Avignon is gorgeous

Trip Start Mar 21, 2010
Trip End Mar 16, 2011

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Where I stayed
Hostel and Camping Bagatelle Avignon
Read my review - 1/5 stars

Flag of France  , Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur,
Monday, June 14, 2010

14 JUNE 2010 - We got up early this morning for our bus trip leaving Nice at 8am.  This time the bus is full.  We drive for a few hours and then through some not so scenic French countryside, well it wasn’t so pretty.  We had a short break at a service stop and then arrive in Avignon about 12 noon.

We get to our accommodation called Camping Bagatelle and the service was terrible.  The worst service ever, took them several hours to sort them themselves out.  They wouldn’t of known if there backsides were on fire.  It was really frustrating and obviously they were very disorganised and we thought the Italians were bad, the French seem worse. After waiting for sometime that other people got fed before they would even look at us people checking in we got our keys to separate dorms.  Troy sharing with 3 other males and Mary sharing with 5 other girls.  We settled in for a while and then went for a walk around the old town.  Oh my god Avignon is just sooooooo beautiful.  We really like it here and glad we stopped here because it was going to be one of the places we were going to miss if we wanted to really rush Europe and miss a lot of places to try and squeeze in Greece.  But after all we decided no we want to do our Europe trip properly and something had to go and it was unfortunately Greece.  So glad we had Avignon back on our list.  Now we were told by our guide to throw away our maps and just wander the streets and that is what we did.  It is so gorgeous, lots of white washed buildings with very old pale blue and green shutters and just so beautiful.  We walked around several hours and then noticed oh my god some shops have finally opened. We know they shut during the day for several hours but a lot of places we have been to seem to be shut all day everyday.  We had a delicious toasted baguette with eggplant, lettuce, cheese, tomato and it was just so good. Later Mary had some beautiful icecream, whiskey and one that tasted something like snickers and chocolate in it, yummo!  Troy had a “caramel” tart but ended been a fruit minced tart but he still liked it but wasn’t what he thought he was getting but liked trying different food. 

We wondered around checking out the beautiful cathedral and bridge and then walked home to our campsite which is quite a short walk over the bridge.  We chilled out a bit in our separate dorms.  Mary had a shower in the tiniest shower and as I was coming out holding my clothes and other stuff and trying to squeeze out of the friggin squashy shower couldn’t really see much in front of me, missed the big step (which mind you can be dangerous and slippery - bad design) well next minute I slip and go flying across the bathroom floor landing on my left side of my body and hit my head on door and then the floor.  No-one was in the women’s showers to help and it bloody hurt and yeah I was in tears it hurt so much.  My left hand and left knee, foot and elbow are very sore and already developing a beautiful bruise on my left knee.  I am so lucky I didn’t break bones and I can move my arm and leg ok.  

Mary is sharing with 5 other girls and one of the girls was telling me horror stories of sharing at Nice.  I won’t get into the details for obvious reasons but that makes me even more not liking sharing in dorms BUT it is cheaper and we have to sometimes to keep the cost down a bit.  Its only 11 euro per night per person here so its pretty good.  

After relaxing for a while after my nasty fall and yes my little noggin is fine we had dinner at the restaurant in the campsite.  I had a boring average salad and Troy had a boring average cold meat dish.  We went back to Troy’s dorm and chilled out for a while and then went to bed.   

15 JUNE 2010 - What a terrible night for me.  No sleep, bed was terribly creeky and uncomfortable, mattress was so ancient and soft and the campsite was packed with millions of school kids, it was like we were in a massive school camp.  So all night the noise was terrible, yelling and screaming, slamming doors, inside and outside and there was no noise control by the campsite employees.  

This morning we went to town in the rain.  It was a very wet and miserable day but we wanted to explore this gorgeous town even more.  We grabbed breakfast at a yummy cafe/icecream place where Mary had quiche lorraine and a palmerie (heart shaped pastry) and Troy had this delicious pastry which chocolate, almonds and custard.   

We walked around for a while and then decided to go to the Pope’s Palace and explore inside the museum.  for Mary it was rather boring.  We then walked around the Jardin Dom and saw some nice views of the city and the bridge.  

We each had a crepe with citron and sucre (lemon and sugar) and then after walking around in the wet for a few hours we decided to go back home

We arrived back at the campsite (a full on school camp) and jumped on the internet to find accommodation in Barcelona.  Having difficulty finding somewhere to stay we had to buy more internet access on to find out the access doesn’t work.  Not that we really wanted to but we didn’t have time to go and have dinner and look for accommodation at the same time so we had dinner at the campsite restaurant.  Mary had roast chicken and chips with the most horrible green beans I have ever tasted.  Troy had an average hamburger.  Frustrated we went back to our rooms.  Now we aren’t sure where we are going to stay, hopefully we will find something tomorrow.

I don’t recommend this campsite at all.  First of all the check-in was terrible, we spent a few hours waiting because they didn’t know if there pants were on fire and so disorganised.  Mary’s bed was a shocker, very loud squeaky bed with a pancake of a mattress and very uncomfortable, it was very loud that all the other girls were commenting on it and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The food was well below average, had the worst green beans here in my life.  Then on top of all that I fell over in the bathroom and hurt myself quite badly (left arm, bruised knee, foot and shoulder) BUT so lucky to say no broken bones.  I know this place is cheap but you still want to be able to sleep and I am not happy.

16 JUNE 2010 - This morning we got up and feeling quite tired.  We met up in the morning (we had separate dorms).  We checked out (so glad to be checking out of here).  We bought some cheap food in the supermarket for lunch (bread rolls and cream cheese) and sat around in the restaurant for a few hours waiting for the bus to pick us up.  The lady (hard up lazy cow) that I complained to didn’t do a great job in convincing me she told all the teachers and security staff about the noise asks me “So last night was better?”.  Well I said “maybe just a little”.  I should of said that I guarantee it I won’t be back. Seriously this place was beyond a joke and staff didn’t do much about it. I hated it big time.

So far we have found the French quite friendly (except for a few) considering what everyone says about the French been unfriendly but we haven’t been to Paris yet so we don’t know what they are like there.  

The bus came to get us and so glad to see it and get out of here.  Avignon was absolutely beautiful but the campsite was terrible.  Camping Bagatelle sucks.

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