One stupid tourist gets wet in Venice

Trip Start Mar 21, 2010
Trip End Mar 16, 2011

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Flag of Italy  , Veneto,
Sunday, August 1, 2010

1 AUGUST 2010 - This morning we had breakfast and then checked out of our room in Innsbruck.  It was a bit sad leaving its a beautiful spot and it would be stunning in winter, mmmmm maybe another spot to decide where we spend a white christmas.  

We leave our hotel and walk over the bridge to wait for our bus.  We arrive a bit early so we have a hot chocolate at a nearby Spanish cafe.  On the bus we travel all the way to Venice.  The scenery between Innsbruck and Venice was OH MY GOD amazing, absolutely gorgeous and a lot of our drive was through the magnificent Dolomites.  We travel through lots of beautiful valleys filled with chalets, churches, pine trees and the huge mountains which had sprinkles of snow as the backdrop just to finish off the scenery.  It wasn’t long into the trip that we past the Austrian/Italian border.  We had a service stop and had lunch which was crap, horrible packet schnitzel and chips and Troy’s lasagna was ok.  We arrive in Venice, OH YES Venice, love it so it will be nice to show Troy why I love the place.  We get into our bungalow, two single beds with a fridge and private shower, aircon, fantastic.  We gather our clothes to be washed, through them in the washing machine and then went for a swim in the pool which was nice.  We throw our clothes in the dryer and then head back to our cabin to chill out. Its so exciting as a traveller when you get nice clean clothes back. We have order a pizza for dinner and collect clothes and chill out for the night, a big day exploring tomorrow.  

2 AUGUST 2010 - We caught the 9am shuttle bus into Venice from our campsite. We got a commentary by a “Topdeck” guide and it was so sad for me to hear she said that Venice will most likely not exist in 100 years time, my heart just sank and it made me very sad. It took approximately 25 minutes to arrive at Piazza di Roma where the buses drop you off and this is probably the closest buses and cars can get into Venice.  We headed towards St Mark’s Square via lots of alley ways and a stopped at a cheap bakery to buy some breakfast. This bakery was in the back streets and nowhere near the centre which makes pretty big difference in price for food. We spent all day exploring the city, getting lost is very easy to do here.  We found St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge and basically just walked around all day checking out this beautiful city.  Today was very hot and Venice was packed with tourists, some you just would love to punch their heads in, just so inconsiderate and rude, we hate tourists. We had lunch at a cafe, Mary had tortellini which was cold but couldn’t be bothered telling the waiter and Troy had eggplant with tomato sauce.  Our bill comes and boy the diet cokes were steep, better off drinking alcohol for the price of soft drink.

We went into a shop to admire all the gorgeous Venetian masks and Mary got talking in Italian to the owners of the shop.  I love chatting to locals. The owners were lovely couple I would say in their 70‘s that told me that her husband makes the masks and her sister paints them.  The husband also does glass blowing but they are now getting old and will be closing shop soon.  I told them how much I love Venice and think just how beautiful it is and have been here three times.  They told me that Venice was more beautiful once but is getting ruined by tourism. She also said that she was born in Venice and it saddens her to see just how people disrespect the very fragile city by throwing rubbish around the place. I agreed with her and I could see how tourism has affected this beautiful city and its sad that locals feel this way. At least I know I wouldn’t dream of throwing rubbish in this city or any city for that matter, tourism sucks sometimes but I suppose tourism has ruined lots of beautiful cities in the world but I am a bit protective of Venice, its one of my favourite places in Italy. 

3 AUGUST 2010 - We had breakfast in our cabin and then caught the 9am shuttle bus into Venice.  We get into Venice and purchase two 12 hr boat tickets which cost 16 euro each.  It works out a bit cheaper this way as a one way ticket on a vaporetto is 6.50 euro which is steep.  We took a trip down the Grand canal, its big and beautiful and has lots of beautiful hotels and apartments.  We went past the Ponte Rialto, the main bridge in Venice. We also went to Murano, the island that is famous for glass blowing.  We saw a glass blowing show and checked out the local glass in the shops.  The glass here is incredible, some amazing works of art here.  Unfortunately there is a lot of fake Murano glass sold here too and its disappointing.  The cheap glass comes from China.  So I ask a local how can you tell if its Murano glass or not, the only answer “the difference is the cost”.  So Murano glass is expensive and only some shops will say in their window “Sorry, no china glass here”.  I bought a little gondola made of glass but it was cheap but I bought it from the factory, still unsure if it is authentic.  Anyway we walked around Murano, a gorgeous town, small and a lot quieter than mainland and no gondolas (they are just for tourists).  We had a picnic lunch here and was getting rather hot and bothered by this stage as its really hot in Venice.  We decided to head back to the mainland and caught the boat down the Grand canal again and got off at St Mark’s Square.  We walked around here for sometime and dodging the millions of painful tourists.  

