Trip Start Jan 24, 2010
Trip End May 10, 2010

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Flag of Austria  ,
Friday, February 12, 2010

Goodness where do I even start..
Friday morning:
8:40AM and I woke a little later than intended. Teen and I were planning to leave early so we could go to the post office to drop off our postcards (we have been putting it off for so long). We went out Thursday night to hang out with Art (it would be the last night we got to hang out with him)... and we all stayed up sooo late. We left only but about 5 minutes to pack our stuff for the weekend in Vienna. Therefore, we over-packed. It was ridiculous, plus we brought our laptops too. So Teen had her Mom's antique luggage bag plum full. As we walked about half a block towards the post office the straps on her bag completely broke off!! Good thing we didn't get too far... all we could do is really laugh, because this WOULD happen as we are trying to go to the post office lol. We go back in our pension and Gina lets her borrow her bag. I then realize that I don't have my passport OR my confirmation number for the bus!! The internet was really shitty, so it took forever to open the correct email. Looking at the brighter side, if Teen's bag wouldn't have broke, I would have been shit out of luck when I got to the bus station! Everything happens for a reason, I guess. By the time everything was situated back at the pension, we had to skip the post office because it would have been cutting it close.. this way we could just get to the bus station early. Well we headed off to get on the 10 tram, since the tram would leave us with less walking, and we have Mandy with us now. We waited for that tram for 25 freaking minutes! It never came! Our luck. So now we have to rush to the metro with all our stuff, get on the red line, then the green. Got there just in time. We take one bus to Brno, Czech Republic and then a connecting bus from Brno to Vienna, Austria. Right when we cross the line to go to Austria we are stopped by the police and they have to check everyone's passport. (Good thing I actually had mine).

So we finally get to Vienna and to our amazing hostel (Hostel Ruthensteiner). We get settled in and go to this nearby Viennese restaurant. The waitress was the nicest one we have experienced and so it was definitely a wonderful meal. Christine and I split our food, so we got the best of both worlds- I got some sort of fried cheese nuggets and she got she got this gnocchi with cheese sauce. Sooo much cheese haha. Also the water was free!! Haha this was crazy because we were not used to free water. Anyways it made for a really great time. We wanted to get a photo with the waitress, but we were waiting and then it just got weird and we seemed sketchy lol. So we left and went to get some desert! We stopped at this place and got some strong alcoholic deserts! Haha it was great. We also met a Romanian woman and her child. It got a little sketch when she was talking about taking some sort of birthday card to America for her friend that she lost touch with. I don't know- it was weird. I believe she was a gypsy, no doubt. After desert we went back to the bar at our hostel and met James, a British fellow that was the bartender. He was quite hilarious and told us about the Traveler's Bar that's a 2 minute walk from our hostel. This sounded great, so after James closed his bar at 11pm we got ready and went to check it out. There were tons of people there, travelers, locals, and drunks. James was there for his friend, Jasmin's birthday... she and all their friends were a pretty great crowd. We were then introduced to this game that involves nails, a slice of a tree, and a hammer. You slightly hammered the nail in, just so it stood up by itself. Then you would take the large hammer and hit the reverse side (small flat side) and bump it up against the side of the log and try to drive your nail in the tree with the flat side. Everyone had their own nail and you would hit it once and pass. This was difficult, especially after a few drinks in you. A drunk dude came up and took the hammer and ruined the mood for us, so we quit and moved on to more drinks. Something I got that I grew pretty fond of was this beverage called the "snake bite", I'm not totally sure what all was in it, but it sure was scrumptious. This was a long night. I played foosball with Annie, but we sucked sooo bad (we played against these guys that were on a winning streak). I later played pool with some random locals, they were really cool, but I sucked really bad... especially on a count of how drunk I was. Oh well I had a lot of fun though. We made really good friends with the bartender/owner of the bar, Franz, and a ton of other people. We made the most friends while we were in Vienna! Long story short we finally made it home (Christine, Annie, and me). And apparently James' British accent rubbed off on me because when we got back to the room I was in the bathroom making up a song singing it in an English accent! HAHA Teen was writing it down as I sang, so here is what I belted: "toilet paper dispensers are crazy just like fairies on jolly green giants... we are little Viennese little mice, we're little rats, we're like deet deet deet deet deet, eating the sidewalk... If the sidewalk was made out of wood, I think we would eat it. Can we make my ball gown out of woodchips? Or newspaper?"... Oh dear this was a funny night.

