Greatest Day of My Whole Life!!!!

Trip Start Oct 12, 2005
Trip End May 04, 2006

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Flag of New Zealand  ,
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Howdy Folks!! Today all my dreams came true!!! But in order to talk about today, I must first begin with yesterday.

I decided to go to the Arts Center here in Christchurch (I'm staying with Sonya ... long lost friend from Guelph). Sonya suggested I go as the Arts Center as it is full of nice shops and on the weekends it's a big market. This place also has a number of wool shops.

So I wander around and find a nice wool shop. I start up a conversation with one of the women who worked there and mentioned that I was looking to learn to spin. Well, just so happens that the Weavers and Spinners Guild of Christchurch is in the Arts Center! So I got over there. It's only open on Mondays and Saturdays, but right next door is another wool shop. So I start talking to them. They agree that I should come back tommorrow (today) and see the people at the Guild about lessons, although they are sure that lessons don't start up until March. ONe of the ladies there says, "oh, go see Anne Fields across the way, she teaches spinning and travels around the world teaching it". So I do.

Anne Fields, nice lady. Has written a ton of books on spinning and weaving. She says she can give me lessons .... for $30/hour. I settled on buying one of her books on introductory spinning ... which she autographs for me.

So now we're at today. I head over to the Guild after getting super crazy lost in the city. The room is full of women in their 70's and 80's ... and one old guy. They're spinning and knitting .... I felt like I had just arrived on the mother ship (minus hot guys and booze). So I explain that I'm looking to spin and that I wont be in the city in March for their regular classes. So one of the ladies, Janice, says "oh come on, I'll just teach you now". So she does! She pulled out a wheel and some fleece and taught me to spin!! I spun two small bobbins, and then wound them together. Apparently I caught on pretty quick (they obviously didn't know that they were dealing with a craft GENIOUS!). Janice said her first time spinning she went home crying. I went home with a ball of yarn I made all by myself!! I AM THE SPINNING MASTER!!! Granted, the yarn is a bit lumpy and uneven, but it looks cool and if anyone disagress I'll fight them!!

The yarn is currently soaking in hot water. It hadn't been washed and was quite greasy (cause that's how it comes off the sheep). Once it is all clean and dry I'll post a pic so you can all bask in the glory that is SHANNON'S WOOL!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am off to see Anne Fields again, who has offered to let me use one of her spinning wheels in her studio and some fleece to continue practising until SAturday (next time the guild is open). I am sooooo happy about all this ... I doubt many of you even comprehend how all this has affected me!!!!

I also got in touch with another wwoofing gig who are spinners and knitters. Wasn't able to promise that I could come, but will find out on the weekend.

Seriously, the only thing that could make this day better would be if Alexi Nemof showed up at the door to proclaime his love for me. It's only 4:30pm, so it could happen before the day is out. I'll let you all know.
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kvhm on

SNANOOOOOOOOO! that's soooo cool! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see the pics and find out what wonderful marvelous things you are going to create with your very own SHANNON WOOL! hmmmm maybe you can start a new town of Shannon with your wool and it can be a community of kniters and spinners! yes yes I think that would be brilliant!
on a side note: Guess what I did today? I baked an apple pie...while wearing your socks! They were the secret ingrdient :)

teresa on

that is awesome! i still think you should have gone all stealth and done some sneaky photographs of the knitters spinning cartel. i bet you they are secretly knitting a bomb. screw al quieda - the f'in kiwi knitters guild is going to destroy us all!

i also think you should let your friend know that socks do not belong in food. i figured this out after many a hard learned lessons. trust me - it takes forever to get the lint out of your teeth.

talk to you soon!

rachel79 on

Im so stoked for you
I can only imagine how it was to walk into your own Sangrila (spelling doesnt matter here) of knitting! Im so happy for you. Oh before I forget Alexi did email me and request Sonya's number so he could hook up with you, but act surprised when he calls, K?

janus0 on

ooing and ahing
and THIS is what gets the most comments of all your crayzay experiences!
well i'm happy snaps for you. weird being that you are. can't wait to see pictures of the damn wool!!!!
we got a message on our voicemail the other day from nookie: 'blah blah (indecipherable)'s only 26 km away!' played it over and over until i took the phone away.

miss_clay on

Re: ooing and ahing
Oh Nookie. I think if and when you and Rich ever get married, instead of hiring a band you should just hire Nookie to come with his kareoke equipment and just let us sing .... or maybe just Toby? I'll knit a special pouch for her teeth.

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