Let get party started- Bocas del Toro uncensored

Trip Start Sep 06, 2010
Trip End Sep 04, 2011

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Where I stayed
Mondo Taitu

Flag of Panama  , Bocas del Toro,
Monday, September 27, 2010

After staying overnight in San Jose, I got on the first Panama-bound bus. The whole trip took around 5 hrs, and for the first time during my trip I happened to be on the Caribbean coast of Central America. The boarder procedures were a bit more complicated and rigorous than those on Nicaragua-Costa Rica boarder. Panamian officials were strongly enforcing a proof of leaving the country ( a bus or flight ticket), therefore it was handy having my RTW ticket printed out. Other travellers who did not have any return ticket must have bought a bus ticket back to San Jose at the ticket booth directly at the boarder. Nobody cared if they really plan to come back to Costa Rica, or travel further south to Colombia. This is the way how they make money down here.
The custom officer also made me to unpack the backpack in order to check its content. But overall they were very nice, and  after a while I was set to be free to get on a shuttle bus to Almirante, from where a water tax run to Bocas del Toro islands.

For those who are unawere -  Bocas del Toro is a group of six densely forested islands with supposadly the best party scene in the entire Central America. As such, it is very popular with backpackers who come here to catch some sun on wild beaches, and drink for close to nothing at local bars. Being here was a welcoming change from cloudy and rainy weather of central Costa Rica. Who would ever say that I will miss hot and humid climate! As everywhere on a central american cost line, climite is tropical with a lot of sun and humidity. The population is noticably different from the one living on the Pacific coast or in the central highlands. This part of the country is a home of mostly black people who resembles those living in Jamaica or other Caribbean islands. Similarly, the language they speak is not Spanish, but some kind of local language.

The water taxi to Bocas was not longer than 30 min ($4) and let us see a density of the tropical forests covering the islands.  Bocas by itself is a small town on the coast of the biggest Bocas del Toro island called Colon. Eventhough it is a-must-to-go destination for almost every backpacker visiting Panama ( I have not spoken to one who would not be there), the town has retained a charm and all attributes of Caribbean life. I assume it is due to fact that visitors to these islands are mostly backpackers, therefore you will not find any huge developments, or big renowned hotel chains here. As a result, the tourist crowd and the locals smoothly blend together to make a perfect mix of the vacation prime spot.

After a few quite days up in Ometepe island, I was ready to experience some hard-core partying. To be at the source of the Colon´s party life, and to follow the Lonely Planet guide, I lodge myself in the legendary party hostel called Mondo Taitu. This place is known for some unforgettable and wild parties. The hostel is not the top facility-wise , but it has its own vibe ( I loved how walls here are covered by various crazy messages and thoughs) and a great stuff. For its reputation, the hostel attracts a lot of easy-going people, and some serious party-animals. Fortunately you will not find here any reserved and boring people, but only those who want to have one big blast!!

My stay at Mondo Taitu started like a dream come true. I was put in a dorm with 2 blond Swedish girls! I was thininking: "Wow, it could not start better. Two girls from the most hottest nation on the world". When I got at the room the girls where not there, but the next time I opened the door one of them was sitting totally naked on her bed (ok, with me facing just her back). Anyway the best part was about to come. Once they told me that I can come in (she was already wrapped up in a towel), and we introduced, she started to put her panties on (this time she was sitting on her bed with her knees facing me!!). I better turned around not drop my jaw down :-)). Anyway, those two were teenage girls who just finished a high-school, so not targets to me ;-). 

