Bangkok - keeping cool in the city

Trip Start Sep 24, 2006
Trip End Sep 01, 2007

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just a note to say I am doing ok, getting some dental work done and trying to keep cool. Went to see a Thai movie (ENglish subtitles) called Bus Lane in English, very funny.  Met a woman from Illinois on the skytrain last night and she came over to my place this afternoon. She has to do a Visa run to Singapore- she needs to renew her work visa (she teaches Nutrition and sports at a private school here) so is flying out either tomorrow or Sunday.  Funny how you just click with someone; Bangkok is a big city and it is rare that one connects with another person; the Thai people are wonderful but don't know much English so cannot hold a long conversation (except for Jum).  Anyway she and I went out for dinner just now (Papaya salad and curried chicken and rice) and she left to back to her place and now I am waiting for Kim to fly in from Saigon, Vietnam as she gets  4 days off from her job. anyway go to run, time out on computer.
Want to update something that happened to me last night -I had an upsetting experience last night - I went to hear the Police Chief give a speech at the Foreign Correspondence Press Club and was assigned to a table with a couple who was a pony tailed ex hippie and I presume is Thai wife. Anyway, when I sat down, I said I hope they didn't mind but I was assigned to their table and he asked "is your conversation scintallating?" and I said well I could give it a go. but he continued to read The Bangkok Post and he and his wife were having their own conversation. He obviously thought he knew everything. I asked a couple of questions, but didn't get much of an answer. He left to talk to someone and his wife just sat there so I asked if I could borrow the paper and she said "no".  I was flabbergasted. She said she didn't know if he was finished with it yet, and I said well I'd like to read an article while he was away and she she "no, he wasn't just over there." So I sat back, stunned, he came back to the table and I guess she told him I wanted to read the paper, so he said, here's the paper if you want to read it.  I said 'no thanks' and he put it on the floor. Then he said "I guess you're not picking up the vibes.  I am not here for tourist entertainment!"  I thought 'huh?" and I should have said something like, "boy sounds like you've been burned a few times," or "why do you think I am a tourist?" or "I see that, as you're not very entertaining!" but all I said was "Well i thought you were looking for scintilatting conversation." MY heart was pounding and I considered changing tables but then I thought that would be awkward, I was a big girl and I could handle this. IT was then time to eat, buffet style, (by that time I had lost my appetite, even though hadn't eaten all day due to no back teeth, and temporary front crowns, im sure I looked charming... ) I went up for some food, came back and ate in silence. And then He asked me what I knew about Thai politics (could tell he fancied himself a political junkie) and I preceded to tell him that I knew there was a coup in Sept., bombing in BKK Dec. 31, Muslim insurgents in 3 provinces in the south, another bomb about a month ago, and Suvarnibhuman airport although new, is scandalized due to faulty work, greedy contractors, all stemming back to previous prime minister, and that all local carriers have moved to old airport at Don Muang.  He thawed a little and I thought you pompous ass! Then his wife asked me where I have been travelling and it was obvious I had done more than them and I also said this was my 6th time in Bangkok... he thought I was atourist who just wanted to gab with expats for entertainment, and maybe one does, who cares!  Then the Police CHief made his presentation and bozo had to ask a question of course to show how smart his is, and it was a dumb question, regarding if the reforms that he is putting in now will be guaranteed into the future and of course the answer is, if a new Prime Minister and govern't take over, they have option to make new policies, duh!  THe speech and Q and As (interesting, Christian Science MOnitor was there, Bangkok Post, etc.) I left while he was answering the last question as I didn't want to have to deal with this bozo again so I just said I have to go, "Good Night" and left. He said "Good Night" politely to me.  I had to buy a coupon book for drinks last night and have lots left so will probably go back there (every Fri. night they play jazz) but hoping I can get someone, anyone to go with!  Even the guy who I rode up in the elevator with to the function seemed like a nice guy but he was assigned to a diff. table. At least he was pleasant!
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