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Flag of United States  , Maryland
Thursday, October 7, 2010

During those youthful years, I wore baggy pants, bobbed my head to rap music and Rythem and Blues, and I explored the world of girls. By this time, I was in 8th grade. I was shy, had little self confidence, and raging hormones. My high top fade, or slanted fade and my temporary afro was gone because now I sported corn rolls. I hung out with a white boy, who we will call Randy, that eventually became my friend all the way through high school. Randy lived straight down the street from me, and on numerous occasions we pursued the girl at Owings Mills Mall, Towson Mall, and even the ice skating ring. Those were some very interesting days. On some occasions we even smoke a little bit of weed.

Weed was a social drug, not addictive like crack or cocaine. I remember one occasion when we stood behind the long picket fence that extended from the beginning of Harmony Woods Road to the end of the decorative bushes planted for drivers to see. We stood there behind the picked fence dressed in baggy clothes. Underneath the grassy hillside behind the fence sat a man made tunnel connecting one side of the under part of the street to the other side. It was used for water flowing from the near by stream that stretched for miles into the woods to calmly flow under one side of the Harmony woods to the other side of the road. One of us lit up the blunt and started smoking. We performed the traditional routine of puff, puff pass, pass, which had been established by weed smokers prior to our generation. "Dig this due," Randy said as we finished smoking our limited weed supply "What dude," I replied. He pulled out a small white caped bottle that contained a black substance. Randy explained, "I got it from my dad's stash." "What is it," I asked anxiously. "That's all you have," I asked because it didn't look like enough for both of us. Randy informed me about his dilemma. "You know my dad put markers on the bottles, so I can only take but so much." With those words entering into my mind, I was complacent. He explained himself effectively. Randy took the first swig, cocking his head back like they do in the movies. I watched with a smile waiting of my turn. Suddenly he puked. Semi digested eggs and orange brown liquid vomit poured out of his mouth as he bent over forced by the contraction of his stomach. "Thank God," I thought. He was still alive, and the black rum was uncontaminated by his puke. "Try some," he said. "But it made you puke," I replied. He explained, "don't worry, it just mixed up bad with the egg salad sandwich I ate." To satisfy his desire that I wanted the elixir and that I was cool, and I had an earnest desire to be part of the cool crew, I took a sip. It tasted nasty, and I turned my head and spat it out. "What do you think of it/" He said. Since he most likely thought I swallowed the rum, I told him. "It's alright, but I'll stick with the weed." By this time he had gotten his previous fallen self together.

That day we sat with our legs hung over two pipes that traveled underneath and across Harmony Woods Road. We discussed the days of our youth prior to our awareness of weed, cigarettes, rap music, and girls.

Yes. There was a history of my youth prior to time in my teenage youth of age 13. Randy and I recounted the days when we would embark on adventures into the wild forest frontier of Owings Mills Maryland. Yes! We were adventurers, cow boys, and explores. Sometimes, we would hike through the woods and if we found sticks, it was on. Yes the sticks we used as swords, and to avoid the tip of the sword from touching us, we would leap behind one of the nearby trees that resided in the woods prior to our arrival. On another adventure of Owings Mills forest frontier, we combed the woods in search of a gloomy stream that started at the pips that lay under Harmony Woods Road. We would hike thought he weed infested tall grassy wood so f Owings Mills. The water became deeper, the stream grew wider, and the path near its edge became longer as we hiked further into the belly of the forest. At one time during our hike we entered a sparse part of the forest that was less cumbersome to navigate than the previous section of woods we had transverse. In this section of woods, we didn't have the arduous task of knocking, and breaking down small trees. Nor did we have to endure the pricks of the thorny bushes. We didn't need to even carve our own path, or circumvent difficult terrain to reach our destination. We just plainly hiked threw it comfortably as if we were traveling on a road unobstructed by debris. Yes we enjoyed the challenge confronting the obstacles of the forest, but we also enjoyed the temporary wrest since our legs muscles had been worked to the bone. After passing this sparse forest area, we stumbled across an open grassy field that stretched for miles. Later on we found out that it was a stretch of field that had been sectioned off in blocks and each sectioned block was owned by the owner of the house that was about 50 yards in front of the grassy block. Since no fences obstructed our venturing, we preceded to venture out into the new frontier. We weren't alone.

