Interesting people we met over the last 2 weeks.

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Flag of Saint Martin  ,
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

normal">Interesting people we've met over the last few weeks.

Now, there is always something happening here on the island. And if you look hard enough, or happen to be in the right place at the right time, you may be very pleasantly surprised.  So, we happened to be in Grand Case, minding our own business when a car skidded round a corner on two wheels making us jump. The car came to a halt. And a big, slightly overweight black bloke leapt out and ran towards us! "OH NO!" I thought ........ or perhaps not exactly in those
words. Probably something a bit shorter! And quickly looked around to try and see what was happening. Perhaps there were others around I hadn’t seen. Always good to do a quick reconnaissance of the situation before leaping into it and doing something I might regret. And yes! There were other people around. In fact, there were about another six of them. A film crew emerged from their semi hiding places to clap and cheer the occupant of the car as he came to a breathless stop right in front of us. His short run making him pant heavily. Looking up at him I was mighty relieved it was not a life threatening situation. “OK..... Let’s do take two.....” one of them shouted as we backed ourselves onto a raised concrete balcony, away from where the driver was going to do exactly the same scene again. The big black bloke threaded himself back
into the small car; reversed it round the corner and out of sight. “Action,” someone yelled and the screeching tyres told me he was coming again. Only this time we were ready for it. I think secretly I was hoping to see it roll over, crash and burst into flames as it does in the Hollywood movies. But, no! It didn’t. The little car was not powerful enough to do it. All it could achieve was a small skid as it tried desperately to come up on two wheels. Making it look good for the low camera shot. “That’s it,” the 'director’ yelled, and the filming was suddenly over; just as quickly as it had begun. I was amazed, so naturally had to talk to the big guy in the car. It turns out he’s a big Rap Star from New York called General Blanchie, (personally I’ve never heard of him). Doing a video for his latest ‘song?’ is this the right word? I don’t know. But he was a really nice person to talk to, and was only here for a day to do some filming in a hired car. I’m sure he wouldn’t use his own for this sort of stuff. Especially on roads so full of pot holes. So after we spoke to him for ten minutes or so had a picture taken with him while still standing behind the
concrete wall. Did this just in case one of the film crew took it into their minds to try the same stunt, and I’m not sure if they even had driving licences. So we were taking no chances.

So, for all of you who follow us on the blog, you will know that we seem to go to a few of the nearby islands. There are two reasons for this. The first is that if you do not leave, you may get what the locals call ‘Island fever’. This is a malady where you become so very complacent with
your surroundings and everything you do. Or, are not looking for anything new. Nothing more exciting than you are doing at the moment. And that is definitely not for us. The second reason is that our tourist visa expires every ninety days, so to keep ourselves legal, we always take a small vacation, or holiday. Well,  a couple of weeks ago decided to go to the ‘famous’ French Island of St Barts. Technically its real name is Saint Bartholomew and it belonged to the Norwegians. This fact accounts for the Capital being named Gustavia.  There is no way in this world that the French would ever countenance having a foreign name as the capital of one of their colonies! Fortunately, the ferry terminal is quite close to where we live, so off we trotted with our trusty rucksack over one shoulder. Now; when you think of a high speed ferry going from one country to another, the sort of crew you expect to find on board would be a crew who are well turned out; in a naval uniform of sort; and definitely polished shoes. This is the one thing that companies like. Seems to give the passenger a sort of feeling of well being. Someone who knows their job. Speaks calmly. And with a deep voice. Putting everyone at ease. (British Airways captains have to be voice trained so that it instills a feeling of calm tranquility while hurtling through the air at five hundred miles per hour in what may be described as an aluminium tube with wings. Well, we settled down on the semi hard seats which were bolted to the floor and waited. It didn’t take long. Out she came. Standing bare footed in the doorway. A sort of swagger in her stance. Her Rasta hair all neatly tied up in a black hairpiece which I don’t know the name of. But all Rasta’s wear them. And should really have found out what it was called before starting to type this! And as she spoke, there was definitely a no nonsense message coming through. “It’s going to be a little rough going over...... but will be much better on the way back. We’re against the waves, going, and with the waves on the way back. Don’t stand and walk about the cabin. Any questions?” she ended with a smile. Nobody spoke. And then with consummate ease of someone who knows exactly what she was doing, skillfully guided us out of the bay, into the sea and applied all the power of both engines. Off we took, and I watched her nimble fingers deftly applying just the right amount of pressure on the throttle levers to stop us bouncing over some waves. So at the end of our journey just had to talk to her as well. So it’s amazing how your expectations can change. From when I first thought about what a captain should look like .... to watching her skilfully guide her craft safely was such a joy to watch.

Going to restaurants with us can be somewhat different. Paul & Maureen, very good friends of ours went to a newly opened restaurant just a few minutes walk from our complex. And there she was. Hillie....... A belly dancer of all things. And something I find quite erotic. The best ones I’ve seen are all women with... now how can I put it... Hmmm.... something to swing and sway. I remember the first time I saw it done. I was in London. At a festival in a park; not far from where we lived. And boy, I was totally smitten just watching the women gyrating. No nudity or anything like that, but Oh! So sexy. So there we were in Byblos, (the restaurant), and about 9 o’clock when she emerged from her changing room: Eyeing the audience, the diners in reality. And as we had a table right next to the open area within the restaurant, had ringside seats. The music started. As did she. Gyrating her hips... shimmying... doing everything brilliantly. Men started stuffing  dollar bills into her costume. And the more they put in, the faster she went. Then.... she spied him! YES she must have thought, closing in on him without missing a beat. Closer... until she was right upon him.... and Paul’s eyes looked with such trepidation at Maureen. What was he thinking just then! ... It was as if he didn’t know what to do! From behind, she slowly bent down over him, snuggling her cheek to his.  His countenance changed. I could see it happening right before my eyes. And then with such aplomb took his head in both her hands, and planted a kiss..... right on his forehead! A great big one. He just could not believe what was happening. And all the others around saw something that he didn’t.  A beautiful lipstick kiss mark. And I hope you like the series of photos.

We just happened to be on the French side one evening in one of our favorite small restaurants not knowing that it had new owners. And suddenly the entertainment arrived in the form of two clowns. A man and a woman who began to give a great show ending up by having a picnic on the pavement right beside our table. Hope you like the pictures.

And finally, we were on Orient Beach. Minding our own business yet again. And a really beautiful woman came up to talk to the friends we were with. Strangely enough, Paul and Maureen. Apparently they actually knew her. From where, I don’t know. And throughout the day she and her partner became more and more inebriated. At the end of the day, we were just beginning to pack up when she came over .... again.... and it was then that Paul said she
was a Bunny Girl. No Way! A real live bunny girl. And the first one I’ve ever met. So I just had to have my photograph taken with her. And this is exactly how the conversation went after giving the camera to Maureen. “I just have to have a photo of us both.” I said. “Top on, or top off,” she said. “What do you think?” I replied and without another word she whipped off her top, and Maureen clicked the picture. And to end on a note of total sobriety, there were another group of males on the beach, and I called them beach bums. And I think the photo says it all. Till next time.

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