We Have Conquered The North Island Of New Zealand

Trip Start Jan 23, 2006
Trip End Apr 26, 2006

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Flag of New Zealand  ,
Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hello Everyone,
So sorry that we have not written sooner, but we have been on a whirl wind tour of the North Island of New Nealand. It has been an amazing adventure and New Zealand is wonderful! We rolled into Auckland, NZ around 8am after a 4am flight from Fiji. Needless to say we were pooped, but still managed to roll out of our dorm beds to watch the Sea Hawks play in the Super Bowl. As you all know Conor was slightly disappointed, but his rants at the screen entertained the Kiwi's. We met up with our lovely friend Anna we met in Fiji, but unfortunitly we were still on Fiji time (one hour earlier) so we were totally late! We tracked her down and bought her some beers to apologize--Sorry again Anna! We got our rental car the next morning a cute Nissan Micra, and we were mobile! We decided to drive up to the northern tip of NZ, everyone we met said it was amazing...and it was. We headed up to the 90 Mile beach and caught the sun set perfectly, and the beach was so huge and deserted. We were amazed that there were no houses or any development on a 90 mile stretch of beach! We camped out by the ocean and were awaken with the mooing of a few cows, we slept right by a cow field (the cows get great views in NZ). We drove to the Giant Sand Dunes and they were huge, so we knew we just had to climb them and ride down them on a Boggey Board going about 80K. The Dunes butted right up to the forest, it was an amazing thing. We jumped back into our little Micra and we pointed her towards the Bay Of Islands. We arrived and stayed at a cute little backpackers right by the beach, and woke up early to ride a huge catamaran to see the Islands and the dolphins. The dolphins did not disappoint and they played by the boat and danced all around in the ocean. They were jumping and splashing and there was even a little baby! We snorkeled off the boat and hiked up to a great 360 view, then they grilled up some sausages on the deck and were off for a lazy sail around the Bay. We headed off to a camp sight right on the beach, and on the way ran into Cooper Beach! We had to stop and get some pics of the signs, and it made me miss my little nephew Cooper...I love you Coop!! We had a cool full moon that night camping and baby ducks come visit in the morning. We then set off to Waitomo the land of the glow worms and the caving. We decided to go the adventurous route and do a wet suit tube ride through the caves and see the glow worms up close. It was really fun! We jumped backwards off waterfalls, explored the caves, and rode down underground cave streams in the pitch black. The glow worms really glowed, I guess it is there poop that glows..will wonders never cease! had to get back on the road because so much more lied ahead, so we navigated the windy roads to Rotorua and camped (eventually) at a Holiday park right out side of town. The Thermal springs in Rotorua proved to be very stinky (like bad eggs in steam bath kind of thing), but we held our noses and enjoyed to the natural wonder. The colors were great and the bubbling water was crazy, but the coolest was the lime green pond. Then we took a dip at the Thermal Baths, and the mineral water was so exilerating. My skin felt like a million bucks. We headed off with steam pillars rising all around us on the drive, and road down the Thermal express way towards Taupo. Decided to treat our selves to a mini cabin at the Kiwi Holiday Park, and we ran into the cutest group of Elderly travelers. They all belonged to this club of people with Lillyputt campers and traveled all over NZ together. They helped Conor cook our dinner and left us tour their Lillyputts...Kari you would have loved them! Got a good nights sleep for our big day.....Skydiving!! Sorry Mom but Conor and I jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet and it was soooooooooooooooooooo cool! It was one of the greatest things I have ever done, and we jumped right over Lake Taupo with a view of the mountains and beaches below. I would do it again in a hear beat! We go some great pics right before we jumped out I will download later. I have to run, but we will updated again soon. We took the ferry over to the South Island today and are headed out for more adventures and camping. We miss you all!
Love you,
Molly and Conor
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gangilly on

WOW -- looks amazing guys -- Thanks for the Coopers Beach sign -- it's awesome -- Coop is gonna dig it! He misses you too guys -- come home and watch him and Juls and I will finish up your trip for ya! Seriously, looks amazing -- can't believe you jumped from a plane -- SICK!!!!!!

