Cholula, Oaxaca and Chiapas I

Trip Start Apr 12, 2009
Trip End Jun 02, 2009

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Flag of Mexico  , Central Mexico and Gulf Coast,
Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello all!!
Ok, letĘs try, how this blog works...Yeah, I am still alive : ) Just a bit lazy to write last days...I am in Chiapas already and mein Gott, how many gooloking men I am finding here...I am thinking in changing science in Rio for something here. This is king of hippie, so i could do "cestas" de la tia Carmen, or I could maybe grow potatoes...wharever ; )
So, I came to Mexico DF on Sunday after almos 12 hours of Plane (but it was nice, I was listening music and dancing...maybe looking a bit crazy but who cares). Then i took a bus and went to Puebla, where I meet Amelia, and then we went to Cholula, where she lives. It is a very nice village, and I guess we were almos the only "gŘeras" (white girls) there. Amelia introdusce me in the "Pan Dulce" eating, what has been our diet since then ("pan Dulce" is "bolleria" in spanish, kind of muffins and staff). I discovered that Mexicans (at least there) go out at night to drink Chololate or Cofee...not so much beer. Strange people, these mexicans, oder?? Ach so! And they have Ferias everyday, so there is a Merket with food and artesanie till 12 pm. I went finally to sleep...but stupid jetlag (or however one writes that), I couldnĘt sleep the firsts nights...I am king of dying...but Amelia also, so that┤s fair : )
In the morning we visited the Piramide, whose basement is the biggest one of any Piramide in world. We were walking in the tunnels inside it. And I saw where some children had been sacrified. You know? Mayas used to think people is beauty when they are "virolo" (both eyes see to the nose, or to different sides, I am not sure what "virolo" is...yeah, that┤s spanish..I am forgetting my language. Ah, but today a boy has told us our spanish was very good even if we were spanish...And he (he was Mexican) has also asked me if in Spain the people were Cristian. I couldĘ┤t believe my ears!!!
Ok, to make it short, we took a bus from Cholula till Oaxaca. That city is really nice, the atmosphare and everything. One feels good at the first time. We were staying in the flat of a Friebd of Amelia, Pamela, and the flatmate, Ana paula, who were amazingly friendly. I felt so good there. We were visiting some museums and some SOOO Nice and interesting Maya Ruins (you know I love "Rocks", as my parents say), called Monte Alban. I was lerning a bit about the mayas there. I have make a propose of learning something more later...let┤s see... Ach so!! And I got burnt and I am red as a german in Mallorca!!!
The second night in Oaxaca we meet other people that Amelia know, who were again very nice. It was the birthday of a man that drinks so much, and wants everybody drinking, so he was ordering beers for us. Amelia told she would not convince her to drink any Teqila, but he ordered three. Guess who drunk all three!!! Yeah, i am so easy to convice .. : ) But it was not for the alkohol, but for the culture. You had to drink them with a salt made of a worm...I had never seen it and I had to try...three times : )
The day after we went to the Mrket. It was many things to eat and drink, and fruits, and vegetebles, and so many extrange things. It would be really funy to live there and try each day something different..maybe also would it be dangerous...mainly in the Chilis section : ) Amelia will tell me, she is going to transfer there after our trip.
And at night, we took a 10:30 hour long bus to San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas. I think this is the most beautiful village till today, and as I┤ve said, IĘve found here also the most beautiful boys..what makes the city even better ji ji
We have made a video abut an english interview for some project of four girls in the university, who were studying communication. It was funny. And the children look at me, Amelia says they could be thinking like: "wow, look how tall she is". And really, the people here are soo small.
I think, the most Schoking thing today was the first view of the inside of the Church in San Juan Chamula...but I have to apologise, that is indescriptible for me. Just say that they make a mixture of cristians and indian believes, and so sees it all, with candles everywhere, and pine leaves on the floor, with chickens to kill...And the church outside is also very beautiful and crazy, one of the walls was not at all straight, or that was my impresion, as was also not straight the entry door.
Now we are in San Cristobal waiting for a Friend of Amelia┤s uncle, who will take us to Tuxla, were we will sleep.
And thats "all" for now. If I remember something that I wanted to tell you I will write it other day. And I have to apologise again, we are in an internet Cafee and cannot put pictures in the blog know. I will try to do it in the following days if I have the time...and I am not to lazy for that ; )
And we send all of you a lot of a lot of Kisses!!!
Nuria and Amelia
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