A Canadian Community in Bulgaria (5th & 6th Floor)

Trip Start Jul 25, 2010
Trip End Aug 03, 2010

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Flag of Bulgaria  ,
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello all. 

The following entries were made independent of each other but this was part of our day...

Kim Writes...
They say when you live together, you start to look like each other... ever heard that?  Well, today I accidentally swapped passports - locking mine into the safe in the room and tucking Doc's in my money belt.  As fate would have it, twice I was asked to "produce your passport please" - and not looking (not realizing) I handed them Doc's passport.

They opened it, looked at it, looked at me, stamped it and I was on my way.

It was Doc's passport.  Both times. Oh my God.  What's happening in Bulgaria?   (that is a true story).

All right friends, I gotta get Doc to stop showing off.  He can now pass a drunk driving test with out drinking!!!  All kidding aside, I am overwhelmed continually watching him walk beside me with a gate stronger than I have witnessed in years.  I am constantly moved to quiet tears.  I can't imagine what it's like for him, but for me it is like watching a miracle happen in front of me. 

He did the toe to toe to toe step today several times (I think he had to keep proving to himself that he can actually do it - something he could NOT do just 24 hours ago).  And closing his eyes - touching his nose?  Passed that one in spades - and I got it on video as proof.  I'm not overstating things when I say 'this is really incredible'.

His color - pink.  (I've never told him, but lately saw his color as a bit pasty white with a tinge of gray (and not his hair)... When I mentioned it first thing this morning, he said he noticed it too - thought he had gotten sunburned (till I reminded him he's been in a hospital for two days).   When I can find a USB cord for my camera (I forgot mine:~( you will understand what I'm talking about.  (Or maybe he's just getting better looking by hanging around me for so long... lol).

And this is happening with each person who comes out of the procedure - we are clearly part of an amazing process.  The 'Liberation Treatment' is aptly named.  We are also part of an unlikely impromtu community - all Canadians, brought close together by commonalities and drawing strength from each other as we share the latest revelation, cheering gently, the next person in line...  Respectfully, no one tells the next person who's about to be wheeled away for the treatment about the pain they are about to experience.  A beautiful pain I suggest, but after connecting with many who have gone through it, it is clear that it is very painful.

It's around 9:30 pm here - approximately 24 hours out of his surgery.  We ventured to the top of the hospital a half hour ago... there are a few stairs that lead from the room up to the outside door to the balcony.  On the way back into the hospital, Doc did not use the railing to come down the stair.  Shaky, but so wondrous.  As I write this my eyes fill with tears - I'm learning to weep in front of Doc.  Amazing doesn't do justice to the gift this is for me to witness.  I am so grateful to have been part of this experience and knowing there are so many of you following this with us fills me with gratitude.  Thanks everyone for your entries.  I am missing home too.

Hi there - Doc here...My body has changed and it is hard to describe but I'll try.  I was walking around today once they released me from the IV ball and chain.  I walked around the 6th floor and there was a group of fellow Canadians who had been 'liberated' and their significant others chatting.  I stood and entered into the banter and after 15 minutes it suddenly hit me...I had not thought about sitting in a chair!  Usually I look for an empty place to sit and then plan my route to it....I was slightly surprised to say the least.  It has been this way all day.  My legs hurt!  and they hurt because I haven't used them in this way for a long time.  I'm walking a little different so I'm using my muscles different.  I have to slow down a bit and take somebody else's advice!! 

Tonight I decided to try the heel-toe field sobriety test and I could do it, it wasn't perfect but I could do it.  Then I stood outside on the balcony, raised my arms to the side and shut my eyes.  This always caused vertigo and resulted in me losing my balance and falling but not today.  I have not had a tremor all day!

i want to ensure that everyone understand that I still have MS and am far from perfect or cured for that matter and it is early...BUT...things are different.  Real changes are being seen in people 3-5 months post procedure, so the real test is coming.  But I do like to test things out and today would have been impossible to stop me from doing just that.  I'm still sore as f#@# but ok!!