After this promising start it was a time for the first party night. The hostel has its own bar, so partying was never easier, and also cheaper. During a happy hour from 7-8 p.m, a beer costs $0.5 and any blended drink (in my case vodka+cranberrie/pinapple juice $1.5). Afterwards, I paid $2.5 a piece for my drinks. You can easily get totally off your faces for $20 per night here, really incredible!!  While having a chat and a few drinks with an Austrian guy, I spotted two familiar faces, the US and Dutch guys I met up in Monteverde. What a nice suprise. If you travel alone, it is always very nice feeling to re-unite with cool guys you met along the way. As the night went further, I bumped into 3 real party animals from Ireland (actually one of them was sharing a dorm with me). My Lord, those were some serious drinkers, but at the same time really nice folks. They immediately invated me to play of those drinking games when you have a few cards scatterd on a table with their faces down. Your task is to get from one side of a table to another one. If you pick a face card (qeen, king, etc) you must drink! Shit, we got so wasted!! But the best was to come. I got bact at the dorm around 2 am. Willy, one of those 3 Irish guys, came later, totally of his face (the last time- around 11 pm- I asked him how many beers he already had, he responded that 13!!!). Then all this happened....... he woke me up to tell me that I am the best ( i did not have any clue why :-)) ), and climbed to his bed (the upper one just above me). After some time he went down and was standing a few minutes in the middle of the dorm ( I just hoped that he will not jump on those Swedish girls). Ok, nothing happened and after a few minutes he was back in his bed. But now listen! Around 6 am, he fell fell down from his bed and bruised his waste area. He was whining for a while, but at the end he got up and headed towards the door. At that point I stopped looking at him, as he was ok, and closed my eyes again. A few seconds later I heart water running in our dorm. A bit suprising, as I did notice a sink in the dorm, but I thought that I just overlooked it. But then the "naked" Swedish girl started yelling at him: "Stop pissing in the dorm". I immediately got up the bed to see him simply pissing in the corner of the room. That was so hillarious (ok, the Swedish girl did not think so, but I was realy laughing). We both were trying to stop him. Nothing helped and after approx 30-40 sec flow of urine, he just shook off his winky, put it back into his underwear and returned back to the bed
He did not remembered anything in the morning, but Swedish girl told him and he was very embarrased. He  faced the entire situation well by apologizing to both of us, and the entire hostel crew. His friends told me that he took some drugs during a night, so he was really out of his mind. He must have been badly messed up during the night, as he apparantly came back to the hostel only in his underware. I am telling you, what a great story. The next night, he was out of order, but his friends could not stop talking about this small accident :-))). 
Me and the US and Duch guys paid for a catamaran trip in the morning of the next day to catch some sun rays, have a fun while snorkling and also to see dolphins. At then end, it was just 3 of us and one older Dutch couple on the boat. The captain and the owner was a cool German guy living on the island already 11 years. As a first thing, we sailed to the Dolpin bay to see dolphins. It was for the first time I could see those great creatures, and we were lucky to actually see two of them mating!! I made a few pics, but they were not so great, as a short video I shot. Once I figure out how to attach it, I will do so. We also snorkled around two coral reefs to see fish and colorful corals. The rest of the trip we spent by laying-down on a boat deck, and enjoying great views at surrounding islands and the sea.

Here was the night No. 2.  I again hooked up with the Irish guys (this time without the last night "hero") to continue the drinking game. Then British guys joined us....and the night was started. We moved into one really cool disco place in the second part of the night. The place is called Aqua lounge and is located on the beach of one of other islands. You need to get a boat taxi to get there. Aqua lounge has a patio disco with a swim hole, and also swings from which you can jump directly to the see. It was a full moon that night, so they called it the Full Moon Party. The party was not as crazy as we expected, but it was still nice to sip drinks, to look at a moon reflection on the see surface, to see girls jumping into the see, to dance with Izraeli girls. Really, one great party experience.

After waking up around 9 am (not that bad after some serious drinking), I took a boat taxi to another Bocas del Toro island called Bastimentost. The nothern coast of the island is a home to palm-fringed wilderness beaches. I went to supposadly the most beautiful beach over there called Wizard beach. It was a nice experience to be on a beach which is not crowded with tourists, and  which is not cleaned everyday from  leafs and all that stuff thrown away by the sea. Over there, you could teste a bit what Robinson Crusoe´s life was like. And at night...........yes, partying, drinking, as two nights before. This time without the crazy Irishmen, but with two UK guys, and some Canadian/US backpacker group. After starting the night at the Mondo Taitu bar we moved into the Canadians/US falks place to drink some rum and smoke a weed. Those guys were really good in it, as we were not smoking a cigarette, but inhaling the smoke from a bootle which was sunk in another, bigger, botlle filled with water. Anyway,  and  in a few case before, I seemed to be totally immune to marihuana. When all rum bottles were empty we moved to Colon´s water-side disco to shake it a bit, and party with girls.

