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Trip Start Aug 09, 2007
Trip End Jan 20, 2008

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Flag of Bolivia  ,
Friday, November 16, 2007

"Don't get the bus straigh to Sucre", said the woman. "It isn't direct." Thus, I found myself disembarking in Potosi at about 1.30am, wondering if I would be able to find one of these shared taxis she told me to get. Fortunately, that was easy. Four of us loaded in, and away we set. Whereabouts did I want to go in Sucre? Erm...Don't know really. A hostel. Not a problem. The friendly driver drove me to about four until I found one that was open. At 4am. And then to sleep, only to be woken up at about 5am by an argument. Possibly over a woman called Isabelle, or something. I neither fully understood nor cared. Sleep. That's where it's at.
Onwards. Sucre. The capital of Bolivia. As all Sucrans (and plenty outside, such as the guide who drove me round the south west) will tell you, La Paz is the centre of government, but Sucre is the capital. Which dismisses La Paz's other claim to be the highest capital in the world. So what is? Well, I don't know, but we live in an age in which knowledge is unimportant. We have google. Nobody needs to know anything anymore, when we can consult the online oracle and receive more wisdom than they ever did at Delphi. So then, I can now officially state that most google results also seem to think it's La Paz. Useless bastard modern god of knowledge. I'm sure I could find the answer by trawling through all the results, but I can't be bothered. Anyway, I can say for sure that the answer isn't Sucre, as, for example, Quito is higher.
Still, Sucre is a very pleasant city. Lovely central square, with the ubiquitous palm trees, fountains and statues, surrounded by colonial-style buildings with balconies and a cathedral. But Sucre has more than this. It has dinosaurs! A trip on the DinoTruck to Cretasic Park, and we see a huge (lifesize) ankleosaurus, titanosaurus, even a T-Rex (appealing to me, as a twentieth century boy). Fortunately, I didn't get bitten. Although, as my friend Tim points out, not being mammals they would be unable to give me rabies (unlike that bastard dog in Uyuni that tried to bite me, but fortunately couldn't pierce my jeans). So it may be possible to survive. There are also impressive dinosaur tracks on a nearby quarry wall (prompting the initial creation of the park).
So there we have it. Dinosaurs. What more could you want. Chocolate? Sucre has that, too...
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puskas on

Elevated thought
Try Wikipedia:
Quito - The city's elevation is, on average, 2,850 m (about 9,350 ft), making Quito the second highest capital city in the world. There is some confusion about this claim because La Paz, Bolivia, which is higher, is the governmental capital of Bolivia (where the Bolivian government functions). However, Sucre, which is lower, is the legal capital of Bolivia.

So if you discount La Paz, Quito is highest capital. Are you going to visit the third (or second?) highest to continue your box ticking?

puskas on

second elevated thought
but one should never trust wikipedia - another entry states that Lhasa has an elevation of 3,650 m. This is higher than Quito, but is Lhasa officially a capital city, or just one city in the PRC?

simey on

anti-gravity boots?
How did dinosaurs walk on walls? That really is impressive.

tolstoy on

dinosaurs - yeh right
Dinosaurs were invented by scientists to deceive people into abandoning God. I thought everyone knew that. If you had studied the so-called footprints carefully enough, you would have found that they were drawn on with felt tips.

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