We have two floors of people all here for the same reason the vast majority from Canada and the 'fraternity/sorority asks the same questions "what are you feeling, how was the procedure? What's different?  Do you always walk that way?  Everyone is emotionally charged and ranges from happiness, excitement, anger for having to go  thru the red tape, etc.  They also were talking about Sask and the announcement of clinical trials.  They love that I was in the video snippet and can't get enough mocking of me.  I deserve that but fun nonetheless.

Good day all in all.  And not hooked up to any IV's and it's almost 10 pm here and not an Inga in sight!!  Transylvania is definitely alive and well here as they "LOVE MY BLOOD".

Off to bed soon and then find what tomorrow brings

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Mike Campbell on

Holy smokes guys, this is fabulous to read. Don't worry Kim, you aren't the only one doing a little quiet crying! I'm kind of leaking all over my face but I'm in the Tiki by myself and only have the dog wondering what's going on.

I think you should definitely escort Doc out to Halifax for Wingnut Week. Consider this your invitation :')

Colin & Karen on

Soooooo exciting! We are so happy for you and look forward to what the coming months will bring. Thanks to Kim for being such a wonderful friend and travel companion (and thanks to both of you for blogging so diligently!!!)

Melodi on

Doc...I love ya.
you are a trooper.
i am so so happy that you have made the trek and it has been worth it already
many thanks to your friend Kim for strength and companionship.
see you soon.

Shelley Schiller on

I am reading this bawling tears of joy! You have been in my thoughts since you have left on this journey, and reading what is happening to your body is amazing!

I can't wait to see you and see the difference in your colour and your mobility!

Take it easy Doc, let the body figure out what is happening!

I am so happy for you!! Kevin and I send our hugs!


Lauren Wainwright on

Its me, the bartender that LOVES getting you sloshy at your favourite drinking hole in Halifax. (No, not reflections, the other one!)
Campbell forwarded me the link to your blog this am and filled me in on your current adventure - you're amazing!
Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and I will be checking your blog on a daily basis to keep myself a little more up to date. I even tweeted about you because I think you're just that cool!
See you for drinks on the East coast soon!

Rob Harrell on

Hey Doc,
At lunch I see you on TV, this afternoon Campbell emails me the deets on your deal, on the news tonight I hear about Sask stepping up to the plate to leap ahead with looking at "your" procedure...and now I read your blog...you never cease to amaze....fast recovery my friend, see you at Wingnut Week...r

Robin Nicholas on

Doc... Shelley finally shared the blogsite!!! haha. Wow wow wow! I am thrilled beyond words for you! Thanks to you and Kim for the great posts! Thinking of you and sending big hugs!

karen on

Can you here us all cheering !!!! You go Doc...Truly inspirational, heart warming and tear jerking!!!!! WOw!!!!!!! Thanks for such the wonderful news!!!
P.S. Kim and Doc you cut me up with your humor...

Captain Matt on

So I got the email from old Sparky about this adventure you and Kim are now on...you are definately one of the toughest people I know, and I'm very happy to be able to call you a friend. As the rain now slides off my face, I cannot tell you enough how much I hope for an excellent recovery for you. Me and the misses hope to be able to get out to wingnut week and maybe see you there too. Blogging is new to me, just don't have the time but thank you for the play by play, I will be following it now. Right now we are aboard our good ship Creeation sailing around in the one thousand islands, we are now half way through our month long adventure. I now raise a jar of the ships best black rum in your honor...fair winds my friend.

Lynn on

Hey Doc. So very proud of you, you brave and beautiful man. Sending love and light and prayers. Crying non-stop tears of joy to wash your pain away. Big hugs to you and to your amazing friend Kim. Much love. Lynnface xoxo

Kasia Morrison on

You are a breathtaking man, Doc. Can't wait to witness what Kim is seeing. I will hope with everyone else that the months coming continue to amaze you with every test. You truly deserve all of it.

