Universal at Pasific resort

Trip Start Dec 14, 2008
Trip End Dec 31, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Florida
Saturday, December 27, 2008

We left Clearwater early morning since we had to deliver our rented car back at Dolphin Hotel at 11 am

and entered the Universal Pacific Resort at 10 am.

Husbond took the car back, The children and me went inside the lobby which had a big wow factor.

A big nice looking Christmas three and a big area.

All looking very nice, and nice smiling people every where.

I told the children that they should sit still when I was quing for checking in, which took a half hour bit It didnīt matter because I had a good conversation with some nice people from area Chicago

they had been on a Disney cruise and was ending the holiday there.

So finally it was mine turn at the check in and the lady said aloha and a lot of other things very fast, but she said my room was already ready and I was a bit surprised since the time was only 10.30 am.

She also told me that I got a room with a good garden view( she shouldnīt have said that)

Wow I was thinking of this nice garden view and picked up my kids which was a this time very quiet.

Side note

I had made myself a loewsfirst member (which said I should get a bottle of red wine and some peanuts )nearly a year back when we started planning our holiday and booked a stay four play more for nearly 1500 dollars which included 2 adults tickets.

So I needed to buy three more tickets and we went over to the consiuer section and got 3 more tickets which cost 351 dollars.

Then we went up to the room.

It was a long, long walk from the elevator and finally we found the room right beside the rescue stairs, HM

Into the room and I thought it looked very small ,looked out of the window to see my nice garden view.

I nearly lost my breath when looking strait out at

I4 and a parking lot and some bushes. And I was wondering about the great garden view, I was snapping my air a bit, when I turned around for my kids and said.

" This is not a garden view, and I am not going to be in this room, lets go downstairs and change the room "

OK, out we went and at that time the luggage carrier came and I just said to him that we wanted to change the room, so He just said I just take the luggage downstairs again.

We went downstairs again and Que some more which I think is strange at a 4 stars hotel to stand in a Que to ask about what ever You want to ask about.

The same lady who had made the check in, and I told her that I didnīt want that room because It hadnīt a good look of a garden view but the big high Way, and I dinīt want that. She got a bit sat out I think, but then said we couldnīt get another room before 4 pm then. I said that dosnīt matter we donīt need it before either.

We left her and talked with this nice luggage people and put on some more stuff there and got another tag to keep, went outside where husbond now came back after delivering the car From Dolphin Hotel DW to Royal Pacific he came in with a white nice car and paid 50 dollars. It wasnīt any normal taxiīs around so he had just taken this car.

Of for the park NOW.

Great boat trip over to the park and entered the park where Hulk is. We then went into the pastry shop on right hand to get us some breakfast.

This was the nicest breakfast ever I think

Croissant with ham and cheese, simple is the best for me.

JM went on Hulk at once No Que either since we all had express fast pass because we where staying at a universal hotel. It was a great noise from the Hulk thing and it looked great I got a bit dissy about the noise , but after 15 minutes or so I didnīt mind any more.

Ok I need a break so I will continue this later
Great park this is

Of to the Spider man ride right on to it

This time JM , T and me went on. Little C who is three but is to short for every thing was standing behind crying because she loves spider man and would go on but She and dad was not on.

Great ride this was and frankly to scary for My C anyway ,but she dosnīt understand that, and J husbond dosnīt like big rides , Now we turned our nose for some more children things and went out to the playground which all the children liked.

We had a nice day in the park and I donīt think we was back to the hotel before 7 pm and entering the check in desk again, at this point of time there was no Que. Got a nice lady and new room keys and orded dinner downstairs for 7.30 pm

Up to the room and it was much bigger then the other one, it felt  bigger not sure it was, and a Big window felt like a TV where we could see the entrance of the hotel and the Park where the hulk was.( Every morning I woke up with the sound of test-driving the Hulk at 7 am I didnīt mind just a side note.)

The room looked OK I liked the interior in the room, husbond dosnīt fancy that the sink is outside the bathroom, but I donīt mind.

No Wine in the room, HM

We went downstairs to get our dinner at this point we was very hungry, The downstairs dinner was very

good for the children with a special buffet for them and a playroom which was great for T and C.

And Shrek and princess Fiona come and said hello.

There wasnīt a lot of people in the dining room and I hate to say this, but why didnīt they managed to clean the table around us since there was no other people there ?

I orded a meal for husbond and me, he wanted me to order and I donīt want to do that again, even if he says that I should. I like other stuff then what He likes and it turn out not so good for him.

The servant was a great giggling one, and very happy to see us, and got us bread to the table nice buns which we liked .

So of to bed.

Good beds seems bigger then the other we had slept in on our holiday, but a strange setting of the over cover though two sheaths around the over cover was they missing over cover blankets?

Free Internet Hey this might work out if You have Your laptop with You, but my keyboard was no function at all, and it took a bit of time to change channels on the TV and TV Internet worked very slow.

But it wasnīt a big problem I had a very good book with me.
28 th December

Its a bit long this thing but I will try to shorten this day ,Boat trip to the universal studio where we spent the hole day long and saw Macy's parade which I like much better then any of the parades in Disney world
It was more American I think with bands from the area playing along. Not so upper class as Disney but since I am not a upper class person I liked it . We also saw cheerleader hopping and dancing in the streets and we had some hamburgers and drinks which we sat outside in the sun eating. After the parade we went for the Simpson's what a great ride and strawberry smell from the little Maggi. I can go on and on about the rides but I want do that.

