The Heart Never Lies

Trip Start Apr 13, 2013
Trip End Jul 05, 2015

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Where I stayed
Central Hostel London
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What I did
Royal Albert Hall London
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Flag of United Kingdom  , England,
Sunday, September 22, 2013

Today was the big day!     
Well until this morning I actually forgot, but when this morning came the countdown was on!!     
I hope at least some of you know who I am talking about.     
They are a bunch of 4 English lads who make one of the most loveable rockbands of all time!     
Their songs have meaning, and they have hearts...maybe that's what makes them so loveable.     
It's strange, because although I've never met any of the Fletcher gang...I actually feel part of the family. I listen to Tommy, watch Carrie and read Gi.      
I'm not obsessed. That's the great thing about McFly fans. We are, generally speaking, relaxed.     
Well we were until the lights went down.     
I was at the Royal Albert Hall tonight, for their 10th birthday, and everyone was in the birthday spirit.     
There was a video played at the start of one of their songs made entirely of covers people had posted on YouTube.     
It was so gorgeous, especially the little kid at the end. But then it hit me...these people must have one day got a message from the McFly crew asking to use their video for their 10th birthday concert. How strange would that be?     
Well after my realisation, I kept looking down at this one spot just opposite me in the crowd.     
By the number of people lining up there, and by the number of times I heard the name, I knew Carrie Fletcher and Alex Day were here. And Giovanna Fletcher.     
But the name shouting didn't tell me where she was. Oh Carrie, your that told me where she was.     
Now if you don't know Carrie, she is of the most gorgeous, inspirational people I know. "Know"     
I wish I could befriend her, because to have someone like that in my life would inevitably lead to a more amazing life.     
But I took of the photo of the whole Royal Albert Hall....I suppose the equivalent of taking a photo of the universe and saying "a photo of my crush and I...just zoomed out"     
But she, nor Alex are my crushes. Nor was this a photo of the universe.     
It was just photo of people who love the same music as me, and 2 inspirations on this planet.     
Then a video started of the boys "getting ready" to come on stage. Clearly filmed before hand, because no one gets ready in slow motion with that much precision. But what I found really funny was when Tom took his glasses off....the whole place erupted so much I though the windows would break.      
No I take that windows....the lights?     
All I could do at this time is not look at the video but over at Gi and Carrie. How strange would it be to see 10,000 people go mental over your brother taking his glasses off? Or your hubby.     
I find that very funny. I was sitting there laughing rather than screaming, which was good at the time because I know how badly my throat got torn up at the last gig I went to.      
It bled.     
So the more I can put of screams the better....says the girl who starts screaming when they come out.     
But not the same type of scream I had before. This was more of a congradulative shout. The type you would give someone who is playing footy...I think.     
I don't follow footy so that's probably the most terrible example ever.     
But then the music started. Ah me gawd.     
I love listening to these guys, because you can see they sing for something far more than the fame. They love what they do and they are exceptional at it.     
They are a bunch of big relatable!     
Sadly I only had my camera charged, so I had to watch how much I was filming. Which is sad. I would have loved to film the whole thing, but I tried to keep the filming for sings that I really wanted and a few ones that I didn't know, so I could go and Google the lyrics and work out what song it is.     
Haha, I am pathetic.     
And clearly not obsessive.     
It was so good to have this bunch in front of me. I sang the words to the songs I knew, listened to the ones I didn't and got taken away to a place far away when a group of 10,000 people sang the chorus.      
It was magical.     
Although, I do have to admit to singing the words to Tom's wedding speech rather than the actual song at points.  

(His wedding speech is written around some of the songs the band has written)
Eh, oh well. I was no doubt the only one doing that. Makes it all the more interesting to decipher the lyrics when I listen back to my footage.     
Which will happen when my camera is not flat from filming.     
We got to the last song, and I was filming along and sad that it was the end but even sadder than they never played my favourite song.     
The song that made me consider these guys family. The song that makes me feel strong enough to continue on this journey.     
"Some people fight, some people fall. Some just pretend they don't care at all. If you wanna fight, I'll stand right beside you. The day that you fall I'll be right behind you. To pick up the pieces. If you don't believe me. Then just look into my eyes, cause the heart never lies"     
Is the part that gets me every time.      
But not this time...they never played it before they walked off. They played happy birthday, but not this song.      
And then, just as I was wondering whether I should keep filming or not, the most gorgeous rendition of my favourite song starts.      
And I cried.     
It is my favourite song, I think ever...well apart from one from Alex day...they tie.     
So I was water works during this last song, but was so happy to be with the best group of people on this planet.     
They are really the sweetest people on the planet, and so grounded.      
Maybe that's why I like them. They don't act famous...far from it!!     
They come across as normal guys, who just happen to me known by millions of people?     
Anyway, sad that the concert was over, but not going to leave it there...I ran.     
To the stage door.     

