First days in Vancouver

Trip Start Aug 27, 2012
Trip End Dec 23, 2012

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Flag of Canada  , British Columbia,
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well, my first days in Vancouver have been pretty interesting right from the very moment I arrived at the International Airport.

I was extremely tired and no one was waiting for me as Vaida thought that I'll be arriving the following day, but luckily I found her on Facebook and got to know for the first time what is it like to live in a town like Vancouver. It took her almost 1 and a half hours to arrive and the waiting time was just keeping me guessing.

Vancouver is AMAZING! And I can repeat it a thousand times. Somewhere in between the Pacific Ocean and mountainside is where I am going to live for this semester!

I guess words are useless compared to what I am actually feeling and experiencing and I can only be glad to be here and enjoying my time at its fullest!

Here are some weird/funny/interesting facts that have just happened to me since I have arrived:

-I am living in a house with people from: Zambia, India, Vietnam, France, Canada, Lithuania. The blend of cultures is so diverse and I can only hope that I’ll get on well with everyone.

-So far I guess I succeeded as my indian house mate Tarak is already calling me "the Bollywood princess" .So I’ve already received a nickname.Ha-ha!

-the amount of Chineese/Korean people in Vancouver is huuuuge! First time I was travelling by metro 3 out of 6 people were Asian.I guess I can only take this as a cultural experience. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in Canada and China at the same time!

-Vaida asked me how should we call them and we decided that the Romanian word “Mijiti” would be fantastic! (i.e: people who have their eyes similar to the Chineese). Now we have our own code and we can freely talk about them whenever we want to

- My first day at the supermarket/mall was funny! Despite the fact that I spent a lot of money I also managed to get lost in the mall. I guess this is the biggest mall where I have ever been so far. If you ever wanna get lost then try: Metropolis Mall at Metrotown in Vancouver

-In Vancouver you will always need change for paying for your bus ticket. If a ticket costs 2,50$ and you have only 3 dollars to put in the machine you’ll never get back the rest of it.

-Despite buttons which are pushed when you want to stop the bus at a certain station there is a long yellow wire in the bus that you can use for a quick stop. All the time I am travelling with Vaida I wish I could be the first to pull them.

-Whether I’m going at the University or Downtown I am always surrounded by spectacular mountain views, clean and smooth streets, buses and metros and very friendly people who would always be happy to help you

-taxes are not included in the price of whichever good you want to buy. For example, several days ago I saw an offer for sweet potatoes (3, 50 bucks) and I ended up paying 4, 50

-I’m here just for several days and I guess I have already spent more than 400$. I can’t stop myself from spending money. I hope I will survive for the next monthsJ. Vaida is always laughing at me when I realize that I spend 100$ per day

-Canadians are crazy about recycling. Everything is recycled here and I highly appreciate the effort they put into this! Nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed

-I have the weirdest Canadian neighbor (close to my room) who is looking like Socrate, is very unsocial and messy. He’s studying Philosophy and several days ago I found an apology letter under my room’s door where he was eating his humble pie/apologizing about the way we communicate (he is still believing that me and Vaida are coming from Finland)

-Canadians call dollars in a funny way: loonie=1 dollar, toonie=2 dollars

-the house yard of the place where I live is full of raccoons in the evening. Whenever I’m coming home I run and pray not to meet them face to face. It’s nice though…to admire them from the inside

-as I was already mentioning Canadians are great people. My first bus ride was offered for free by the driver because I had no change to pay for the ticket+ the policeman in the station who was checking tickets was very empathetic and explained us where should we get tickets from for the next time.

-Canadians call their ferry which takes you from one side of the island to the other Sea bus and they call the metros sky trains

-close by the sea bus I have seen the shortest Chinese woman that can ever exist. I guess she was 1 m height max. That was looking really funny!

Well, these are just some of the first things I got to experience in such a short time. Looking forward to getting to know more about Vancouver!

Right now I’m gonna start reading a bit about what else this lively city offers!

“We all become great explorers during our first few days in a new city…” (Mignon McLaughlin)

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Kelli on

Sounds like a great start to a great semester!! I love reading about all your discoveries!

mianda on

It is a great start Kelli! I love writing about them as well!

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