The Last 58 Days

Trip Start Apr 13, 2013
Trip End Jul 05, 2015

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Flag of United Kingdom  , England,
Thursday, September 19, 2013

Firstly...I'm sorry it's not 'Tomorrow's Entry' and it's more of a 'The next day's entry'.

But to be honest, you should be kinda used to my random writing pattern by now!


What a trip that was!!

I am going to give you a brief overview similar to the one I did for EJC, because it is easier to give you points that to try to explain everything!

Here we go! The last 58 days of my life! (As if it's only been 58 days!!) :

-I learnt the important lesson of checking what currency you have with you BEFORE I even left the country! And learnt that Skype is a good distress communication means!

-I met a gorgeous guy called Joe when I was camping out in Gatwick Airport for 8 hours. Him, and my dedication to working out how many planes had passed over me in London were the reasons I didn't go mad

-I touched down in Europe for the very first time, and got hit by a heat wave (well I thought it was) in Toulouse, France.

-I made great friends in Ivona and Clare at my first ever Couchsurfing host and spent hours relaxing by the river in the mountains, before swimming in the tiny pool to cool off!

-I began to see the slightest signs that the circus was coming to town and I felt the excitement for EJC running fully in my blood! (And it still wont go away!)

-I had the absolute best week of my life so far sweating it out at EJC with 6000 other circus crazy people doing what we do best! Circus, beers, singing, dancing and not sleeping! I made so many friends and learnt so much!

-I hit the gym and the pool everyday and did not much during the day while I spent my time with Couchsurfing host number 2! She is now a really good friend, and I am hoping to go and see her in winter sometime!

-I worked out the kindness in humanity (in the smallest way) when a guy working at Starbucks gave me a free hot chocolate when he saw that I was almost asleep on the bench in his shop. Not that the chocolate woke me up, but it did make the long day of travel seem that little bit better.

-I became a typical tourist in Paris! This involved croissants, macaroons, the Notre Dame (which is amazing!!), Arc De Triomphe, and the Louvre - where I met me! Lisa. Mona Lisa. And I rediscovered my love for sculpture.

-I had an eventful day at the Eiffel Tower. It started with a bomb threat, and meeting friends in front of the tower. It ended watching the sunset at the top of the Eiffel Tower with a bunch of new friends from America. (Who I will go and see eventually!)

-I got a lesson in German from my American/German host in Stuttgart. In case you didn't catch it in my last blog: a man is a male, a woman is a female, a boy is a male and a girl is an 'it'. I have come to conclusions that language may not be a barrier but it certainly is a giant pile of confusingness.

-I learnt that a Mercedes Benz...isn't 'just a car'. It has a giant story behind it and it very good at is Ben, my third CS host with his Salsa dancing skills! And me now too!- I got a lot better in just one night!

-I made great friends in my mum's student's parent's friends here in Germany. And their dog buddy! While I was with them, I got to see the France I always dreamt of (I jumped back across the border) in Strasbourg and I also got to see the gorgeous place called Heidelberg. It was wonderful spending time with them, and so nice to be able to repack my bag!

-I learnt that trying to keep an organised bag while travelling in nearly impossible.

-I had an over-excited, well overdue, jumping up and down kind of reunion with a traveller we had stay with us after we met at Christmas 2008. It had been 4 years since we saw each other, so it was so cool that I finally got to see her again...and she hasn't changed at all!!

-I saw the most incredible scenery I have ever seen! So different from the red plains of Australia that I have come to know and love! This scenery was mountains towering high above, almost protecting the lakes and green landscape between them.

-I re-learnt to swim!

-I had the eye-opening experience of walking through and learning about Dachau concentration camp and the Holocaust. It is something that was very worth doing, because it adds to the experience that is Germany, but be's a lot tougher reading and feeling than it is seeing. It was definitely a low/high light of my trip though.

-I spent a lovely 2 days camping up in the Bavarian Alps with Berit! We did some really nice walks (much to my surprise because I was never one to ask 'can we go for a walk' at home) and saw some great places. We laughed a lot, decided cheap tents are better than expensive (because you can see the fluro tent lines) and went up the top of the Alps! From here, I had the strange experience of seeing Switzerland, Austria and Italy! Not what Australia offers!

-We had the great adventure of getting lost due to a drunk GPS and ended up driving along a bike path, and almost getting run down by a tractor!

-My family got extended yet again when I met Berit's cousins and nan! We had a great time throwing a stuffed sheep around the kitchen! Also, I did meet Berit's other cousin and her brother...who is now my brother to!

-Hannes (brother) took me to my first ever Biergarten! Where I had...well beer? and the BIGGEST pretzel I have ever seen! That was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

-I saw the very odd occurrence of surfers using a bump of water in the river to surf on! It was awesome to see though! (one was really hot?) and I met a lovely family from Ireland!

-I had the most incredible moment in McDonalds when I saw a friend from Germany who I had met in Melbourne in January! The best part the second best part was....I never told him I was coming. The BEST part was...he remembered me, and not only that he remembered my name on the spot!

-After not much discussion I have come to conclusion I like travelling in cold, wet weather. Why? I can wear more, hence avoiding trying to fit everything in my bag...which never freakin' works anyway!

-Depression hit when I killed a gummy bear in water :( But it got better when I worked out I hadn't actually killed just turned into a giant clear gummy bear! All these things I never knew about gummy bears! Gotta love the little bear things :)

-Berit and I saw people who could have easily passed as giant toy soldiers. We still don't know who was coming, but it was interesting to see. I became a tourist again, and saw all the 'things to see' in Berlin, such as Brandenburg Gate.

