Ce N’est Pas Comme ca en Amérique

Trip Start Aug 30, 2009
Trip End Apr 28, 2011

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Flag of Senegal  , Tambacounda,
Saturday, October 3, 2009

So this blog is dedicated to a list of Senegal-specific things/characteristics, and perhaps other 3rd world countries, that myself and a my neighbor volunteer put together.  These are attributes that one would most likely never encounter in the great land of America aka a part of my new life.  Enjoy...

-          Men sporting jelly shoes (oh yes, we remember these, those clear plastic shoes we all wore in middle school)
      -          Motor oil as a burn antiseptic

-          Africa does weird things to your skin: rashes, blister beetle sores, bacterial sores that prevent walking, etc.

-          Spitting, picking your nose, grabbing your crotch anytime, anywhere, and in front of whomever...literally all the time

-          Spaghetti/macaroni  on bread with mayonnaise, and (if you choose) beans as well

-          Spaghetti/macaroni sprinkled on rice (this is fancy food)

-          Liberal use of dried fish in literally almost every meal

-          Donkey races with small child drivers

-          Eating every meal with your hands (right hand only, left hand reserved for other things, you can only guess)

-          Liberal use of insults to any and everyone, people you don't know are not exempt from the insult hurling; they actually seem to be favored targets

-          Small children can apparently do anything big children can do: shopping, driving charettes, any general task that an young/adult should do but feels they don’t need to because they can send a small child

-          Bird slaying by slingshot followed by a bbq

-          In Senegal it takes 5 seconds to fall in love with a white girl: see, speak, love. "I have always wanted a white wife".

-          Every baby is available for the taking if you are going to America, or will be going to America at some point in the future

-          Men squat to pee.  Why? That’s one of the beauties of being a man, you don’t have to squat.

-          Men holding hands and being generally physically affectionate with one another

-          Boobs everywhere….everywhere, and of all ages…yuck

-          Animals roam everywhere, the capital city highway included

-          Fear of cats and dogs by at least 85% of the population

-          Saying hello/greeting can take a solid 3 minutes, with the same questions being asked repeatedly (and it’s rude if you don’t greet so we are forced to participate)

-          You can buy anything, in any amount (1 cigarette, Nescafe, 1 tbs sugar)….not for individual sale not applicable in this country

-          You can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and its completely acceptable

-          Falling stars every night

-          Anyone will pick you up on the side of the road if you need a ride (charette, car, 18-wheeler) and it’s common Peace Corps volunteer behavior

-          Laying outside under the stars with your whole family every night

-          Napping all afternoon because that’s what you do in the afternoon

-          Hissing is a completely acceptable way to get someone’s attention

-          Eating all parts of an animal (eyes, insides, head, etc.)…ew
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