Day 31 - journeying to Pattaya

Trip Start Nov 29, 2011
Trip End Jan 28, 2012

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Where I stayed
Hilton Hotel Pattaya

Flag of Thailand  ,
Thursday, December 29, 2011

This morning we woke up in our huge king size bed, cuddled up together only on one side. I didn't sleep too well and had woken up quite a few times, my brain confused with all the different time zones.

We got ready and were trying to leave 2 hours before our flight but I was taking my time a bit getting ready and packing up all the things i had pulled out of my suitcase.

We went out into the airport and realized we were in the wrong terminal and so had to travel over to another. We eventually got to the check in area an hour before we were due to depart. We checked in at the Singapore Airlines check in place to Bangkok with our bags, no problems. My 21.5kg bag mocking me almost as I watched it sit on the conveyor belt... I really must stop buying heavy things lol.

We then headed out to the gate we were supposed to be departing from. On the way we went to get some food as I was feeling a bit sickly and dizzy. We got some cheap $5 large fruit salad with melon, dragon fruit, pineapple and watermelon (the same I got with Baba last time).

We then popped on the Internet for a little bit to check up on things. We wandered past the koi fish ponds and I showed Ryan the giant goldfish looking things. Wandering about a bit more we saw a Tiffany & Co. store, so I HAD to show Ryan my dream ring :p. I did make it clear it is a 'dream' ring though lol.

We wandered towards what we thought was our gate, but realized we were just following eachother and heading in the wrong direction. Luckily for travelators we got back quite quickly. We then headed to our actual gate, had to surrender all water bottles and got into the waiting area. Before even sitting down, they called for people to start boarding the plane so we walked right through.

When we got on the plane I was a bit excited seeing all the purple and having good memories with Singapore airlines. I was feeling quite dizzy again with a funny tummy. Ryan suggested to hold the sick bag but I didn't want to scare the poor little Thai man next to me :p. I just really needed some more food.

After a bit of driving around the airport we were finally up in the air. Ryan and I checked out the movies and made some selections before we were able to start watching them. Soon enough we got the headphones and turned our monitors on. I decided on 'one day' and Ryan chose 'real steel' I think. My movie was a little boring at first.

After all the special meals were given out (I was wishing I had chosen to have a special meal), we received ours. The guy asked me if I wanted noodles or frittata, I couldn't really understand what he was saying and so he went to serve the people behind us, the lady on the other side of the cart serving us. I thought frittata was a bit more breakfasty and we both went for that with some good ol' o.j. The meal was 2 has browns, a block of frittata, half a tomato and some bacon. It was decent but honestly shitty Lufthansa's breakfasts were a little bit better. The food came with a stodgy cold roll which I didn't even want to bother with. Soon after they brought us all some tiramisu ice cream. I was feeling a bit better after eating but still a bit funny, so I gave my ice cream to Ryan to avoid dairy.

Not long after they ended up taking our headsets quite early, right when my movie was finally becoming a bit entertaining. We sat there and I watched my screen without sound anyway, seeing the end of the movie. We then started to land in Bangkok and it ended up being a really smooth landing.

Walking into Bankok airport it seemed quite nice. Ryan and I wandered through and used toilets along the way. Wandering up to the passport check point where there were about 10 massive lines of people. After waiting for some time and Ryan having an annoying kid on the back of his heels, we eventually got through unsure whether we were supposed to get a visa or not. The guy was pretty grumpy but we got through no problems, with quite a bit if relief.

We then went to find our bags and realized there were about 20 conveyor belts or more. We found ours and saw only a few bags left circling it, happily finding our own.

We headed out of the airport and asked where to find a bus to Pattaya. We were led downstairs to the bus depot where we found a little booth for travel to Pattaya. It was about 12:30pm and they said the next available bus would be at 2pm. It was about $4 each for the bus and a lot cheaper than a taxi would be, do we decided to do this.

We went to the little food court next door while we waited and got some bottles of coke and water. We sat down to drink these and checked out all the different foods people were eating. I of course looked for stir fries, pad Thai and spring rolls lol but none were to be seen.

We wandered back to the waiting area for the bus and looked through Ryan's Thai language guide he brought along. It was about 1:10pm when a girl came rushing to us and told us we could go on the bus. We lugged our bags outside toward the bus. I was taking time with my heavy suitcase and the guy rushing us along ended up grabbing it for me and wheeling it to the bag area. He squeezed our bags in and told us we would have to sit separately on the bus. We got on the bus and it was packed, we found the two spare seats and I went to the one up the back.

The bus was quite old and bumping around on the highway. I was a little bit scared for my life but this went away and I fell asleep on and off a few times. There was a couple in the seats next to me, an American girl and an English speaking French guy. The French guy was laying on the girl , leaning his legs out and his knees almost against my legs.

A few people got off so I took this opportunity to change seats and go next to Ryan. I really needed to go to the toilet so went to see what I had to face on the bus. It was a dark smelly tiny room with a toilet, sink and bucket of water with a metal bowl floating in it. I had to go so used it, expecting toilets in poor conditions anyway. I did my best not to touch anything but the walls and saw a hole in the floor where you metal was torn and you could see the road running beneath. There was no running tap but there was a water bottle so I used that to wash my hands.

We were in Pattaya at this time and Ryan and I watched the streets getting busier around us. We discussed the houses we saw which were right on ponds, open with metal sheets as roofs. There were people riding around on scooters and motorbikes everywhere. People without helmets or just wearing thongs on their feet. I saw a few people with little shops to sell their food, attached to their bikes. There were whole families packed onto scooters and some with rickety metal cages attached with children inside.

