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Trip Start Oct 07, 2011
Trip End Oct 09, 2011

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Supernatural Convention

Flag of Canada  , Ontario,
Saturday, October 8, 2011

Felt sick again that morning. Surprise, surprise. I went downstairs to attend Corin's panel, but realized it wasn't going to happen and went back upstairs to throw up and then lie down for a while. (Sorry, Corin!) I debated about whether or not I should take a nausea pill because I didn't want to be sleepy for Misha's meet & greet, but I figured sleepy was better than puky, so I took one and then laid down for an hour.

Traci's Panel 
I started feeling a little better, so I went back downstairs and sat for part of Traci's panel. She was very nice, but the panel was kind of awkward because no one got up for questions. So she decided to troll the audience by getting the three sections to chant a word in tandem while she played drums. The right side was "Pudding," middle was "Assbutt," left was "Pie." So we tried it, but we couldn't keep a rhythm very well, so she got us to try again, to marginal success. Her drum playing was flawless though. I would have loved to hear her play more. <3

So anyway, after the chanting was over I decided to go up the mic and get the ball rolling on the panel. But as I went to adjust the mic, it popped out of the stand and almost hit me in the face. She said, "Whoa! Watch your teeth!" lol. I was nervous because I was the only one standing up there, so I asked her to tell us about her experience on set. Very generic and lame question, I know, but whatever. I've never seen any of her panels on YouTube. In retrospect, I think I would've liked to ask her how she thought Bobby and co. explained to the paramedics how Panela's eyes got burned, lol.

But in answer to my actual question, she said it was a very fun set and it was nice working with J2, and went on to say what nice people they are, etc. I'm caught between finding it endearing and exasperating that the special guest actors always feel like they need to placate the fans by "talking up" the guys. I wanted to hear about her, lol.

Perhaps noticing that the panel was lagging a bit, Richard suddenly made an appearance. However, it was time for me to leave for Misha's meet & greet, so the last thing I heard from the panel was Traci telling everyone a story about how Jensen had eaten a Jollyrancher candy before their kissing scene as a courtesy to her. She had once tried to tell a European con audience about him doing that... but it got lost in translation, a la: "Kissing Jensen was like sucking on a Jollyrancher... Get it? Jolly... Rancher..." LMAO. 

Click here to read about my meet & greet with Misha. 

After the m&g was over, I had a little time to spare, so I thought I'd try and grab something to eat at the hotel restaurant. No such luck, I'm afraid. By the time the waiter came over with a menu, I only had 20 minutes to go before my photo op with Richard Speight Jr, and I knew that the food would take almost as long to be cooked. So, no lunch for me! ^^; (I did get to sit and chat with Tamara from the meet & greet briefly, which was nice. I hope the waiter didn't give her a hard time after I left).

The photo op with Richard was efficient, as always. I walked up to him and smiled and said hi, and he said "Hello, young lady," which I thought was sweet. And he really is short, LOL. He's not much taller than I am, and I'm not even 5 feet tall. :-) But yeah, it was over really quick but I made sure to turn back to him and say thank you and to have a nice day. 

After that I was really and truly starving, so I went to the hotel convenience store and bought an icecream bar and it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten, lol. I sat and ate it in the main theatre and watched while people tried to out-bid some lady who was bidding on everything all weekend for some posters.

Misha's Panel

Misha came on stage to wild applause and cheering, and he seemed honestly taken aback. He stood smiling and looking at the crowd for a long time, just taking it all in. This set the mood for the entire panel, because he was happy to be there and we were all happy to have him there, and we all laughed a lot and had a great time. It was awesome. <3 

I won't talk about everything that happened, because I took a lot of videos of his panel and I think the footage speaks for itself, but some highlights include Misha being candid and open about his role as Paul Bernardo; Misha "stripping" to show a Justin Beiber T-shirt; Misha learning about Tumblr; about 10 Castiel cosplayers getting asked up on stage; and Misha reading a passage from Go the F**k to Sleep. 

Oh, and also, I got called up on stage to "punch" Misha. He held out a hand for me like a gentleman and everything. Misha held my hand! <3 (Okay, okay, I'll stop, lol). So yeah. Awesomeness all around. He even stayed an extra 15 minutes past the end of his panel to talk to us because he was having such a good time. :-)

Photo Ops

After the panel, it was time for photo ops, and this was my first experience with a truly loooooong convention line, lol. We didn't have to wait very long though, which was excellent. AND, while I was waiting in line, I met Michelle from the Facebook group, who had very kindly left saltine crackers and water for me on the first night of the con because I was feeling so sick. <3

So, after waiting for about 10 minutes, it was finally my turn to take a pic with Misha. I had bought two photo tickets for him, and I'm glad I did, because the second one was a dud. I had no pose planned for the second one, so I just said to him "Um... whatever you want to do."  Guys, NEVER DO THIS! It almost never comes out looking cool. (Well, he looked cool. I, on the other hand, look like I'm chocking him and trying to fart at the same time). The first picture is excellent though, and he smiled nice and wide in it. <3

And THEN (yes, there's still more to this day!), it was time for autographs. I had time to run upstairs and grab my photo album and the Castiel drawing from my room and then come back down to the main theatre and catch the tail end of the costume contest. A really cool Zachariah costume won, but there was an awesome turnout overall of really creative costumes. Everyone had a lot of fun. :-)

The autograph session started soon after. On the left side was Misha and Damon Runyan (whose panel I had missed because I was at Misha's meet & greet), and on the other side was Richard and Traci. Creation staff directed us to Misha's side first. I felt really nervous because it had been a last-minute decision on my part to bring the Castiel drawing, but I'm so glad I decided to bring it. I stepped up to Misha and placed my things down in front of him, and he said hi before turning to the handler next to him for a second to whisper to her something about how people shouldn't be saying that he won't do personalizations, and then he turned back to me and... 