I got there and there were hundreds of people standing the screaming at the slightest movement behind the door.     
Me? I sat. I opened my book, Billy and Me (written by Giovanna Fletcher to add to the family affair tonight) and read.      
I sat there all the while people were crying and screaming...I sat there when they all ran one way and came back. I was still sitting there when some dude came out and people went mental.      
I decided to get my ticket signed, because in all reality, the chances of actually seeing McFly was about the same as me hooking up with Justin Beiber.     
Egh, not going to happen.     
But I wanted to get it signed by someone. I never knew how violent girls can be when trying to get something signed. I was standing in the crowd one minute, and the next I was at the back
with the most sore foot because a stiletto had just ripped the skin on the top of my foot.     
But then a girl, probably no older than 12 grabbed my ticket, smiled, and held it out for it to be signed. And then hands it back, while I am beaming at her.     
I don't think she ended up getting hers signed. But she got mine signed.     
THAT is the thing that makes McFly fans so connected. We care about each other, not just getting something signed.     
I thanked her, and hoped something would pay her back for that thoughtful gesture.     
I went back to reading, and then I only put my book mark in when Carrie and Alex came out. I saw Alex, and actually just smiled. A lot. I couldn't see Carrie though...just her hair.     
Carrie was overwhelmed with hopefuls...oh wait, hopefuls are Carrie fans. That's what we call ourselves.     
And Alex, ended up standing out of the way a I went and talked to him. I asked him to sign something, so he signed my book by Gi. This is turning into the Fletcher family book.      
I told him how much his songs have meant to me and how much they make my dreams seem closer.      
Then I got embraced in one of the most caring hugs I think I have ever had.     
I hope that eventually I will get to hang out with Alex again.      
As his song says "I remain faithful for things to go well. I'm not looking for least not today. I know I've got what it takes".     
I will see him again. I am the type of person who doesn't give up. As you probably have guess.     
Then I got Carrie to sign my book too, and she commented on the book which was awesome.      
I told her I have only just started reading books of my own accord. Yes, sorry book lovers out there....I never read much.

I just never found books worth my attention.     
Well few anyway.     
Put it this way...until I began reading The Night Circus this past month, I had not read a book non-school related since 2011. And even that was not a novel. It was a short story.     
Anyway, after talking to Carrie for a mere 7 seconds she got swept away with the other people who were waiting for her rather than the boys.      
After that, the crowd dispersed a lot. Only the people who wanted to meet the boys were waiting.      
Cough. Me.     
What was really funny though, is even when a crew member came out, everyone screamed and clapped. It was so rare.     
Then I heard a little scream cry, and a mum giving someone something. It was the girl who had given me the signed ticket. Her mum had gone to check when the boys were coming out, and got given a signed guitar pic by Tom Fletcher. And she gave it to her daughter. And she deserved that pick more than anyone else on the planet. Because she gave something so special to me, I was so glad that she had something just as precious for her.      
I just kept reading, until I got talking to this Scottish girl.      
We were waiting up near the door for them to come out...literally just the two of us, when we heard a scream chorus down where the gate is.     
Good job us. We missed them anyway.     
So I kept talking to her and realised she was staying close to where I was. So we took a taxi together. Which was better for me than a night bus.     
I will avoid catching one of them home for as long as I live.     
We got there and we hopped out. My thoughts were *ok, so the holiday inn is here and the white building is there. My hostel is a short walk behind me*     
Apparently the road I was on has the exact same layout as the one I was supposed to be on.      
Great. So I had no idea where I was.      
But I had just seen McFly and Carrie and Alex. Nothing was going to dim my mood right now.     
Book clutched in hand, I walked to a hotel to ask where I was.     
It was 1:30.     
I found out where I was supposed to be going, and walked. And walked.     
45 minutes later and I walked into the hostel.     
My feet felt fine, until I took them of the ground.     
They felt like they had cracked.    
Especially the one I fractured last year. It felt like it had      resplit.     
I was almost in tears. But it took me a few minutes to work out why.     
It wasn't because my feet hurt.      
It was because tonight, I saw the best band of the planet and wished them a happy 10th
It was because tonight, I got to meet two of the most inspiring people on the planet.     
It was because tonight is only the beginning.     
It was because tonight, I felt alive....and the heart never lies.     
Lisa xo 
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Trish on

Awesome experience, awesome writing. You make it very real!

John on

What an account of your concert. And good one for getting lost :)

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