What I also liked about Bocas was a fact that it was very international. Unlike "American" Costa Rica, you could meet mostly European crowd here. Austrians, Dutch, Danish, a lot of Germans, British (but just guys), Izraelies, etc. And I do not know what is wrong with US girls, but they did not seem to be thrilled to talk to non US guys (at least to me for sure :-) ). And when I asked one of them who are neighbours of the Czech Republic, she responded Turkey....OK ;-)). But Europeans girls are different story, fortunately.

Eventhough Bocas is a place where you can stay for weeks, I decided to move further to explore other parts of Panama. I wish you could all experience the Caribbean vibe and laid-back atmospere of Bocas del Toro, as I did. For me, it was one great enjoyable experience. Who wants to party, or just relax should definitely come her to get a taste of this tropical paradise.

Greeting from Boquete, Panama

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Benjamin on


this is one strange experience. I really sense that I've been working in a bank in the downtown city centre of a mega city, and that you have been traveling and enjoying life for a couple of weeks now, coz hell I wouldn't be cool if a guy, an Irish guy, was pissing into my dorm room... respect man, respect for being a cool qualified auditor. I don't think I could. Capitalism has made me become too conservative...

And hey, the section with the.... uuuuuuuuUUUUuuuuuhh... when I read 'putting panties on' and then 'knees', 'kneeeeeeeeeeees...', it was like as if I was writing that myself. Dude, you got some love to give, you wanna love life. Hope people will appreciate it, and what goes around will come around...

Great stories otherwise, pretty chillaxed how you meet up with all these people, are you already giving away the business cards? Just be careful, I reckon there are still better places to come.

Btw - nice pix.

Keep the posts rolling!

Alex on

"Anyway, those two were teenage girls who just finished a high-school, so
not targets to me ;-)."

What tha hell... are you kidding...

I think I got your secret... you prepared these stories in advance :0 ... nobody
can write that much during a trip like this ;)

luxguy on

Alex, there are so many targets, like 28-year old Izreali girl, that you can go crazy from it. And no, not prepared in advance, but I have not so much to do these days, so why not to write. How busy are you ;-)))

luxguy on

Faran! You are totally right about the story with the Irish guy. For me, this is so new world, and I enjoy every bit of it. There is no way, I would experience it in Luxembourg, and I am sure to remember this story till end of my days.
I see you like Swedish girls (who would not :-)) ). She was cute, but really did not care about me, so I was having some great time with other girls. And who says that I was not giving away some love....;-).
I handed out only 5 cards, so there are 45 left. People I gave them to really liked them a lot!

Simon on

Petr this latest blog entry was the best so far. Me and Soufiane were in hysterics in the office reading it. Good stuff!

luxguy on

I am glad guys that you enjoyed this entry. Bocas was once of a lifetime experience ;-)

Souf on

Petr I have to say the blog is fantastic,I havent laughed so much for years!!
you write good i really feel like I'm actually travelling with you sometimes,I could even hear the Irish guy pissing in your dorm ; )
It sounds one hell of an experience,I'm jealous being stuck in the office sitting next to someone like Simon when you're out there visiting all these exciting places,keep the pictures and posts coming,its great
we also want to hear more of your uncensored experiences!!

Benjamin on

Yeah WTF!!! He was saying that he was gonna write a 'real' blog, not like mine filled with good night-family-stories... He was bragging so much about what he was going to write, and now he secretly admits he's been sharing some love... in a comment, in the comment section... Souf is saying it, we want uncensored cause uncensored is what we were promised!!!

I'll go and read the next blog now.

luxguy on

Dude, most of these locations are not party scenes where you can find a lot of girls or do some crazy staff. However I will do my best to deliver more Bocas del Toro like stories. But I must tell you that girls in Panama city seems to love me :p....you will read more in my next blog !!!

luxguy on

I am really, really happy you like the blog. I try to capture all memorable moments, so I still remember them in a few years time. I thought that it will be boring to do a blog, but it is a lot of fun which helps me to fill in evenings. On the other hand, I appreciate that you guys follow it, and really intereact with me!

Kev on

Catching up on some reading (been awake for a few hours, very early, still jetlag)
But I also had to laugh really hard about your story. So funny!! One of my past roommates did the same only it was on his girlfriends desk and books that she also borrowed from someone else. yikes

luxguy on

yeap, this is a priceless memory. I doubt it is going to be beaten by anybody else ;-).Keep on readind ....

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