WARNING: this might give you a belly ache, no responsibility taken. FUNNY STORY: I asked Troy “can you take a photo of me with the gondolas”, sure enough he did.  Now I was standing near St Mark’s Square and posed for my photo. All good and then I said to Troy that I want one doing my normal pose “starfish pose” unique to Mezza. Remember there are millions of tourists in Venice, it is August and 99% of them in St Mark’s Square.  Anyway I do my starfish pose and next minute “Holy shit” I lose balance and I could see me heading into the water and I FALL IN the water, yes I friggin fall in.  I had nowhere else to go.  I was lucky I had no camera or bag on me. I thought I was going to lose my sunglasses, headband and thongs but all ok except my pride.  Ok, so I am in the friggin water, I come up for air and right in front of me is a million of tourists looking at me, Troy and one gondola man yelling at me (he wasn’t angry just trying to help me). I felt like one of those fish in a shop and everyone staring at you.  The gondola man comes over to rescue me and talks to me in English.  He is telling me to be careful and not go near the gondola.  I swim over to the stairs and its so slimy and he tells me to be careful as its slippery.  I get out of the water, I have a big audience looking and laughing at me, I am wetting myself laughing and also nearly in tears, I feel so f****n stupid. It was an accident and the thing is I didn’t think I was that close to the water. The gondola man comes over and asks me “what happened”, Troy says I slipped.  Well I am not sure if I slipped but I know I lost balance and only way is f***n DOWN baby DOWN in the water warts and all.  I am out of the water looking very sexy, soaking wet and not hurt but very embarrassed.  The gondola dude says to me that its dangerous going near the gondola because if it is rusty underneath it can cut my head but I didn’t go near it.  I said to the guy “well at least I feel cooler from the heat now and I had a free swim”.  I also told him in Italian that I am very stupid. He says “No, I fall in too”, I thought yeah right but he is a local and I am a tourist.  He tells me that  “just think its an experience”, an experience alright.  He tells me that there is a fountain nearby so I can shower myself and get the salt water off me.  I told him not to worry I am ok, I didn’t want more attention.  I ask him to take some photos of us, me with my wet clothes on is the only photo we will have together, oh well its a story to tell.    

So, the next few hours is spent walking around constantly laughing and Troy shaking his head and laughing too.  I say to Troy “so do you still love me?” and I am sure he struggled to say yes, ha ha.  He thought I was only joking when I went to fall in, no no no! If you gotta do something like this then you gotta do it properly, not in a quiet side street, no no no, right in front of St Mark’s Square which is suffocating with tourists. There was one stage I did cry because stupid things only happen to me right!  Oh well travelling with me cannot be boring. Troy keeps telling me I should buy a t-shirt but I am ok.  I said to Troy, “you should of taken a photo of me in the water”, he says “I was too busy trying to get you out of the water”.  We walk around for a while longer and get on a vaporetto to get to our bus stop.  For some silly reason I get some funny looks at the boat stop, I wonder why?  I couldn’t do this again even if I tried, would of been No 1 on funny home video show for sure. We are on the boat going down the Grand canal as we say goodbye to beautiful Venice.  We hop on our bus at the bus station and get back to our campsite.  Mary immediately hops in the shower and scrubs herself from head to toe.  We have dinner at the campsite, not bad calamari and prawns and Troy has pizza and beer.  We spend a frustrating 45 minutes on the internet to try to print out our cruise voucher but never did, the internet was way too slow.  I get on my facebook and my status reads NEWS FROM VENICE: One stupid tourist falls in the water in front of St Mark's Square with thousands of onlookers, her name is Mary......... can only happen to me!!! F***k

Time for bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fall so getting to sleep wasn’t easy.  Traumatic hey?  So I bet you are all laughing now? Yes it was very funny BUT so very embarrassing and anyway a good story to tell you.

 4 AUGUST 2010 - Up early to catch the bus.  A brief discussion with a young Aussie couple while waiting for our bus started off me asking “So what did you think of Venice?”. Their response was “mmmmmm not as pretty as we expected and its just so old and the back streets aren’t pretty”.  What went through my head was, Oh my god, how much more pretty do you expect a city to be, its just so beautiful? its old, well friggin HELLO this is Europe I felt like saying so what the f*** are you doing here. I wish I had the courage to say that to them.  Oh well some tourists are so stupid and obviously have no idea.  All I did tell them was that I love Venice and have been here a few times and told them to story of what the locals I spoke to told me about tourists.  It was time to get on the bus just before 8am, goodbye to them.  We leave Venice, goodbye will come back one day.

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