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Flag of Chile  , Maule,
Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Being back in Parral is taking some adjustment. While I am glad to not have to live in a hostel and being chauffeured by Raul is a lot better than spending 8 hours of a bus (well sort of, riding with Raul is a daily brush with death).  I did rather like being in a new place and meeting new people, but there has to be a balance.  There is always calm in the midst of a storm and I will enjoy the calm and rest up for the storm.

While I was gone I have learned that there was a bit of DRAMA.  It appears that while I was in Puerto Montt and Eliana was in Santiago the house was ROBBED!!  I could not believe it.  The robbers came through the window in the backyard, and Tomas (the dog), the Lion Hearted, tried his best to hold them off but at 10 years old he can barely strike fear in the chickens.  They came in and stole money, clothes, food, and the DVD player.  Everything in my room was just as I left it.  I felt so bad for them.  I am sure the robbers were really poor because of the things that they took.  Anyone that would steal pantyhose and cornmeal is really bad off.

Raul said he came home and the house was a mess.  All the rooms were open and all the mattresses were turned over.  I guess the robbers thought maybe some money was hiding under the mattress.  The closets had been emptied and clothes were all over the floor, and the food in the pantry was gone.  They did not take the computer or the TV.  I guess they were too big to take and I am sure they were in a hurry.  The only room that was not touched was mine.  I had a container of DVD's and CD’s in the front room but since the titles were in English they were not interested in taking that either.

Raul and I went to the Street Market on Saturday, August 1st. to buy some vegetables and other food items to replace the ones that were stolen.  When Raul spoke about it you could tell he was mad but his demeanor was not broken, he was happy that no one was hurt; things could always be replaced.

First thing Monday morning, a man came over to install security bars on all the windows.  I know that it is for the best, but it is like living in a prison.  My once clear view of the lime tree in the back yard is now obstructed by white bars.  It is a shame that there are people in the world that choose to take what isn’t theirs.  I don’t know if I should hope the robbers get good use out of the items took, or to wish that they CHOKE on the bread they stole.

On Monday, August 3rd, I found getting back to the routine of teaching to be quite difficult.  The kids in Puerto Montt already spoke a lot of English there was more time for games and activities.  For example one of the activities at Winter Camp was to learn a list of  vocabulary words and then we played Bingo using those vocabulary words.  I did the same lesson with the kids in Parral and it took almost 30 minutes for them to get the concept of the game.  After explaining several times they finally got it and only got to play one round of Bingo and Nobody one.  The kids in Winter Camp played for at least 45 minutes; played at least 4 rounds with 4 winners and they went crazy for the candy prize.  They don’t have Baby Ruth’s in Chile and they lost their minds of the mini candy treats.  The Kids in Winter Camp love English and think learning is fun, however the kids in Parral hate English and I have to MAKE it fun.  It is hard work!!  Good thing My Parents sent me A LOT of Candy because it makes it easier to get their attention when they know a prize is attached.  Funny thing is by the end of the day everyone in school had heard I was giving away candy and everyone wanted to be in my class even the OTHER TEACHERS.  It is funny how silly adults get when you give them candy.  They don’t have a lot of the American candy here, and the ones that they do have like Snickers and M&M’s don’t really taste the same.  The kids prefer the American version, or maybe the candy taste better to them because I give it to them for FREE!

Most of the week I will be working with the Debate team after school on their pronunciation for their speeches.  I have recorded their speeches and all they have to do is practice and listen to how I pronounce the words.  I also translated the speeches so know what the Heck they are saying.  The Debate in next Thursday so we only have a little over a week to get these speeches together, and with a lot of hard work and much prayer, they should do fine.

On Tuesday,August 4th, I realized another thing I did not miss about Parral, rain; my second day back to school was met with freezing rain, from a smoky gray sky.  A day like this was meant for sleeping not working but when I got to school and saw all those smiling faces happy to see me, asking about my time in the South of Chile; I shook away that cold ugly feeling and realized today I would have to be the SUNSHINE.  Before I could tell my students about how much fun I had of vacation they started asking me about Puerto Montt and Bariloche.  It seems that news travels quick around this place, and since most of her students are my friends on Facebook they had been looking at the pictures that I posted while I was gone.

