How Morgan Overcame her Fears

Trip Start Sep 07, 2008
Trip End Dec 21, 2008

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Flag of Ireland  ,
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So let me tell you the story of how Morgan sucked up her fear of being alone and awkward in new places!

After her post last night Morgan went to find dinner. She wandered around Galway looking for somewhere that was still serving food at 8 pm (most pubs stop serving food around this time) and saw a sign for an Indian place and decided to go there cause it would be easy. It was a bit pricey, but tasty. After her meal Morgan chatted a bit to the waiter because he was from Nepal, and we comiserated about how the Irish are damn noisy when thy're drunk! lol

Then Morgan decided that, with her book in tow, she would go to one pub for one pint. She was determined that no matter how awkward she felt, no matter how out of place and stupid, she was going to stay in a pub for one pint (she might have to chug the pint...but she'd do it!). So Morgan wandered into a few pubs hoping to find one with a seat so she could sit and bury her head in her book. Alas, at 9 pm seats are a rare find in an Irish pub, so she gave up and found bar space at one and got her pint. Just as she was looking around letting the "omg I'm a loser of a tourist" feeling set in, a lady asked Morgan to take her picture with her son. Morgan was happy to do so and then started chatting with the pair. They shortly invited her to sit on a barstool with them. YAY! Victory has been won! Morgan is not sitting alone like a loser in a pub in Ireland, instead she met random strangers and struck up a conversation. Go Morgan. Chatted blah blah blah. He is in school learning English in Dublin, and his Mom is visiting. They're from Mexico city, they were lovely people. Then after a bit I saw two girls who I met briefly in my dorm and we start chatting. So I say goodbye to my Mexican friends and go and sit with the two American girls (very nice American girls i may add, nothing like the stereotypes). Then we chatted for a long while. Katrina lives in New York, and Lucy lives in Seattle and they're sisters. Then two Irish guys starting chatting to us. They were very nice Irish guys and it was a lovely evening overall. I have pictures...which hopefully I'll get to post later (sorry it's just hard cause it takes so long to upload pictures!)

So. That was the story of how Morgan overcame her fear of being least for one night.

Tonight I'm on Inis Mor (one of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay) and it's beautiful here. I spent the day on a bike riding around the island stopping to take pictures etc. As soon as I started riding through the country side I had this feeling of calm starting in the middle of my chest and trickling it's way through my veins. It was lovely. I'm tired now though so I'm going to go eat the pizza I made, and maybe watch a movie here in the "TV room" and perhaps go to bed early. Off to Dublin tomorrow.

Okay so I'm adding to this post, to talk about my day on Inis Mor because I posted pictures of Inis Mor for this post. It was lovely. As I said, jumping on that bike I felt this calm that just trickled into my veins and infected me all over. It was lovely. My favourite part though was the stone fort near the lighthouse and watch tower. It was small compared to the other one, and didn't even get a blurb on the map of Inis Mor that they hand out, but I felt totally drawn to it and as soon as I started climbing the wall on the outside I felt this calm. I just stood there and felt the breeze, smelled the grass and animals and heard the ocean and I felt peaceful. It was as I said..lovely. I must say, Inis Mor is beautiful and I just kept trying to take pictures to capture it, but the pictures just can't do it justice. I love the small roads, the stone fences EVERYWHERE,the ocean, the history. It was just lovely. I spent the entire day doing things at my pace. I know I missed a couple of the sites, but it was worth it to just ride around and stop every 5 minutes to take another picture, to sit for a while, to just be.

Of course now it's only 7 45 and I don't know what to do with myself. I don't really want to go to the pub tonight..I kinda just want to watch a movie...but for some reason I hesitate. Maybe I'll just read my book. Anyway, that is all for now. Love you all. Btw, if you want a postcard send me your home address to my email at I can't promise you'll all get one but I'll do my best!
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charissa78 on

Ahhh Peace of mind
Morgan I'm so glad you got suc a special moment with the stone wall. It is an incredible feeling. I had one of those moments, and it truely was a moment as in a split second. I went outside with a lamp that Jason got me at a garage sale. Its a nice rusted colour and I put a hazelnut cream candle inside. It is lit and I am sitting in a muskoka chair on my front lawn gazing up at the stars. I took a deep breath and all was well with the world. Perhaps a minute later my nighbour comes out and as I turn to chat Bishop decides there needs to be one less cat in the neighbourhood and goes on a screaming chase which brings more neighbours out. Tee hee hee - I've never felt so much like I live in a small town like a do in this neighbourhood. All the neighbours tell me exactly what they see my cat doing - and my cat is on a leash so I know what it is doing because I am always there. I'm not sure if they are trying to tell me they watch me at all times or what. I just smile and nod. Yesterday this guy waved to me from across the street - an incredibly neighbourly thing to do if I had just stepped out, but I was merely walking across my living room. Wierd. Needless to say I didn't wave back. Maybe I'm wierd. Maybe everyone who doesn't live in an appartment with a building a mile away does this. Anyways I like having a front lawn so I keep the smile and some of them are lovely to chat to. Hope tomorrow is full of happy moments too

northlandkid on

Calming Places
Funny how just being some places just takes all the crap and shuts it out so you can get in touch with you.

northlandkid on

Overcoming Fear of Lots of Stuff
Will I know you when you get home? Already you are going thru some pretty big changes and learning what some take years to figure out!! Go Girl!!

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