Connor -- the 'Hawks got jobbed by the ref's. More pix please! (PS -- Coop is gonna be sprinting by the time you get home!)

janerawnsley on

million dollar skin
I'm so jealous, I'm sitting at a desk in an over air conditioned building and there's million dollar skin to be had in New Zealand. I'm such a sucker. The trip sounds and looks amazing. I love that you're taking the more adventurous routes, with the wet suit tube rides. I won't get into that because I know your mom reads these but that is a good one.

Anyway, keep up the good traveling, I look forward to your updates.
Love, Jane.

swolters on

You guys are skydiving, cave spelunking, mineral bath taking, and sand dune riding (and that's just for starters) and you miss li'l old me? You're the best!!!

In all seriousness, great photos and the updates make me feel like I'm almost there. This is definitely going on my list of places to visit.

Can't wait for the next installment.

lisawhitsitt on

Howdy from SF
Hey Molly and Conor! I am loving reading your entries and the wonderful photos. The lastest photo of the sunset at the beach and the full moon photo are incredible. I am at my desk at work right now smiling as I read your entry and eat scrambled eggs and tofu from TOMOS. I feel so transported for a brief moment when I read your journal. I am so happy for you two having this incredible adventure.
I am loving working part time. I looks like Dam will be going to Florida for a month starting March 19th(he will be coming back on the wkends). This is the realstate develop thing I was talking about earlier.
I am seriously trying to develop a martial arts workout video. I found an awesome spot for filming - a tea garden in Saratoga. I want to have live Taiko playing to the workout .
I've been taking Kadin & Taryn exploring in the golden gate park on my off days and just playing with them. I also started teaching Kadin some martial arts moves. She is picking it up fast!
Kari and I miss you! We have a new accessory designer who will be starting 2/28, its a guy! and he is not gay! Seems real nice, from Philly.
I cant' wait to tell Kadin about worm with glowing poop!
Love ya, Lisa

katieandtodd on

Are you guys holding your noses b/c of the sulpher or b/c of your pits?!
Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katieandtodd on

New Zealand
Wow NZ sounds so great! Sounds like you two are having so much fun and may not want to come home! I am glad that I didn't see any burnt Mollys and Conors in your photos and that you are seeing so many cool things. I can't wait to see the magnificant I-Movie that you are going to create!
Love you BFF!

ashleydoran on

GreenER with envy...
Seriously, you guys are re-living my trip from '99 and it is killing me! I am so jealous...the sand dunes, the glow worms, the stink, the view of lake Taupo while falling at 120 mph! Your entries make me want to do it all over again. They also make me want to do it with better internet access, a digital camera, and travelpod! I carried around a billion rolls of used film that I didn't get to see until I got home. Technology....hmmm.... Hey, keep having fun! Cheers.

marycruit on

Whaaad'ya mean skyyyydiving!?!?!
Oh you TWO are BAD! ( I know it was the adventure of a lifetime, I am just THRILLED you are alive to TELL) Lord have mercy on my NERVES ! I am so glad I DID not know about this plan... tho I completely get it-- especially at YOUR AGE. Your trip continues to get better and better and I am jealous, happy for you and enchanted with every bit of news. If you guys ever get married, I vote on pictures # 18, 21 and 23 for your engagement announcements! Or at least the cover of your invitations! I love you both dearly. This was the best installment, MooBear! You guys sure did pack a lot of adventure into that amout of time... another reason to travel while you're young and STUPID...Skydiving?! Dune riding at NASACR speeds?! PLEEEEEZE be careful! xoxoxoxox Have a ball, but not TOO much! MeMore, Mommy

jcangilly on

You guys rock
I can't believe how much you have already done and your trip has really just begun. We miss you a ton, but I have to say that it is so much fun to get these blogs and pictures. Please keep sending them!! Coop is walking like a mad-man. I'll send you a video and pictures soon.

Love you! Julie

acahill on

summer olympics 2008?
hey are you doing some training for the skeleton sand races for the 2008 summer olympics? new event you know. Pete, tucker and anne say hello!!! hope you are having a fabulous time - - ciao ciao!

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