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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ah the joys of Alaska....yesterday evening a giant windstorm  struck the area and i was forced to weigh down my tent with giant rocks to keep it from blowing away (with all my shit inside no less).  my friend Chad's tent got totally demolished by the wind and is now no more.  man oh man do i miss the boat livin days.  its still pretty cold up here but I'm adjusting i least my cold has abated and I'm not completely sick anymore.  i was beginning to give serious thought about the consequences of coming down with pneumonia.  the conclusion would be of course, financial disaster so thats not even an option.  i live such a ying/yang existence at the moment.  on one side i'll be diving somewhere or trekking through a forest etc etc and think to myself  "man i have a really cool life"....on the other side is me holed up in a smallish tent in the middle of the night while the wind howls and i think to myself "man I'm 32 fucking years old, what the hell am i doing?"  Luckily the ying (positive) is 2/3's bigger then the yang so all is not lost.

other developments in the life of Neal include the gathering of a second job that starts in a few days.  this should put me at about 90 hours a week which will be enough to allow me to afford a few luxuries while also pushing me into insanity....i think of it as the bonus package.  who really wants to work THAT much?  in the end i suppose the rewards will be sufficient to dull the pain of the sacrifice.  whats my ongoing mantra....."its only 3 months, its only 3 months" repeat ad nauseum.  All bullshitting aside I'm doing OK up here and am keeping a pretty positive attitude towards work.  if nothing else, its great to see a bunch of familiar faces though i have to admit a worrying growing trend of Jehovah's witness' and various other bible aficionado's as co-workers.  if nothing else it limits my conversations to very pg rated topics which really sucks the life out of me.

so i have made a definitive decision to forgo my annual trip to Chicago this year and instead, just head straight out onto the road for further adventures.  i have been going back to Chicago for years now...first from college (uni for you English fuckers) and now before i head back to bangkok.  what i have noticed is that all the people who i go to visit in Chicago...all the friends and family who i felt it my responsibility to go and keep in touch and make an appearance....all those people never once come to visit ME.  whether i am in Carbondale or up in Alaska or all the way the hell over in Thailand no one ever takes the time and invests the money to come see me and lets face it, the places i am at are usually a helluva lot more interesting then Chicago.  i figure i have spent a couple of thousand dollars to visit friends and family and to what avail?  last year i got to see my brother all of one time in the 3 weeks i was  home.  Sister?  same......Grandmother? same....ex girlfriend #1 same......ex girlfriend #2 same.  whats the point of going out of my way every single year if not one other person will do the same for me?  its going on about 10 years since i have left the chicago area and im tired of making the trek back "home".  if anyone wants to see me this year,  you know where i am
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gabriel73 on

Forgive him family
Know this, we, of the comforts of home must always keep in our minds that neal is in a tent at the edge of life, a pinching spincter moment, so the thoughts of returning to chicago, true - is a bit jaded; but however, very true. He would like to visit your sorry arces but lets face it, you need to stop making the bucks and spend a little on your life. You must travel and you then will begin to understand your son, grandson, bro, friend, and lover. This is one life, go and make a movie on it or at least be a co actor in his for jesus' krissses sakes! I don't know what Thailand is like but Alaska is incredible, so book those tickets today....
Now neal I hope you didn't include my sorry ass in your pathetic rant at the family in Chicago, after all it was me that visited you in the big house and the one that got you out of there and I've been on the f'n road during those years and after and what respect do you pay me, no not one visit or prolonged couch stay. So you're getting what you deserve. Hell you went to Chitown last year and didn't have the balls to tell me when you was there, and I would have came up to visit you....any rate I'm in Oly Wa and have your nephew on the way and will he ever see uncle neal? Yea when he's eight and I send him to scuba class in Thailand....dude you could hitch down the ak hwy see adam in bc and continue to oly and fly out of seatac to thailand...just a thought from an experience hitch hiker. Sure beats paying a ticket and one last thing even if you were to ponder such an experience you could even hitch back to see yo mom's and pop's, the one's that deserve your respect and then fly from chicago to thailand....hitching is simple so ponder it if the money for travelling is an issue, damn go get a rain parka or go dry off, people do love you out here....

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