I just want to say that I and my family found the parks at Universal more family friendly then Disney world ( Think about that Disney)

Back to the hotel where I now at this point wanted the Internet to work,shh it didnīt so I went downstairs and ask them to fix it, in the mean time
husbond who is a bit of a cleaner freak went ballistic over the cleaner in the room and to be through it was very dirty in the room.
They change towels and the sheaths of the bed every day, but that was all they did.
No dusting etc, the bathtub was black not very appealing, and the place where our toothbrush should be was left with others toothpaste from weeks behind. So I made a complaint about that also. We got a new keyboard in the room, which didnīt work out better then the other either, and the cleaning didnīt manage to clean when we stayed there for four nights.

I also asked about the red wine I was promised a year back, the lady told me that it was taken off the table 5 months back, I just looked at her and then she said she could give us a basket with fruit and some wather, so we got a basket with fruit in the room and some plates which was great for the children, I donīt eat fruit or drink water so It was a waste on me, but OK she tried to make the best out of it.

29 th December

One day before T turns 6 I decide that we need another suitcase, we had going with 4 and we was five people and the children had gotten a lot of stuff the past weeks so we needed one.

So In the morning after breakfast which we ate at the lobby, sweat people who worked there.

We took a taxi to Mallenium Mall cost 24 dollars

And I found my Macy's again what a great place Macyīs is I could live in that store. Terrible isnīt it.

We split up the party of five and I found the biggest bag on wheal and bought it. It wasnīt a bad price either 50 dollars and I got my self a rolling bag which I had wanted to buy in London but ended up with a small suitcase instead a month back.

I also found at Gap 8 dollar for a shirt for JM which was a great fund.

T and me went into the girls section and got her a sweater Ralph Rauleigh( sorry spelling) and she was talking about Hanna Montana clothes which my nearly six years old thought that I liked ,when I tried to tell her that gold pants wasnīt something I would like her to wear at school at home.

When standing to pay the cash lady beside the cash lady we had, found some stuff hanging around and come with a great read blouse with Hanna Montana which seemed T size, and I asked if she could try it on, which she did and it only cost 15 dollars so of course my nearly 6 years old was in heaven when her mother bought it for her next days Birthday.

Back to the hotel and of to Bob Marlys restaurant

Great food only JM son didnīt like the food.

Then of to the park again, where we did Shrek and Fiona and SwapeBob great , the lights on the tree was changing coulurs etc, we went on sorry I think I mix up where and when so I am just ramling this down as I remember what we did. Back to the Mummie, only me and JM at that point T was to short for this one.

After that the JM and T wanted to climb a wall and we had to sign a form about that it wasnīt Universal foult if something bad happen.

JM liked this climbing thing very much and want to join a climbing club here in Denmark for a hobby.

T was nearly up when she looked down, and got scared

even if we said she did really well she didnīt want to lissen , but I think its great that the Little T wants to try every thing, If she dosnīt like it who cares, I am a bit impressed over her actually, because she always want to try out things even if I know before she try that she will be scared or canīt manege it.

30 th December and My girl T is 6 years and a lot of memories come forward every time she has birthday.

6 Years back I lost my mother only 6 weeks before I should give T birth and I remember I was so sad when I got her, and she was crying the first three months and so was I, Terrible to think about, but.

I had orded a breakfast with characters and we went over to the Adventure park ?( sorry my memories) the park where hulk is and we got a buffet breakfast with this green norty Suess and The thing one and two and the cat in the hat. And they song Birthday song for T and every body was happy , Little C was a bit scared and didnīt want to say hi to any of the characters. But T was the most happiest girl in that park that day I am sure since I have seen the photos from that day. I think she has waited so long before she turned 6 and all she had talked about for months was that when we where on holiday she was going to be 6 year. A big day for her ! We went on all the rides we could come over and ended it when we come to the poppey ride. JM , T  and me went on 

and after the ride we needed new clothes on.

I had a T-shirt for myself and another Dress for T and underwear, but also the sandals was totally weat.

JM I had forgotten and husbond now bought read this

New clothes for JM and even a short shorts for me.

But since we now had been in the parks for 4 days we wanted to go back to the hotel, and relax a bit and get some other stuff on even if I got this new shorts thing on I didnīt feel very comfy with it.

The line for the boats where so long that we decided that we wanted to go, T and JM and me took a bicycle ride and J husbond and C come behind with the stroller. Back at the hotel JM decided to go into the pool and we went back to the hotel room to get our bathing suites JM already had his on because that was the only thing in the bag I had brought to the park which was dry.
I am not sure what happened but suddenly JM was banging on the room door and he was weat. They had closed the pool area for the aloha thing later in the evening and since he hadnīt his room kee they wouldnīt give him a towel.

WoW Its all I can say.

So no swimming in the pool for us either then.

We then decided that we didnīt want this aloha thing and we wanted to have a nice meal a T-rex Downtown Disney. I think I will write that one alone.

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