Louise Kilby on

wonderful...hadn't wanted to comment on that grey pallor but we all noticed it....and if you can pass the heel to toe thing then the staff will all be taking you to to celebrate when you're back ...we'll try which ever pub you want! or back to bushwackers....things are quiet on the work front except for the BN i had to pull togehter in 20 minutes today....lol...you coming back with fingers functioning will will be best - you get to do the next BN!! lol! everyone has been asking about you and amazed about the CBC interview...you up there with BW...showing real leadership

Lynsey again.... on

I have been following the blog, reading it to the kids, and pratically anyone else who will listen to me tell your amazing story. Enjoy the remainder of your trip to the fullest. I have almost traded off my after dinner facebooking for after dinner travelpoding. (not sure what im going to read when you guys get home, its so much more uplifting and soooo funny) my favorite comic duo, Doc and Kims Bulgarian Adventure..
See u soon


Brian Neeson on

You just keep going Doc!! This blog brought tears to my eyes....so happy for you cuz!!!!

Lynn & Guy on

Lynn sends her message from Pasqua Lake. "I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Can't wait for you to get home" Guy says, "Great that everything has gone well. Have a safe journey home. I am sure your group will be getting together soon after your arrival and I'll get all the good news details from Lynn"

Susan on

I have been following your blog as I'm in a similar boat. I was just diagnosed in Sept 09 and was told I've probably had this for over 20 yrs. I will be doing the liberation treatment in Mexico in November with my sister who also has MS. I can't wait to know what "normal" feels like.

Congratulations on the success so far. It pains my sister and me both for having to wait another 3 months, but if that is what it takes, then we'll do it. I want to live like a normal person, have my husband experience his wife as normal which he has never seen. I can't wait!!!

Darryl on

atta go Doc!! Spend thousands on life-giving surgery and then stand on a BALCONY and do a vertigo test! Glad you didn't fall. ;)

Cathy Zhao on

I'm so happy for you!!! Looking forward to reading the blog tomorrow to see how much more progress you've made and how your day has gone.

Vaughn on

Doc, I am moved to tears truly, can hardly wait to see the old Doc once again. Not that will be any better than before. LOL

love Sue, Jada and Me.

Mike Campbell on

And... I'm staying up all night, waiting for an update... And you're asleep? Jeebles, you have to learn to post while you're unconscious! Loved the "toe/heel" description and I didn't know that when you raised your arms and closed your eyes that you went all vertigo. I always thought that had something to do with the IRA for some reason...

I have retardedly cool stuff lined up for Wingnut Week and I expect you to do your downstairs walk at my house for that brilliant occasion. I'm as reticent as you are about claiming "cures" or any other result but I love that, at least, the procedure seems to have helped so far.

I'm on the case to Canadian journalists to think about doing stories on this subject, although the best impetus for that is your "recovery." Let's pray it keeps happening/improving and you can bust the medical establishment for making your life more difficult than it necessarily needs to be.

It's fabulous that you're championing this fairly unobtrusive procedure. I love the fact that there are many other Canadians there for the same reason. If you help this process along - and you will - you'll have done something that has never been done before.

In short, you're a trailblazer, Pally. You're giving hope to a lot of people and - finally - it's coming home to roost wits you, where it belongs. Get your doctors to Saskatchewan and get them into doing your surgery. It will pay for itself in hours/days/weeks/months,.... whatever it takes...

Erin Laing on

Yay Stairs! Yay Heel-Toe! Yay Sensation! Everyday a little different and better!
Enjoy your travels and all the new sights smells and sensations!
Following with an eager heart and wet eyes!

docs brother on

I wish i was there with you,but i am here in heart and spirit back home on pins and needles waiting for bloggs to come.kim you are an amazing guy thanks for looking out for doc.I would like to say the two docs journey started in 98 it was quite a year to remember.I am writing this to let you all know that doc is quite is the man. That year my marriage was lost our father pass on and in the mist of all of this doc was battling the early stages of MS and no one new accept him. He took myself and 3 kids in without a blink.Later we battle my dads cancer.He's a good man old doc.Walk them run warrior your time is coming. doc

Stephen Hall on

Fantastic. Amazing. Awesome. Doc, our prayers continue for your recovery to continue. Keep the updates coming. Kim, what can I say? Thanks for being the guy you are.

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