazing, she never even wavers

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