Worse things happen at sea.....part 1

Trip Start Nov 05, 2009
Trip End Apr 26, 2010

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Flag of Spain and Canary Islands  , Canary Islands,
Thursday, November 5, 2009

The adventure begins....

After making the crossing from Lanzarote to Gran Canaria I can quite see where this saying comes from...it was horrific. Two hours into the 15 hour journey and my plan to test whether I get seasick started to go badly wrong. What was I thinking? Why didnīt I take my pills? 3 - 4 meter swell, high winds and waves coming every few seconds. Anyway 3 major lessons were learnt that night...firstly take seasickness pills...lots of them, secondly donīt throw up on the wind-ward side of the boat because it ends up all over you and the boat (although by that point I couldnīt have cared less) and thirdly make sure your harness line is long enough so that you can actually reach the edge of the boat to vomit.

I did actually make it up onto deck for about half an hour that night and was able to just about appreciate the beautiful stars and the phophoresence as the boat cut through the water. Hopefully when we actually cross the Atlantic I will be able to appreciate these things properly after the sickness has passed (fingers and everything else crossed).

Nic did amazingly well and stayed up on deck all night with Paul as everyone else was too sick to do their watches.As bad as it was it suprisingly didnīt ever cross my mind that I would pull out of the trip, so hopefully I will get through it and actually enjoy some of the ocean crossing. It will certainly be a test but thatīs why I am doing it so just got to try to make the best of it and enjoy as much of it as I can.

Paul is an excellant skipper, really knows his stuff and the boat is incredibly well organised and equipped. His son Tom is now joining us so will be pretty cramped with 5 on board but he knows the boat so should make it easier for us all to learn to sail the thing.

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Lou Smithies on

Hey gorgeous. Love the blog - its fab to see your route mapped out and photos of the trip. Great to see things went off without a hitch as usual! You are a nutter but I Iove you. Hope the sea sickness settles down - take your bloody pills xxx

Deepthi on

Way to go Sue. Throwing up tinned tomato meals must be a chore. Hope that will pass. We are being windswept on land and feeling the swells of rain too!

le_bouff on

Don´t worry I have learnt my lesson and will be taking everything tomorrow morning. Starting to feel quite excited about going now...need a change of scene from las palmas and intrigued about what it will be like to not be able to see any land for a while. Looks like fairly calm conditions for the next couple of days so hopefully will be broken in gently to the continuous roll of the boat. We had the parasail up this morning to test it and it is just stunning. Will have lots of photos of it to show you as there won´t be much else to take photos of over thye next few weeks.

Adios amigos!

Sue xx

Richard Sharp on

Sounds brilliant. What a great experience. Love the pics. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more. Enjoy the Atlantic crossing. Will be quite something.

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