Well what can I say, I'm a hot commodity

Trip Start Jun 13, 2008
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of Spain and Canary Islands  , Navarra,
Sunday, July 13, 2008

WOW- Pamplona is WILD

Will write tomorrow - EXHAUSTED!!!

OK well I just could NOT write last night- I was so freaking tired!!!

WELLL where to start!  I have like a THOUSAND stories- as you all know me my life is like a soap opera sometimes!  Last night no exception!!

SO I took the hour train to Barcelona- I realized that in like 36 hours I had been traveling for 14.5 of them!!!
So I got to Barcelona and already feel like a pro going on the train!!!  WAY easier the second time!  I had already decided I HATED my outfit- my shorts were stretching out and I was going NUTS puling them up so I was running into stores on my way to Plaza Catalunya but nothing I found I liked- so STUPID being so picky!!!

SO I got to the hard rock had a quick beer and then waited outside.  I didn't see ANYONE with a tshirt or a sign that read the name of my tour and I was immediately starting to feel like OH GOD!!!  SO I asked these three people standing near me if they were going to Pamplona and they said YES!  GREAT and I started talking with them well that little conversation would be the best thing I ever did!  I ended up sitting with the one girl Rebbecca and her two friends sat across from us on the bus and what better way to geta to know someone than with a 6 hour bus ride!!

I didn't even THINK about the  hours as being a long time I was like hey it's only 6 hours!  UNTIL I got on the bus and Rebbecca was like oh god 6 hours and then it hit me NOOOOOO!!!!
So the bus ride was relatively harmless except this asshole American behind me you want a stereo type well it was sitting directly obnoxiously RUDELY behind me I had NEVER in my life met someone like that and hope that i never do again at one point we had confrontational words because he was being such an ASS. And thankfully that stopped him from being rude to me bumping my chair making fun of me or anything else he was doing- OK so yes sometimes when you are a big mouth it IS good!

SO the craziness started before I even got OFF the bus!  Men were running up to my window banging on it and smiling and waving!  As soon as I got off the bus this drunk guy was calling me over "hey blondie..Blobndie..Blondie..." "I like your blue eyes" haha yeah thats GREAT now get lost!  Rebbecca started yelling at him in Spanish until he got the point!!!  haha Thank god for new friends! (Oh and yes my new friends are from Puerto Rico, I got to learn all about the country on the way to Pamplona and now I think I need to go!!!)

SO it was raining and FREEZING COLD and like the ass that i am I only wore shorts and a t-shirt!  Doris told me to bring a sweater but I was like nahhhh why WHY are mom's always right!

So we actually found a store that was open!  GREAT AND they had the sash things that everyone was wearing PERFECT this would now hold up my shorts!  After the 6 hour bus ride they were practically falling off me and NOT ina  sexy way looked like I was wearinga  potato sack!  I also boughta  red jacket which by the way it actually VERY cute!  I just grabbed it and was already half in the bag from drinking on the bus!  I wasn't going to but thank GOD I grabbed it I would have died all night!!  So we all bought stuff and now we could go out and PARTY!

First stop some sort of restaurant/pub where we went and had some drinks then sat down and ate- they ordered because i have no idea what anything says!  I tried the stuff they got- weird but the chicken was AMAZING!  haha so ok have some more drinks and off we go the whole night consisted of that going from place to place or walking the streets because it was so crowded there were THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people everywhere all drunk having a good time.  And I was getting harassed by EVERY and ANY man that saw me and my new friends were laughing so hard- they kept having to yell at people to go away and NO she doesn't want you!  They said they have never seen anything like that!  I laughed and said I guess I am justa  hot commodity here!  And they agreed!

So my poor mom every time she called I think I sounded and probably was more and More drunk!!!  So that probably just made her want to call me even more but I was super happy to hear from her!

At one point we were in some crazy bar and I was dancing and dancing and then all of a sudden these guys were making this old guy selling beads and hats dance (I don't' think the guy was all there anyways but he was just tying to a make a living) and they were laughing and laughing at him I was getting so mad I started yelling at everyone who was doing it I said excuse ME are you going to buy form him- No- well why the hell not your making him DANCE- he wants to dance- and that was it I wa syelling this and that and eventually a bunch of them bought stuff from him including me!

So guys were peeing EVERYWHERE in the streets it was ridiculous I was talking to my mom by this wall and these two guys came up and stood on either side of me and started to pee- well that was IT. I started yelling at them like isn't there ANYWHERE ELSE you can go pee instead of RIGHT beside me for god sake and I hit both of them and they were laughing and laughing and I was not!  Although it is quite funny now!!!

Every time I was alone talking to my mom on the street- I would try and go away from everyone because it was so loud.  Men were running up to me trying to talk to me and I would be yelling at them to GET LOST YO HABLO MI MADRE EN CANADA CAAAANNNNAAAADDDDAAAA and I would be looking at them like what the hell is WRONG with you I am on the fricken phone NO GO AWAY.  haha every time and this would happen like every few seconds my mom kept getting interrupted by me yelling at everyone and anyone!  Probably another reason why she was calling every once ina  while!!!

Literally there was so many people you had to push your way through and hold hands if you were with someone other wise you wold get separated!  It was insane thats the only word for it!!!

So I did actually "fall asleep" on some table between the time of 5 and 6 I am not even really sure... I don't' remember getting up on this table but I guess I did and I just curled up on my side an thatw as it OUT I woke up to Rocio trying to move her feet and heard my feet are asleep- haha I guess i must have just used her feet/ankles as a pillow!  haha poor new friend! I was totally confused like where am I whats going on and then Rocios boyfriend grabbed my glass that i guess I had somehow gottena  hold of a red bull and some vodka and made my own drink bu had passed out and was canoodling this drink so he grabs it and was like you finished and I yell NOOOOOOOOOO he was startled I grabbed it and drank it back and they were all laughing at me but I was so out of it from drinking so much and from just waking up I just didn't get it then some old man was asking to buy me coffee and I wa sliek what?  Coffee yeahhh yeahh and then Rocio wa sliek NO and started yelling at him then some guy came and started yelling at him and there was this like big fight over me!  I just sat there drinking my drink watching perched on top of my table!  Then we snuck out while these people were fighting and went to go to where the bulls would start!!

SO it was insane and everyone was sill drunk they stink they are swerving and slurring and everyone is trying to cram up to the gates to see- I was so mad by this point because i couldn't see!  So I bent down and snuck through peoples legs and half my body was through the sides of these gates and I just stayed there until it was over camera in hand- gross wet stinky and drunk!  It was great!  But it went SO FAST!  And I am glad it did because the last bit with the "mean tough angry bulls" was nothing like what i expected they weren't mean or running all crazy they were confused witha  freaking cow bell on going ding ding they were caramel color with cream spots and they were scared and just ruining that way because they had to- it was sad and I was upset.  But it was over and now I could get this day/night over with too!

We walked back to our meeting place and found some GREAT food oh god I could have eaten and eaten I scalded my whole mouth because it was so hot but I didn't even notice I was famished and it tasted so good I was in heaven!  And I slept the whole way back although it was totally uncomfortable because i am so big and the seats so small but it didn't mater then!

The whole night was so crazy!!  I am sure I have a thousand more stories but it kind of now is all one big crazy blurry fast night!  Oh haha I did go to pee in the bushes at one point and was doing my business when I turned around and there were people haha almost right beside me trying to have sex!!!!  haha and here I am barging in and relieving myself I instantly cupped my hand over my mouth and started laughing so hard I ran out and told my new friends we all laughed!!!

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