Came back to life to break into Alcatraz

Trip Start Nov 17, 2010
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of United States  , California
Thursday, December 16, 2010

We did alot yesterday and now we are really glad we did. It walking nearly killed up but we have do much to do today before we go to Alcatraz at 4. First things first though. We went out and found a cafe to write our Christmas letters to family. I hope they get them in time. We had abit of a problem finding a post office or at least one that didn't want to charge us over $100 to send a few pictures. We did expect the prices to be high and they still were when we eventually found a normal post office, but it seemed like alot less after the previous quote.

With that mission successful it was time to explore some more San Fran. First stop union square. I wanted to see the spiral escalators. I made Nicky go all the way to the top and back down just for the novelty of it. WE hung around here for abit but with nothing much we wanted to do we jumped on a cable car to fisherman's wharf. It was the beat $5 i have ever spent. We got to hang of the side of it as it traveled up and down the massive hills. There was a few close calls where we nearly hit lorries, but it was so much fun and alot safer that you think, we had a ledge to stand on. Once at fisherman's wharf, Nicky soon sniffed out her trip favorite Hot fudge brownie sundae. So of cause i joined her in indulging myself and we took away around Ghirardelli square. Wasn't much really to do but go in shops so feeling that we had got alot done already we went to sit by the sea. There was a little beach, it was so cute with amazing views. Nicky nearly killed a seagull by feeding it her brownie. It was so funny she put it down by her side and the seagull took an interest. Nicky noticed and pushed it toward the gull say "if you want it you can have it" the gull looked at here with a can i?, are you joking?, should i? look, then just went of it swallowing the whole brownie whole. It struggled so much trying to swallow it. we felt so bad we watched it for the next half an hour to make sure it didn't keel over. Seemed OK though even went for mine when i put mine down. Crazy ass birds.

It was getting close to our Alcatraz trip now, deciding we needed to have snack before, Nicky mentioned her craving for fried Mozzarella. I thought this was bit specialized but believe it not under fun food on a fish restaurants menu, there it was. I couldn't believe it but it made Nicky happy, so we headed to pier 33 with full bellies.

As it was a night tour of Alcatraz leaving before sun down we thought we might see a good sunset tonight, but we were disappointed. It was to cloudy. It was abit spooky going to an old prison on an island in the ocean when the sun was going down. On the way up to the cell blocks there was a massive hill, so our tour guide broke it up by stopping a few times to tell us some Alcatraz tales. Apparently only 5 people have been known to maybe have escaped, but they are not sure if they did it is only believed. There are some funny stories about escape attempts. Two told on that hill amused me. In one attempt two guys attempted to paddle to land in wooden barrels,but he got pulled out to sea by the tide only to get pulled right back in again at high tide. They were picked near the island, unlucky. The other attempt was a guy who spent ages accumulating a Marines uniform so he could wear it to not be spotted on the boat off the island. Only to get on the wrong boat and end up at Angel islands which was a marines camp then. It seems they were so desperate they didn't think there plans through properly. Lucky for us they didn't manage it though cos its easy to forget that people held on this island were only done so as a last resort. Which means they had already broke out or been bad at another prison. The audio tour inside the cell block was really interesting. We have to be careful though like i said because it is done mostly from the prisoners pint of view it can easy to forget what they have done and feel sorry for them. They do paint the picture of hardship but i feel it was no more than they deserved.

After the tour i joined a talk on a prisoner that died and came back to life. It turned out to be a really interesting story. I can't remember the actually prisoners name but he was wrapped up with Bonnie and Clyde. He got put in prison for not report Bonnie and Clyde to the police. The only got two years and having a wife and kids it would have been a good idea to have done his time and been released for good behavior both had other ideas. He decided to beak out. He did this with his cell mate but requesting so crackers in a tin from the guard that would fit through the bars. This meant the guard had to open them and he got ambushed and they ran. It wasn't long though before he was picked up again and the sentence upped. It also didn't take him long to get in trouble again. Due to the trouble in the past his sentence was now 30years at Alcatraz. Now with no chance of his wife waiting for him he began plotting to get out. He came up with a complex plan much like one of the guys mentioned above. He got a job in a workshop and planned to hide uniforms again piece by piece with a few prison mates. They chose to hide them in paint tins on a self they were given permission to build which would also be used as a walk way to a hole they had made in a window out of sight. The plan was to take the paint tins with dry clothes in across the sea as flotation devices and hen change there clothes on the other side. This would have been amazing if they had realize before the day of escape that the paint cans didn't fit through the whole. So having come that far they went on with out them. Stupid idea, they were spotted any many shot dead. This particular prisoner managed to get down into a cave though where he hid. He was so scared that they were waiting for him to come out though. that he waited 3days. By this time he was aware that having not eaten or drank in so long he would never make it across the ocean alive. So he decides to step out of the cave hoping that someone will see him report him and he will get taken back. His plan fails though when no on sees him. Hes no stuck if he takes the guard by surprise by appearing in the grounds he will get shot dead, but equally he will die if he stayed where he is. Not sure quite what to do, he come up with a plan. He decides to break back in to Alcatraz. This is the only known case of this ever happening. He knows that the guard on the inside don't carry gun so his chance of survival is much higher. He succeeds in this and manages to stay alive with yet more time added to his sentence. After all this though something amazing happens. His daughter gets in contact. This changes his view on life and he makes a sensible decision to do good time and hopefully get out early. This works like a dream, the guard are realty impressed by his chance of attitude and he is transferred to a normal prison and eventually paroled. The twist in the story is that the daughter he was so desperate to get out for poisons her husband and is jailed the day before his realized. They never saw each other out of prison. He is now back with his wife bringing up his grand kids. Well i say now he mite be dead now.

I thought this was an interesting story, don't know if you agree. I'm glad i got to leave the prison that night, would have wanted to stay there in the dark. I;m please to say that a warm bed is what is in store for me. That is after i have eaten my Subway steak sub.

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