-Friends were made is Joerg and Anna - two of Berit's friends in Berlin! We went out for beers in this really cool area of Berlin. It was awesome.

-The stories behind the Berlin Wall captured my attention, and also just how recent it is! I had no idea how recent it was, until Berit told me it came down the year she was born! That's only 5 years before I was born! But the stories about so many successful escapes were just incredible and touching!

-Beads got added to my dreadlocks.....oh wait! I GOT DREADLOCKS! In France at the circus festival! I can't believe I didn't mention that earlier!

-Thankyou guys! I hit 3 THOUSAND views! I never thought my writing would ever get that far, but I guess I don't know everything! 

-I finally got around to reading my book! Which is an amazing book called 'The Night Circus'. Definitely worth the read. I also, while reading, got freaked out by a creepy man who kept looking at me. *shudders* <- even now!

-Had a wonderful picnic with Anna and another one of Berit's friends! Just outside the apartment we were staying in, but it's the thought that counts...right?

-Took 'missing by bus' to a whole new level and managed to miss it by 3 days. Ha, good one Lisa! But on the upside, I got to see Berit again before 4 years! And I learnt on a cheap ticket! 

-Made a new friend in a girl called Isabelle on my way from Berlin to Copenhagen, and also had the exciting moment of having my first ever traffic jam!! Bit sad that it was due to a car accident though..

-Realised just how small the world is when I walked into my hostel room in Copenhagen and took my raincoat off to reveal my hoody from the circus festival. The girl opposite me instantly asked if I did circus, and after some talking we worked out we both knew the same people back in Australia!!!

-I had a look around the area called Christiania in Copenhagen. It is a very 'different' area of the city, but well worth a visit! And I also visited the gorgeous area called Nyhavn. The colourful harbour!

-When I went to pick my bag from the hostel before heading to the couchsurfer, I met a lovely Scot called Rory! We talked for a bit, before I ran off to see Jeppe (wow, that sounded strange). 

-I went to say 'Hello' to a fellow Tasmanian. Although I never actually saw her, Princess Mary was in the house/palace building infront of me....close enough right? I took a merry stroll down along the river too.

-I had a lovely dinner with two girls I met in the Disney shop! Yes, I went to the Disney shop. They were from Germany and were so so nice :)

-I went to see a circus museum, which was rather disappointing, but from that heard about AFUK! A circus school in central Copenhagen which is super cheap to attend and has the most awesome training area. The people there are so nice too, they accepted me as part of the school with a giant smile and a hug as soon as I walked in. They didn't even know my name!

-I went 4 hours early to see some friends in the North of Denmark, so I could surprise Jakob, the youngest kid in the family. It was great to see them again!!!!

-4 months after farewelling my Danish neighbours in Australia, I finally get to see them all again AND I get to meet Anne Mette the eldest sibling that never came to Australia.

-With my Danish family, we made for the mountains! Almost dropping the car keys in the river and getting super wind blown...we made it! Up the tallest point in Denmark....which is about the height of my friends house out the back of the city I live in at home..

-I had a little low moment, when I realised I may never make it as a circus performer, but I trained anyway and sought salvage in one of best friends, Mieke, who has made it! God bless her! She is an inspiration, and I admire everything she does.

-I went to a different circus school, and made some lovely new of which is a 7 time world champion in Unicycle. Didn't even know that existed! But on the upside, I found a trainer who helped me with my flexibility and I feel a lot better now that I do have what it takes...maybe just not to Cirque levels.

-I spent the most part of a morning staring at a boy. No! Not a real one....a giant fibreglass boy at the museum in Aarhus! It grabbed something in me, and I couldn't take my eyes off it!!!

-I had the awesome experience of being a 'foreign guest' at Jakob's school! It was amazing to see how quiet the class was and the high level of questions they had for me! What a gorgeous class! And I got the nickname McFly! Suits me! Just one the school too....I got a comment on my blog the other day from one of the girls in the class!! That was awesome! Thankyou!

-I spent the night laughing at Jakob playing the guitar and a didgeridoo while wearing an Aussie shirt and an akubra with a koala on his head, before I took the koala and started waltzing with it! Random I know! but not as random as putting on a circus show for the family and one of Janes friends :)

-I tried apple pie for the first time!

-I had a wonderful night out with some new friends, Rosie, Rosie, Alex and more! I met at the backpackers in Copenhagen, which was made all the more interesting by the fact I was using the top of a Jenga box as a hat!

-Used, what I now know as heaps of knowledge, to help my hostel friend Nick find his feet with his travelling and living in London! I had no idea how much I knew until it came to helping someone who didn't.

-Had the best convo ever with the funniest security guy at the airport. Humour really does make things so much better! (The full convo is in 'What type of Cake?" Entry 140).

-Made my way to 'home' in countryside England...where I now feel like I am about to drop dead with sleepiness. 

So that, my friends, has got to be the most jam packed 58 days I have ever had in my life! I cannot believe that was only 58 days! 

People say that that is a holiday. Well, if so...I now need a holiday to recover from it.

I have seen so much of these countries and I still want to see more, but even as the sceneries blend together to make Europe, one thing will remain clear as day.

The memories I made, and more so...the amazing people I have met.

People often told me that I just 'make friends' and I am 'that type of person'. 

Well you know what? Maybe I am :)

Thankyou to all my Couchsurfing hosts and everyone (all 81 of you!) I met along this trip! You have all helped me to have the best possible trip so far!

I couldn't have asked for a better 'holiday'!

But right now...I's

Lisa xo
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John on

Well, that was a whirlwind :) Hope you get some rest now.

Trish on

It wears me out just reading it!

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