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Trip Start Sep 17, 2006
Trip End Dec 23, 2006

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

So its the end of week 3 here, and I feel like it has been a lifetime. It's hard to remember my life without the people I have met here. This week I attended all my classes, went to the Nation to Nation party, took a trip to Cesky Krumluv, tried to find club MischMasch, succeeded in finding the Golden Tree, purchased three c.d.'s from my new favorite used c.d. store, all in all, a good week. Megen and I went out yesterday with the intention of Christmas shopping, all I purchased was five postcards and a wallet for a friend here. Good shopping, yeah? The Nation to Nation party this week was at a club called Mecca. There are these huge couches in downstairs part of the club. I like to pretend that my knee is still bothering me so that I don't have to dance. Don't get me wrong, I can bust some moves, but at these Nation to Nation things, the floor is usually packed and really just seems like an opportunity for the boys to grope. Kristen and I hung out most of the night on those couches talking and whatnot. It reminded me of home, sitting with my girls on the patio at the Vault, drinking beers and smoking cigarettes. Kristen an I decided on the bus home that what we really needed was some McDonalds at 4am. So we got off the bus, onto the night tram and headed to Wenceslas Square to procure our cheeseburgers. This was a bad idea. I have decided that any idea that I come up with after 2 am is probably the wrong thing to do. Nothing happened, it was just a little scary at that hour, although, it was the best McDonalds cheeseburger I have ever eaten. The party was on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, I had one class and was done with school by 12:30, which was good because I didn't get home from McDonalds until about 5:30 am I think. So, I went home and took a nap. It was fantastic, and the highlight of my Wednesday. On Thursday the school hosted a Boat Party on the Vltava River. Meg and I went and met up with Taylor, Linda, and Jennifer. There was a dinner provided and we had to pay for drinks, and it was FREEZING! As I am sure most of you know, my clothing choices are not always weather appropriate. I am going to leave it at that. The second the boat docked, Megen, Jennifer and I bolted for the tram. I guess the party on the boat kept going until like 1 am or something. There were two reasons for leaving; 1. We were very cold 2. Megen and I had to be up and on the bus for Cesky Krumlov at 8 am. I went home and instead of going to bed like a smart girl, dinked around on the Internet until like one or two in the morning. When Megen text messaged me at ten minutes till 8, I leaped out of bed and frantically tried to make some semblance of an outfit, packed my purse with the 5 things I never leave without and blew out the door. I waited on the bus (without it moving at all) for a half an hour for the rest of the group to show. I forgot three very important elements of travel; the inflatable neck pillow, batteries for my camera, and the Ipod. Cesky Krumlov Castle was touted as the fairy tale castle. It was interesting, the grounds were amazing. The gardens were so perfectly Reniassance, that part I loved. The castle itself was just not that cool. The exterior was pained to look like bricks, but how much does that really look like bricks? Let me tell you, not very much. That part wasn't so cool. For reasons I will never discover, there were bears in pits at the entrance to the castle. Real. Live. Bears. Explain that one to me... Anyway, after that we were given our "free time" (thanks Mr. Stratesky!) and wandered around Old Town in Cesky Krumlov for a few hours. Jessica, Megen, and I found a great little coffeehouse where both the girls got zmerzlina (Ice Cream) and I had a small salad and a cup of green tea. They played American jazz, and had all these fabulous pictures on the walls. They were all in black and white, and there were pictures of all kinds; snow, trains, people, food. They were very nice. Eventually we had to find our way back to the bus, and I just want to tell you, city planning and the grid system really were one of the best ideas ever. That is my way of saying we got lost if you hadn't already caught onto that. We eventually found the bus again, and went directly to sleep because it is a 3 hour ride back to Prague, longer when you hire someone who has never in his life looked at a map. When the girls and I were lost in Old Town, it was neither the first nor the last time that day. When we got home, I was ready to go out, it was Friday, I had slept on the bus, and had sat for a total of 8 hours that day. Megen and Jessica were having none of it, they went to bed, and I thought that I for sure would realize a similar fate. Maanda saved me. I went down to Juve to purchase some cigarettes, and told me they were going out and did I want to come. I said yes and ran upstairs to get dressed for dancing and drinks. Has everyone heard the phrase "it's like herding cats"? If not, it means that whatever the task is, its very difficult and very scattered. I am officially changing it to "its like herding Italians." We were in this group of about 20-25 people (riding the trams like that is loads of fun if you can imagine) and most of them were Italians, also a couple of Germans, and the Canadian girls. The Italians swore that they knew where the club was, and we ended up switching trams like 3 or 4 times and walking for like a half an hour before we even found it. Everywhere we went, as soon as someone started to doubt the plan, one of the Italians would say something like "hey, it's just around the corner" and we would all march on. When we finally reached MischMasch at 2:30 am, Maanda, Tristan, Jess, and I were so over the club that we paid for a cab home. I was in bed by 3 am.
Yesterday was one of the most interesting days I have had yet in Prague. As I have already mentioned, Megen and I went out for some Christmas shopping and didn't really get a whole lot done. Mostly we wondered around Old Town with Kristen going into all the weird shops until we stumbled on (can it really be?) The Sex Museum. And yes, it was worth the 250 Ck that I paid as an entrance fee. (Just so you know, that is only about $10.) Oh my god. There is no possible way to explain this place. We began with the porn. It was from the 1920's or something, anyway, it was so old it was silent. That was earth shattering. I don't know if I will ever look at a silent film the same way again. I guess the porn is the way it is so that you aren't so shocked when you start to tour the rest of the museum. There were things there that I would look at and just stop and cock my head to one side and stare at it. It was... ummm... Educational? After that we went home and I put on my new c.d.'s one of which was Bob Marley. Sad, I know, but I have realized that I cannot be productive without reggae. I forget things, my room is always a mess, I have no idea what day it is most of the time, and oddly enough, Bob helps me. I blame Rasta entirely. Five years of all reggae all the time will do odd things to your brain. Megen, Kristen and I went to dinner and then Megen and I went on to a show at Palac Akropolis that was decent, it was a step above jam band, but only because they were European. Taylor called to let us know that there was a group of people going to Golden Tree (supposedly a very cool club) and did Megen and I want to go? Heck yes I want to go! Something you have to know about Golden Tree is that there is a room with women who strip, not just your run of the mill go-go dancers, but full on naked people. All the boys say things like "You don't have to see the strippers if you don't want, they are in another room." The part they neglected to tell us was that in order to get to the "cool tables in the back" you have to walk past the strippers. Once at the cool tables, we discovered that there is a plasma screen mounted on the wall which plays the "show." Thanks Taylor and Ramses. This situation called for drastic measures and we all finally decided on shots of Absinthe. This tastes remarkably as if someone thought to mix Listerine with Jagermeister. Yum. Thank god we did the shots when we did because just then, we all notice that the stripper is currently performing.... well, have you ever seen a sword swallower? Not pretty. After that, and considering the earlier part of our day, Megen and I decided that what would really cap off our night was a Sex on the Beach drink. We got home last night at about 5 am, and that brings us up to date.
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