The bus stopped off at a small carpark where another one of their buses was parked. There was a car thing with a back tray which had some metal seats along the sides and a cover on the roof. A few other bus passengers were getting on so we asked if he could drop us at the Hilton. He said for 50 baht each so we thought okay. We got on the thing and I realized it didn't even have a back. My suitcase was attached to the open back with an elastic cable. I held on tight to my suitcase and the vehicle as we weaves through the busy streets. It was so weird being out in the open on the roads and easily able to fall off. We could see everything and could smell all the different smells. On our vehicle was a girl covered in makeup, straightened hair wearing designer sunglasses, a tight mini dress and high stiletto type shoes. I thought she was a bit crazy and she ended up flashing me her underwear half the ride as her dress was so short.

We arrived at the hotel area, who h was actually behind the hotel. We could see the hotel building above us and immediately realised we were staying in what was probably the fanciest hotel in Pattaya. There was the entrance to the shopping centre located beneath. We wandered along the side alley with the luggage trying to find the hotel lobby. We ended up finding it after weaving through entrances to the underground car parks.

The hotel lobby what little ponds of water surrounding it and walking inside, the whole area was tiled. It was a huge open room with cool shaped couches about. The people at the desk put their hands together in a prayer position and bowed their heads. They immediately asked if we were checking in, then collected our bags and put them aside. A man led us upstairs to the reception desk.

The reception area was even more impressive, a huge room and outside you could see couches on little islands on the ponds, as well as a pretty speccy looking pool. We checked in and they offered us a new years eve pack at the restaurant for 8,000 baht each... We worked out this would be over $300 each aus, so thought we would think about it.

We were escorted upstairs to our room and the guy explained where other things were and how to get to breakfast. We got into our room which was the usual hotel set up. Ryan found his money, tipped the guy who did the head bow thing and left.

We sussed out the room and looked out at our view of the ocean from the balcony. We could see the coast line and the busy street alongside. The bed was huge and the bathroom was too with a large bath and enormous shower area. We had all little soaps and things and I already eyed out a little ceramic box I want to take home but probably shouldn't. On the little tray with the box and soaps was a beautiful purple and white fresh orchid. Everything was really nice but I was debating whether it not it was nicer than the Singapore hotel.

We quickly got changed into some shorts and walking shoes to head down to check out the busy street beneath us by the beach. We wandered down the street which had little stalls on both sides. I started to identify things around us to remember where the hotel was. Ryan then told me to look for the huge building poking out high over all the others, I turned around and he was right lol.

The little stalls were selling watches, sunglasses, clothes, underwear, DVDs and heaps of other things. They had little food stalls and I immediately didn't trust them because the food was cooked and sitting out in the open. We saw a few things that could be good to buy and checked out some sunnies but thought we would keep looking. Behind the little stalls you could see the beach which was covered in palm trees and deck chairs. Some entrances to the beach had music coming out of large speakers and little bars. The sandy part of the beach was quite a small strip. There were people in boats and on jet skis quite close to the shore.

We walked quite a distance and ended up at an actual waking street which we thought we were already on. We started to search for something which we thought was safe to eat. We ended up on a jetty which overlooked the bay where we could even see our hotel from there. On the other side of the jetty we could see a large 'PATTAYA city' sign covered in lights. We wandered back down to the walking street and walked on the other side of the road.

We ended up choosing a very busy Italian place which advertised wood oven pizza. We went inside and were led towards the back which was even busier. We ordered a pizza to share which was called the 'four seasons' with tomato, mozzarella and olives, mushroom, ham and salami split into four different sections. We also ordered some bottled water and bottled cokes. We didn't go for I've but when we received our drinks they weren't very cold.

We could see the guys making the pizza and they were making quite a few of them. Our pizza arrived after quite some time. Ryan and I both went for the mushroom first which tasted so good! It was probably the best pizza I have had not made at home. We both saved our mushroom bits and ate the others. The others were almost as good, but mushroom was definitely the best. We both walked out quite full but feeling good. We wandered back towards the hotel.

When we got to the hotel we asked about a universal adaptor for our room. They said they would send one up. We got to our room and they called us saying to come downstairs... Going back and forth a few times we ended up receiving one at our room but couldn't get the plugs to fit. We went back downstairs and the guy got the aus plug to fit into the adaptor.

We then wandered downstairs to the shopping mall beneath us in search of a supermarket. We saw a few good places to eat over the next few days, including a place like sushi train but instead on the train are all different soup ingredients. On the tables are big pots of hot water and you make your own soup!

We found a supermarket after wandering about and got some unusual juices, some water and Pringles. We then wandered up to the cinema to see what movies were showing, hoping for 'new years eve' which wasn't playing.

We went upstairs to the next level which was the hotel reception area and changed over lifts to get to our room.

When we got to the room we admired the amazing view of the bay and read about a different dinner option on new years eve which was 4,500baht, about $160. We decided this would be better and considered it.

Ryan then made up a bath for us but when I entered the bathroom I realized the water smelt like pond water. We tried to put lots of shower gel stuff in but it still smelt a bit funky. We sat in the bath a bit and heard some banging, I looked over to the balcony window and could see fireworks over the bay, right from our bathtub!

We were both super exhausted so them headed to our super comfy bed. The continuous fireworks in different places became a little annoying when trying to sleep though.
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travandkel on

The "special" meals arnt that special! I regretted the nut free meals I received, very bland. Apparently if you say you're diabetic, you get a normal meal but served first! :)
Pattaya sounds really nice, esp your hotel!!!

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