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Trip Start Apr 16, 2006
Trip End Jun 07, 2006

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Well hi everyone & welcome to my first travelpod entry! Please sign my guestbook... and don't forget to wipe your feet before entering, will you?!? What, were you born in a barn? Tracking dirt all over my travelogue... geez.

Some of you who received an e-mail sending you to this page have been hearing me babble about my upcoming globe-trotting mini-sabbatical for months already. You're probably glad to see me finally go just so I'll shut up. Some of you helped me plan it (thanks Marlyn!). And some of you? Are trying to remember who I am. "Wait... that name is familiar. Didn't I once know of someone named Lynn Garrett?" you are thinking to yourself. "Hmmm. I think she was a designer/jazz singer of some sort. Lived in LA. It's all very fuzzy... I seem to recall she drank a lot of coffee... man, that was a long time ago."

Before I go on with this little weblog of mine, I'd like to address that last group of people for a second (If you're not one of them, feel free to skip down two paragraphs & resume reading. Thanks.).

If you lived in Southern California during the last decade or so and received an e-mail directing you to this page, yes... you did once know me. And apparently I have some vague or not-so-vague memory of you being in my life for some reason, whether socially, from my design career, or through my music. Basically, I lived & worked in L.A. for about 18 years and then in June of 2004 I was recruited for a 3 month consulting job with a children's book publisher in the Bay area (hi Klutz peeps!). Only, it ended up being a long 3 months because my contract kept being extended over & over. After 7 months of living in temporary housing it got ridiculous so I ended up packing up the Miata & covertly moving out of Bever-ly over Christmas 2004. I relocated myself into a very lovely apartment in San Mateo, California (it came complete with pet squirrels!)... about 18 minutes South of San Francisco. Admittedly, there weren't many goodbyes. It all happened too fast. Poof -- I was gone.

I've been working constantly since then (not to mention trying to adjust to my new surroundings), and didn't have much time to stop and take a breath until now. I'm someone with a tendency to try staying in contact with people, so I realize that it may have seemed very out of character to some of you that you haven't heard from me in such a long while. Please consider this my official apology. Just know that if you received an e-mail sending you here, it not only means that I probably have fond memories of you, but also that I was thinking you just might be interested in reading this little travel journal of mine. And if I'm completely wrong and you're not? Well I believe travelpod makes it very easy to unsubscribe & I'm sorry for bothering you. (And also? I was totally lying when I said I had fond memories of you. I was thinking of someone else. I always found you quite grumpy and irritable. Did you ever take care of that horrible breath problem? Gee, I hope so.) On the other hand, if you are glad to hear from me and know people that I've forgotten to include who might be interested, I would appreciate it if you'd forward this weblog to them. Some people have slipped through the cracks... or maybe I just don't have their current e-mail address. So feel free to spread my little apology on to them. Thank you.

Ok so... that's that and I now digress. Back to the present day & the matters at hand. Let's start again, shall we?

Hey there family, friends, neighbors, business associates, and total strangers! Thanks for stopping by. Today is April 15, 2006 and first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to be leaving my home for 7 whole weeks to explore a variety of exotic countries I've never been to in my life. A lot of people have asked me why I'm doing this by myself. The reason is? I want to. I kinda need to. It'll be good for me. A long time ago, I used to travel a lot (Thanks Lil & Lis for taking that photo... it's still my fave!). Travel was a big part of my personality that I had to put on hold for a while. So I've kind of lost that side of myself, and during this trip I hope to rediscover it. Just to prove to myself that it exists & wasn't just a figment of my imagination.

I've realized that when you upload photos onto this site, they don't end up displaying in order... so unfortunately I can't do the same kind of storytelling thread that I did on my London photo album. Anyhow, my first set of posted photos is mostly for my friends who have yet to visit me (that's a direct hint, people!) to show you what my post-LA life looks like. It's a pretty damn good life, really. My new place is FAR brighter and homier than that cave I rented in LA for a decade, that's for sure. Yet... I'm about to leave it so that I can travel to foreign lands & live out of a carry-on suitcase for seven weeks. A long trip like this is bound to have very high and low points... I know that there will be moments on the road where I'll look at that photo of my couch and desperately wish I was curled up there watching "Lost" with a glass of wine... but all the more to appreciate it when I get back. Right? Right?

Actually, the truth is... thanks to the joy of modern technology, not only can I start this lovely travel weblog... I can still watch Lost episodes during sweeps while sipping wine. The difference is that I'll be watching downloaded episodes on my ipod. And instead of being splayed across my couch like a lump? I might just do the whole ritual from the rooftop patio of the Hotel Empress Zoe... looking out over Istanbul (not Constantinople). Really, that doesn't sound so bad when I think about it. ;)

One more disclaimer by the way... I don't know how often I'll be making entries in here (depends on internet access), but I've decided that even though a very wide variety of people will be reading this -- a gaggle of jazz musicians, childhood friends, a Franciscan nun, my toothless adopted lil-bro, my right wing dad, a variety of former boyfriends, religious siblings, a myriad of clients & coworkers, total strangers, etc. -- I am not going to censor myself in this travel journal. If I think something, no matter how stupid it sounds I'm probably going to say it. I may change my opinions later on but I'll say what is on my mind as it hits while I'm on the road... & you can take it or leave it for what it's worth. As probably 70% of you know firsthand, I type very fast and my letters tend to be stream-of-consciousness monologues that at times are just plain wacky. (In case you haven't already noticed... yes, I am non-sequitor queen.) Don't expect any differently here. As my old friend Joy can attest, I even wrote that way in 8th grade... the only difference now being that I'm not writing in code so that boys can't read it. Boys are totally welcome to read this blog. I even encourage it. :D

Lastly, I would like to profusely thank the people who are gallantly protecting my home during my absence for helping to clear my mind from worry as I hop on a plane. Thank you Joyce, I feel lucky to have you as a neighbor & I deeply appreciate your efforts. That said, standing on my plant terrace with a sub-machine gun during my absence is kind of overkill. Especially when Steve & Jane next door are trained ninjas who have taken a blood oath that anyone who attempts to steal my television shall be snapped like a twig. (Ok I kinda exaggerated the sub-machine gun & ninja parts, but they sounded really good so don't tell anybody.) Thanks in advance to Candice for keeping my living room company (feel free to use up the firelogs!). You all rock. Oh, and thank you Marty for shuttling me to the airport... you the bomb.

Next stop? Somewhere far, far away...

Until then...

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lynnster on

Re: Donation
Thanks Linda! Wow! I can probably buy like ten mocha frapaccinos with that! And I think they converted the sphinx into a Starbucks so that'll really come in handy! :)

And don't worry, I'll be on a plane soon! (Although the hours of anticipation seem to be passing really... really... slowly at this point...)

russviola on

Just remember......
EEEES Better than street!!!

It worked once, it can certainly work again. But do NOT try to talk to the animals. That is my job. Ill see you on the other side baybee!!! Happy hunting.....keep me posted and have a GRAND adventure.
You and Scott have inspired me. I am going to start a travelpod log of my own. *grin* Monkey see monkey do right?

Your Bud,

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