We all woke up pretty late... okay extremely late. By the time we actually got out and about to do stuff it was past 3pm! Haha! So we walked around, went to some shops, and looked for a dress that could work as a ball gown for me, but they were either super pricey or weren't long enough. Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be that I go to the ball. When Teen went back to the hostel to get ready for the ball the rest of us roamed about the streets of Vienna (Annie, Gina, Mandy, and me). We finally decided to go back and get some food somewhere... so we took the metro and went to this greek-ish restaurant beside our hostel. I got this vegetarian wrap with friend eggplant in it and it was sooooo good. We hurried back to the hostel to make it in time for happy hour. With great success we made it and also got to see Teen, Emily B, and Emily C before they floated off to the ball! I joined them in a shot and they were off! We continued to drink with everyone and James, the bartender. We met even more people at the hostel and there were a huge group of people staying right beside us that live in Prague too (Americans)! They are with a program called CIE or something. We joined them in their room for some drinks and got to know everyone. At this point Kendall and Liz also joined us, so we had a huge group. Our plans for the night after eating, was to hit up happy hour at the hostel, go to the Bermuda triangle (bar area in Vienna), and then end the night at the Traveler's Bar. So a huge huge group of us ventured out after happy hour with all our new friends. Kendall and I poured our cups full of wine and took them with us (its legal here to carry it around). We even met some girl on the metro, haha it was hilarious. At some point when we were 'downtown' Vienna in the Bermuda triangle we lost half of our group. With me was only Mandy, Michael (Australian dude), Lisa, and Theo (friends that are teaching English in Budapest, but from American)... idk if anyone else was with us- I don't really remember. First we were looking for some bar so I thought I would help by asking this group if they spoke English. However, I asked them in Czech: Mluvite anglicky? Duh me they speak German! Then Mandy came up and started speaking Spanish to them! They were so confused. She spoke Spanish it the rest of the night, I was so confused haha. We went to some bar and I disappeared for a good portion of it in the bathroom, I have no idea what I was doing.. but when I came out, Theo got me to drink some water with him. I wasn't sick, but I was pretty wasted already... I don't know how this happened. The next day I found a drink menu of the bar we went to in my purse, I have no idea how that got in there. Good thing Theo was there to escort me back to the hostel/ bar. So we were headed back to the Traveler's bar in the metro and stumble upon Teen, Em B, and Em C coming back from the ball! This was perfect because they were going to look for us in the Bermuda triangle. After that Mandy, Lisa, Michael, Theo, me, and everyone else just went straight to the Traveler's Bar and the ball girls went back to change at the hostel. Mandy was getting sick and too drunk, so I walked her back to the hostel. This was just in time to walk back to the bar with Teen. In the mean time I knew I needed to drink some water and possibly eat something.... so I did. Christine had his rose from the ball and she offered me some chocolate, I didn't want the chocolate (I ate a piece and said it was gross even though it totally wasn't)... but I wanted to eat the rose. She said- 'you won't do it'... and I was like- 'I bet you I WILL eat this flower!' hahahaha. And so I did, took a hugggge bite, chewed, and swallowed. This was so hilarious. Goodness after that we went back to Traveler's bar and I drank so more water and hung out with everyone and chatted with Theo- he is a very interesting fellow. Drank a little more and didn't end up going home till about 5:30AM. Everyone that was staying at the hostel had went back, so it was just Michael, Emily B, Theo, and me that were left. I said my farewells to all the friends I made (including Franz, the bartender, who was such a wonderful person. Theo then disappeared so it was just Emily and me walking back... we finally made it. People were still hanging out in the lobby, but not for long-- we passed out shortly afterwards.

Ohhhh what a wretched morning! All the girls except Teen and me had to wake up early so they would make their bus. Teen and I didn't have a bus till 8:55pm, so we got to hang out in Vienna a little longer :). So check out was supposed to be at 10:00AM, but of course we didn't wake up before that... we had no real intention to do that. The woman at the desk came right in our room, unlocked it (woke us up) and said we had 15 minutes to get our or we would have to pay for another night. It was really nice of them to not have already charged us, because it was well after 11:00AM already lol. We packed our stuff and hung out/ slept in the lobby for a few hours. I was feeling pretty rough. When we finally got motivated we walked allll around Vienna, it was soooo beautiful- I love Vienna so much! Then for dinner we met with Teen's friend and ate at this Indian restaurant... the food was sooo good! 8:55pm we made it to the bus headed for Brno. Didn't get to sleep because I was watching this really interesting British film on the bus. In Brno we had a 3 hour layover so we hung out in the Nonstop Cafe, they had free wi-fi too so it was perfect. However the cafe was soooo eerie, like some kind of space continuum... we felt like we were in a time warp. Had some really great hot chocolate and this green tea that bloomed. The tea was so weird looking, but really cool. We had the best talk about life, being open... everything. Christine is such a wonderful friend! We walked back out to the bus stop and met this Czech lady. We (mainly Christine) were trying to talk to her in Czech. Teen got out her Czech flashcards and she ended up looking at them to practice her English, it was so cute! The lady was venturing to Egypt! Right when we were about to board the bus to go back to Prague (about 2AM) Teen started feeling really nauseous. Teen and I didn't have seat together so when we boarded I couldn't find her because it was so dark. I kept looking back and hanging out in the aisle so she could see me, because I had an empty seat beside me...but I never saw her. I assumed she just fell asleep because she said she would feel better if she could just get to sleep. When we got off the bus she told me she was throwing up the whole time! :( I felt so so bad because I wish I would have know  so I could have helped her!.. and this was a 3 hour ride! Before we walked back to the pension we just sat and hung out until she was up for walking. It was about 6AM at this point and it was so crazy to see so many people awake on the metro going to work and we hadn't even been to sleep yet! Anyways we finally make it back and get to sleep. I don't know what was wrong with Teen, but she couldn't keep anything down... rest is something she definitely needed.
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