Okay, my brain kind of went to mush for this, and I don't really remember what was said, except that he was being cheeky about the fact that he was the only one to sign my photo album with a silver marker, and then he personalized it by writing my name with a heart next to it. <3  And then he went to sign my drawing, but hesitated about signing it in silver, and I said "Maybe use the black one...?" and he agreed that it would show up better that way. He even took a few seconds to really consider the drawing before handing it back to me. :-)
Damon was next and I felt bad because I didn't know what to say to him, because I'd never heard of him before the con (he had a really small roll on the show). I said hi and apologized for missing his panel because of Misha (haha), but I told him that everyone I had spoken to said it was awesome, and he said thank you. :-)

Next, I walked to the other side of the stage to get to Richard and Traci. I was slightly awkward in front of Richard. He's a nice person, but I kept getting a kind of vibe off of him that he doesn't necessarily like Creation Ent. cons, so I just stood there quietly while he wrote what seemed to be a small paragraph on my album, lol. He handed it back to me and I paused to read it out loud. It said: "Hi, you're Lesley. I'm Richard!" (I had a post-it note that said "Hi, I'm Lesley!" for any of the actors who might want to personalize) I laughed and said thank you before stepping over to Traci.

Traci said hi and complimented me on the sticker layout inside my album. She started to sign it and I said, "Sorry for the 'assbutt' thing during your panel." She looked up in surprise and said, "That was you?!" and then promptly wrote the word "assbutt" by my name. Yay! :-D

Cocktail Party

There was a looooong stretch of time between the autographs and the cocktail party, so my roommate and I went out for supper. I was still feeling a little queasy, so I didn't eat much, but I wish I had because Creation didn't feed us anything at the cocktail party. Colour me disappointed. :-(

Yeah, the cocktail party was... not so much fun, overall. It ran until past midnight and I was sooo exhausted and hungry; I felt like I was dying. A lot of time was spent on "judging" the different centrepieces, and because of that the actors only got to spend one minute (literally, 60 seconds) at each table. Definitely not enough time for everyone to get a chance to speak.

Case in point, Damon came by our table first, and the girl siting closest to him was like, "I'll ask my question first!" as though she thought we'd have enough time to take turns. Damon said something and I interjected a "yeah" into the conversation, or something, and she actually turned to me and said, "No, it's my turn!" (LOL, Excuse me?) But of course, 10 seconds later he had to get up and leave. :-P

Next came Traci, and she talked to me a little bit about my "centrepiece" (Translation: my tiny, lame Castiel drawing that no one even noticed was there until I pointed it out to a volunteer, lol), and asked me if I'd done any Pamela fanart, and I felt bad because no, I hadn't. Then another one of the girls at the table asked about her interest in animal rescue, and then it was time for her to leave too. Then Richard swung by. I don't remember what was said, except that I made fun of him for making fun of my centrepiece, and he was like, "Hey, I was tethered to a mic wire! I couldn't see it!" lol.

And then there was a long stretch of waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I switched seats with one of the girls, because I had a feeling Misha would be next and I'd already sat next to him during the meet & greet. She seemed very happy, lol. Eventually, at around 1 AM, Misha finally came to our table. He was like. "How is everyone?" and there were various responses of tired/drunk/DYING, etc., and he laughed at us about it. :-D

One of the girls asked something about West, and whether Misha would be able to handle monsters under the bed, and he was like, "Psh. Of course! I'm an expert on that stuff now." And then there was a moment of silence where he kind of looked around the table to see who would talk next, and so I took my chance and asked, in a sleep-deprived slur, "Miiiishaaa... I have to know.... HOW did you guys do that scene... The one with the Leviathan hands in your stomach. It was sooo gross!"

And I knew shenanigans were about to go down, because he looked at me all Serious Face, and said, "Okay, well, first of all... someone was standing behind me, and they had their arms in my trench coat sleeves--" We nodded expectantly. "--which freed up MY arms so I could reach around... and stick my hands up my ass and into my stomach!"

.... I think I died a little. Right there at the table, was me dead from laughter. XD

And then he had to leave. The girl who I switched seats with got a hug from him, and some of the other ladies tried to squeeze out another question from him, but he had a hard time hearing them over the music. I also tried to give him my centrepiece, but he either didn't want it or just thought I was trying to get him to talk to me more (i.e "Pay more attention to meeee~!"), because he didn't end up taking it. So, FAIL on my part, lol. ;-)

So, I was really dead fucking tired at that point, but at least we didn't have to wait long for Corin to show up. He ended up talking to a Japanese girl about how crazy it was that you can actually buy beer out of vending machines in Japan, lol. And then before he left the able he took the time to shake all our hands, which was very nice.

And then I ran upstairs and had some glorious, glorious sleep, lol. 
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Rachael G. on

Ahahahaha, thank you for sharing this. It was a lot of fun to read! "Pay attention to meeeeee." :D

lesleyburt on

Thanks! :-D I felt really awkward after he left the table without taking the drawing, and I was a little worried that's what he thought of me, but now I think it's funnier just to make fun of myself, LOL. ;-)

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