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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In my last post I mentioned that I planned on writing about my arrest years ago to sort of flesh out my history for those who don't know me on a personal level.  I have never been embarrassed about my prison sentence (much to the dismay of my parents) but instead have been pretty open about the entire situation and view it as a very unfortunate life experience.  I once had a discussion with my sister-in-law about how although I was guilty in the eyes of the law, I felt guiltless morally.  Feeling that I should repent for my past behavior or in the very least be consumed by guilt she was astonished with my attitude.  The way I always explain it to people is in reference to the essay "civil disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau.  I'm not saying that I was making a political statement by selling drugs and I'm not equating my trials and tribulations to the abolition of slavery but what I do say is that the basic concept of the essay applies to me.......all because the government says that your actions are right or wrong does not make it a concrete fact morally.  The government once whole heartedly supported slavery and I think we can all agree that this was not based on human rights or basic human dignity.  The government now says that people who use or sell drugs should be separated from society for decades at a time, all the while they merrily tax alcohol and tobacco which are by far the biggest health risk in the united states.  Why should I respect this hypocritical point of view? What makes their ideas so righteous and mine so unlawful?  Many of the drugs out in the world today were here long before this government appeared on earth and will be here long after it dissolves into the passages of history so for these "Johnny come latelies" to judge me and my business dealings is a sad joke...............of course the judge didn't see it that way.
When I refer to this prison sentence you need to understand that this was actually my second run in with law enforcement over my pharmaceutical entrepreneurial business.  The first time around I got a 6 month sentence at one of those "boot camps" that was a joke but kept me from doing serious time.  Upon my release from prison/boot camp I went on the straight and narrow.  I cooked in a few restaurants and then I got the bright idea to go to college (university).  Part of my thinking was that I wanted to get a higher education but also I wanted to get away from my group of friends who were all pretty heavy drug users (just marijuana and acid/mushrooms) and sellers.  I knew that eventually I would find myself back in that situation so I was hoping to preempt it by leaving for school 300 miles away from all my drug contacts.  I arrived at SIU (Southern Illinois University) in the summer of '97 about 3 months before school was scheduled to start.  I was hoping to show up and get my apartment, get a feeling for a lay of the land and be settled by the time school started. 

I was leaving one of those a-typical college t-shirt/poster/lava lamp stores when a guy behind me asked out of the blue "hey you need some mushrooms?"  Now I had given up dealing but I was still a fan of the occasional brain melt so I said yes and he gave me his phone number to call him later.  Long story short, he was selling mushrooms for about the price I was getting them wholesale in Chicago.  I mean these were crazy cheap prices and my mind got to ticking and thinking.  I told myself that mushrooms wasn't acid (which my prior arrest was for) and as long as I steered clear of that shit I would be ok.  So this guy became my dealer for the next 3 years.  It went from mushrooms to mescaline to acid in a slow incremental process that I hardly even noticed.  I was soon one of 4 upper echelon dealers that obtained the drugs directly from the importer (importer into town not country).  I sold to other dealers that were spread throughout the dorms and the mega apartment complexes that housed the 25,000 person student body.  I dealt for 3 years and no one in law enforcement had a clue.  I was buying dried mushrooms in 5 pound bags (which made my roommate Gabe very happy). I was buying sheets of acid 10-15 at a time and turning them over in a few days.  when the vials of liquid acid showed up, i bought 30 and dont remember much from the ensuing week.  All in all I had a very solid business going.  So what happened you may ask?  There was such a convergence of chance happenings that I could almost believe in god smiting me....that big smiter.....but again, I am a militant atheist so I'll just say I had some really shitty luck lol.
It was the weekend before finals and thus the last weekend of the school year.  4 out of 7 of my roommates had gone to Kentucky for the Kentucky derby that was to be run that Saturday.  Looking back, if I had just shown a little more interest in horse racing and been out of the state when this all occurred, life would be very different.  I would probably still be on the run but at least I would have those years of my life back.  Not sure if that's an even trade or not but it would definitely be a different existence then the one I find myself in now.
The house I lived in threw parties every Saturday night so Friday was an off day where we just hung out and went to some other house parties down the street.  On Saturday morning one of our freshman acquaintances showed up at our house with a harrowing tale.  One of the students in the room next to his in the dorm had come into his room at about 3am (two rooms are connected by a bathroom in the middle) and had broken out the window of the 17th floor room and had jumped right the fuck out the window.  Well the "holy shit" factor was high on this one and we were all respectfully shocked.  The kid kept talking and soon said something along the lines of "man he was all fucked up on acid and just freaked out and jumped."  Alarm bells immediately sounded.
I had 4 dealers in that particular dorm and I had one on this kids floor so I KNOW the acid came from me and this was not a good situation to put it mildly.  I got on the phone and dialed the kids number and the phone rang and rang.........and rang until he finally picked up on ring number 15 or so.  "hey nick what's up?" I asked not wanting to say anything to obvious in case there were additional listeners on this conversation.  " I can't talk now" click and he's gone.  Now I was extremely worried. The heart is not beating quite right, my legs are weak and the cold sweat has come, god I hate the cold sweats, thats when you know you are really in some deep shit. Still needing more confirmation then a 4 word conversation on the phone I jump in my car and take the 5  minute drive over to the dorm.  There are cop cars everywhere which can be expected because a kid had just done a nose dive out the window a few hours before.  I go in the building and up into the elevator.  For whatever reason, upon arrival at the 17th floor I looked out the window and could see a tiny little figure being led away by numerous other tiny little figures and being put into the back of a tiny little squad car.  There goes nick.
Before I go on with the next part I need to say that hind sight is 20/20 and if i knew then what i know now, then i would obviously have acted in a different manner.  My problem was that I expected the cops to show up but I wasn't sure they would. I mean who can say what goes on in the local cop shop.  That being said, I didn't flush the drugs.  For those of you who have never faced this dilemma, it is very fucking hard to flush thousands of dollars down a toilet.  I mean if the cops are busting down your door and you have the chance, flush away but this was.....the cops MIGHT show up.  So instead of flushing I took them over to my neighbors house.  I was in a panic because although I wasn't sure that the cops were coming, there was a chance they could be there any minute.  I half expected to see squad cars screeching to a halt every time I looked out the window so I was madly desperate to get the drugs out of my house.  3 girls lived next door and I quickly explained the situation and to their credit, they were none too comfortable with having the drugs in the house but I promised them there was no way the cops would ever find them there.  After the drugs were stashed I went back to my house where the roommates who were still in town were holding a meeting whether or not to have the last party of the season or cancel it.  I was in NO mood to party that was for sure.  I was being consumed by nauseas anxiety as the minutes ticked into hours but my roommates were hell bent on having one final blow out so what could I do?  After having concluded this vote we all headed down to the corner beer garden where they enjoyed a warm mid may day, drinking beer and talking about the fucked up turn of events while I sipped my beer and watched for squad cars......I was in full paranoia mode now.
To be continued in 2-3 days
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starlagurl on

Crazy curiosity has been satiated...almost.
Good to hear you're not in with that crew anymore...I hope.

Louise Brown
TravelPod Community Manager

wandering_man on

Dude, they're all long ones
I admire a guy who writes with no unexpressed thoughts.

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