A family of wild dears, a proximally 14 in all, was making their way across the open field and eventually into the forest on the other side. Some dears had hooves while others were adorned with none. All of the dears were brown, and they varied in size. Once they saw us, they hurried across the open field and disappeared into the new forest that the flied separated. On another occasion, we stumbled across the railroad of black gold.

"The Rail Road of Black Gold," was a piping system that transverse under the dark earth of numerous American states. When we examined up close, the circular pipe was about 5 feet tall in all directions. Apparently, a construction crew had unearthed the pipe to repair it. When I informed my dad about our new discovery he enlightened me to the fact that the oil company had built a large piping system to transport oil from Texas to New York. Furthermore, there were numerous check points where the oil could be stopped by mechanically corking the underground pipe. At that point art was obvious to me than is how the construction crew were able to access the piping system safely. Speaking of safety, my father was concerned about the actual pipes that long under earth of our backyard. by coincident, construction crew had left their heavy machinery parked on our backyard. My father told me that the pipes could only take but so much weight, and the heavy machinery presented a problem. Praises due to God nothing blew up, but I knew if it ever did, it would consume the whole neighborhood in a ball of flame. This ball of flame would of been much brighter than the orange lit tip of a Philly blunt, of course my father didn’t tell me this. I pondered that in my own head.

As randy and I came off our marijuana induced high, it dawned on us that it was time for us to depart our separate ways because our set was approaching.

On one momentous occasion our weed smoking got us in trouble with the Towson Town Mall flash light police. Randy and I were going to meet some girls at Towson Town mall. We ere about 15 or 16 attending different high schools. We were smoking cigarettes while waiting for some high school girls. The police saw us , and I became scared, so I emptied my packets of the medicine bottles that were filled with joints. Randy said, "Walk slowly," and so we did, and we entered into the mall. The police must so saw our peculiar behavior, and they decided to scope out our area. Once they found prescription bottles stuffed with weed and joins thy followed and pulled us to the side. "Are these yours," said one of the officials. I replied, "No," and shook my head. He said, "Lets talk about this," and then Randy and I were escorted to the Police officer's office located in t he employee section of the mall. While there we eventually divulged the truth, which was quite obvious because the prescription bottles had my family name and address on them. They let us go with what I thought was a warning.

Freed from the hands of our captures, we stood nervously in the rain waiting under the protruding roof of a near by business for our female companions to accompany us. Once they arrived, we regurgitated the entire scary event to them. They assured us nothing major would happen since the police let us off with a warning. That outing at the mall was not as glamorous as we wanted it to be.

When it was time to go, me father picked us up. "Anything knew happened," he asked. "No," I replied, and Randy confirmed my statements. We sat quietly in the cushioned rear car seat while on the ride home. Up arriving to my residency, we all got out and went inside. "What about Randy?" I asked. We need to take him home," I replied. Dad replied, "Don't worry. He's going home soon." Randy shrugged his shoulders and we all walked inside the house. Randy's father was standing in the kitchen and at that point we knew we were ratted on. Yep. That all security had called our parents and now all of us sat in the basement. The basement, which had been carpeted, built with ceiling lights, and comprised of multiple rooms, had a living room area and it was furnished with some old sofa’s and sofa like chairs to comfort its visitors and permit residents, but that day we were not comfortable. Dad said, "look you two. We got a call from the mall security. They thought you had some drugs on you. Randy's father interjected, "But the test came back as some steak seasoning." Steak seasoning," I thought, we paid all that money for fake shit, and now we're in trouble. What do you think about that." Randy's father looked at him. "I don't know," Randy replied. Ask Bobby." Everyone turned and looked at me. "So where you get it son," asked my Dad. I got it from school. The guy gave it to us for free because it was our first time. We just wanted to have fun." After that night their was a consensus that Randy and I were going to take a little vacation from one another for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Many days later my father told me that he knew that I was taking the rap for Randy. Apparently, Randy had previous troubles with wrongdoing according what Randy's father said to my father.
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