Later that day we stop but the store to get some eggs.  While Eliana and I wait in the car I realize that we have 10 chickens at the house, so why were we buying eggs?  Eliana says that they only lay about 3 eggs a week.  I thought to myself "These have to be the laziest chickens on the planet." She was not talking about 3 eggs per chicken but in total (usually only one chicken lays the eggs).  I ask why and she says," They on Bay-kay-chun (meaning Vacation).  It too cold to make eggs, in da soom-air (summer) 10 eggs a day but in the winter No-ting (nothing).  No sexo (Spanish for sex).”  I say there are ten chickens and one rooster and no eggs.  She replies, "The hems (meaning Hens) say to Felipe (the name of the rooster) go away it’s too cold, no sexo for you.  Come back in soom-air!”  We CRACK UP LAUGHING and say POVRE POVRE FELIPE (poor poor Felipe) A-Brother can't get no LUV from the ladies.

Wednesday ,August 5th, is pretty lazy,because today is my off day from school, and the most have done on this day is work on my blog, sleep and put together a movie of the Talent Show from Winter Camp.  I did have a very nice lunch of Salmon with white mushroom gravy, fried potato balls, and cabbage and celery salad with lemon and oil dressing. Eliana had brought the salmon in Puerto Montt for Raul as a present but he put it in the freezer and saved it until I got home.  I thought that was very sweet of him to share his gift with me.  I have never had salmon, or any fish for that matter, with white gravy but the mixture of the fresh lemon juice on the fish and the savory sauce was pleasant delight.  I have not met a gravy that I did not like and this was no exception. 

I was happy that Raul left early after lunch today because I got a chance to wash the dishes.  Don't get me wrong I HATE washing dishes but I fill bad not doing anything around the house except keeping my room clean.  Evertime I offer to wash the dishes they tell me no.  It makes me feel like a special guest, and not part of the family.  I know my mom would pass out if she heard I was offering to do the dishes.  As I put the uneaten food in the refrigerator I notice, again, that none of the food is covered with foil or plastic wrap, and the frig does not have an oder. Of course there is not much food in the frig either.  I have come to know that other countries use very small refrigerators (to save energy) and shop for only the things that they need for a few days.  Yes they go to the super market more often but they don't have the problem of wasted food.  You won't see an onion that has been sitting in the back of the frig for a month or milk that has gotten so old that is has fossilzed into a smelly white brick.

After lunch, as I mentioned earlier, I worked on a short video of the Talent Show from Winter Camp.  Most of the kids have been writing my on Facebook so I thought this was a good time to put together clips of the show.  The students worked so hard to present a good show and I must say It was quite ENTERTAINING!!!  They had so much fun and everyone participated without being forced to do so.

Hours pass and now it is time for dinner and it is good to sit down with the entire family.  I hear Lleni (pronounced Yenny) at the door saying,"Nakia deener."  Dinner consists of Chotipan (sausage) Boiled white potatoes (with mayonaise not butter) and a salad of lettuce with lemon and oil dressing.  At dinner we talk and watch Cuenta Conmigo , a telenovela (Soap Opera).  It is sad that I don't watch this CRAP in the states but since I have been here we watch every night at dinner.  I am really getting into it and learning a lot of Spanish in the process.  Cuenta Conmigo means Count On Me but at the bottom of the title it says Te Quiero Morir - I Want You To Die.  That pretty much sums up the theme of the show.  No one can be trusted!!  The acting on this show is a lot better than what I have seen on other Telenovelas (they tend to OVER ACT) but the situations on the show are the same, OVER THE TOP! 

Everyday is not full of excitement but there is always DRAMA.  Thanks for spending some time with me.  I look forward to typing to you soon.  Until next time my friends, remember to Work Hard, Play Hard and Rest Easy! 

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nakiaford on

Re: even the crooks now of your greatness
You make me laugh. Everytime I see your name in my inbox I know I will get at lease one laught. I think the robbers did not take my stuff because my door was locked and they were in a rush and did not have time to break the lock. Not to mention that I am blessed. Hope to hear from you soon.

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