A Sunken City And Oh So More..

Trip Start May 02, 2006
Trip End Mar 02, 2007

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Flag of Turkey  ,
Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hello again.

Well after our 10 amazing days in Yakakoy we finally forced ourselves to move on. The only problem was where? Well, as you can probably guess from the title we chose Kas in Southern Turkey. We had planned to spend a few days in Kas but on arrival we made the snap decision to only spend 1 day as it was just a massive resort-town that we couldn't bare to face after 10 days in a small village.

So, our only day in Kas actually consisted of a day completely away from Kas as we had decided to do a day boat trip to see various attractions such as a sunken city, small island village etc and also enjoy a day of precision bombing runs from the roof of the boat.

We left Kas in the morning and drove to small town not far away to board our boat. Not the best I've seen doing the rounds but by far not the worst and the roof was roughly an 18 feet drop so there'd be plenty of splashtime for the folks aboard.

Our first stop was a snorkeling stop and pretty boring but it did give me time to familiarise myself with the other bombadiers and check out their style. Fortunately they were all 10 year olds so I was in no danger of having any serious competition or payback from sending in a savage barrage too close for their parents comfort. I opened with the bog standard cannonball right in some little nerds face. He cried, I laughed like an evil demon. There's no love when looking to control the skies above. Strike hard and strike fast, 1 kid down 3 to go.

From there we went onto the sunken city which really is crap and not the highlight of the trip even though it's sold that way. The boat had a 'glass bottom' which was nothing more than a 10cm square piece of glass wedged into the bottom of the boat which 20 people had to crowd around. When you did muscle in to have a look all you could see was crumbling rocks and broken pottery. Great stuff..

Next was our lunch spot for a lovely Turkish BBQ off the back of the boat. While they were preparing our tucker the little kids and I decided to continue our 'competition'. I'd already disposed of the nerd and needed to have another swallow a few mouthfulls of water before lunch thus ensuring a few extra lamb meatballs for yours truly. It was time to pull out the Mike Wilkins special. Yes, the 'Can Opener' was about to make it's debut. Target, smart arse from Istanbul who talked a good game but had no splash. Man, you shoulda seen that kid go underwater after 85kgs of Aussie meat splashed down in his face. If you're going to come and sit at my table little kid you gotsta bring it all when the Can Opener's going to be used. 2 down, 2 to go.

Lunch break over we went to feed some tame deers rubbish on an Island (Turks will go out of their way to not use a bin for some reason). No idea why they were there and we didn't think to ask as I had more pressing matters at hand, like a fat kid who had some splash but no style. He also had issues with his launch so he was never a bother to me. What to use on him I wonder, his blubber would keep him afloat so perhaps the Mummy should come out of the box. Yes, the Mummy.. The Mummy has a high degree of difficulty due to needing to enter the water at almost a 45 degree angle to ensure you use alot of surface water to create the splash which almost whips your target and then sucks them under. I jumped, I became the mummy and entered the water at the exact angle. Fatty's probably still coughing up salty water. Sorry kid, you shouldn't have taken those extra meatballs, they were mine. 3 down, 1 to go.

Our last stop of the day was by far the most interesting. It's a little island called Kalekoy or Simena Island (we couldn't work out which) and has a great little village on it and some nice little swimming spots dotted around the coast. We took some time to walk through the markets checking out the nooks and crannies and to also have a swim from off a couple of the swimming platforms and enjoy a couple of ice-creams. Really nice spot and if you're ever in the vacinity you should check-out staying there. If we knew about the island beforehand we would've spent a week or so there for sure.

Unfortunately after that island we had to head back but after persistant begging we were allowed one final swim. Now was my chance to finsih off the last little kid. This kid was good, his name was Fritz and he was from Austria. He had some heft and a little bit of style and he brought his own invention called the 'Nutcracker' to the table so I decided to use my masterpiece, the 'Preacher'.

Here's how it's done: First, you run headlong towards the edge. When you hit the edge, it's a leap of faith because if you're not on the level, you're coming back up with a serious lobster back for smacking that water in the most unholy of ways. But the leap's got a twist, literally, so that your back is facing the target. As you near the surface, you cup your body, bending at the waist slightly. Then, making like a preacher's got you for baptising, put your hands up to cover your nose in a praying-like fashion. This is the baptism to end all baptisms and your target ought to be praying, truly. As your body enters the water, it displaces the water momentarily. Then, almost instantly, it rushes back towards the center point of the impact to fill it back in, crashing against itself, and kerplunking the entire proximity with torrents of water.

Needless to say, there's no happy ending here, the kid is dead.

So that's our day on the boat. Thoroughly enjoying and a lot of fun was had by all, especially us. If you're ever in Kas definitely go on one of these day cruises as they're a lot of fun and you do actually see some interesting things and get to swim in some beautiful spots. We give it an 8 out of 10.


Nath and Kat.
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