The Apartment Saga!!

Trip Start May 26, 2006
Trip End Jan 2007

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Apartment Saga!!!!

The Apartment Part 1

Living arrangement; the guest house we were staying in was nice but I was defiantly keen to get settled in my own new place. I had already organised to share an apartment with my friend Cath and the week before I arrived she had moved into the new DAGOC apartment block with about 140 other staff members, which was perfect timing (thanks Cath) as they had just been finished and were now full so I was lucky to have organised it before arriving. So after a few nights with all my new friends in the guest house I decided I was ready to get settled and move to my new home. Also two of my friend from the guest house, Jess and Alex had been allocated the last apartment in the new building so we were going to be neighbors which was great.

So on the Wednesday night of the first week I arrived we went and picked up our Doha hire car (lovely Green Renault Cleo!!! that will be our life saver for the next 6 month, not a fan of waiting in 40degree heat for a cab although they are really cheap) anyway Cath and I moved all my stuff from the guest house into my new home - The DAGOC Apartment II building.

The apartment was great massive 2 bedroom apartment with massive living area, kitchen and bathroom I was very impressed to say the least. So by the end of my first week I was sorted, had a great apartment, massive bedroom, hired a car between Cath and I so we could get around and made some great friends, All set for now (so I though)

So my transition to my new apartment was going very smoothly, we had started buying all our house stuff, getting organised and into a routine and also so many people I know were living in the same building so it was great going visiting to the other floors and being so close to everyone.

Alas...Life was not meant to be that easy

After being in my apartment only 10 days things were about to change. On the Sunday of my third week (The work week here is Sun - Thu, 7.30 - 2.30 still getting use to that one) I finished up work at 2.30, a few rumors had been floating around about our apartment building not thinking anything about it I headed out to do some running around after work, anyway 10min after I left work I got a phone call from my friend Shay "get home now we have to get out!" beep beep. Not too sure what was going on we headed back to the apartments and when we arrived there were people everywhere out the front of the building construction men and all, bags and car everything being packed, we asked the security at the entrance his comment "mama you can go up just take your valuables then head to the Grand Regency Hotel (across the road) Oh Shit! So the girls who live next door and I ran upstairs in a panic. There were people everywhere packing up their apartments: 70 apartments Crazy!! Ran into apartment and started packing all my things was going to take just a few things then thought stuff this I'm taking everything rumor was the place was going to fall down!!!. So 2 trips via the stairs to level 4 in 45 degree heat (not fun) my stuff was out and in the car.

We had to do a few car trips to the hotel so as I waited with some of the stuff it was quiet amusing watching everyone with suitcases, microwaves, doonas, pillows, etc, moving whilst the local builder men were putting up scaffolding and reinforcing bars in the car park to hold the building and to support god know what!!!(Metal poles will not make a difference if the building is going to collapse!!!) By this stage we had heard that the building needed to be inspected because of some swelling/cracks in the support beams or something along those lines so we had to be shipped out.

Anyway the company has moved us all into the lovely 5 star Grand Regency Hotel all expenses paid, while they work out where we are going to go next. All in all it keeps life interesting, I was thinking this move was all a bit too smooth.

So I began writing this entry from my lovely hotel suit in my robe and slippers, whilst waiting for the dinner buffet! From the hotel room we could see the apartment block and we watched closely to if it really did look like it was falling down! The rumor after the first night in the hotel was that apparently we were not going back to that one but the new one that was built behind it.

The Apartment Part 2

Ok, so after having fun in the hotel for the first two nights; relaxing watching cable TV, having our room cleaned, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner for free from the massive buffet, and generally living it up, it was getting a bit annoying and everyone was starting to crack. Mainly because we didn't know what was going on, we were sharing rooms, and we didn't know how long we would be there for (the other building was still standing!) So after a lot of bitching and moaning from way too many people we finally had some answers, via email!
About 20 of the boys were being moved to temporary accommodation in a hotel and the rest of us were being moved to a new apartment block about 5min down the road.
Being very excited that we had an answer we went to check out the new place. Very funny as we walked in and found that it was EXACTLY the same! Same tiles, same paint, same furniture, same pictures on the walls, everything was the same, only a little bit smaller! (somewhere must have had a sale!!)

So after a week in our luxury hotel again all of us moved all our stuff again from the hotel to the new place and got settled. The apartment Cath and I got is lovely just a bit smaller than our other one but we have a front facing view with massive windows which is really nice and the apartments is in a much better location. We are now a five minute walk to a street full of restaurants, supermarkets and shops (bit like Chapel St without the bars! But with the traffic) It now feels like home and it is great to be able to go out the front door and walk to places instead of having to drive everywhere. I am now officially a local!

That ends the Apartment saga, life is now back to normal and going by extremely quickly. (Stay tuned for my next adventure, if there is one!)
Love to you all. Kim xx
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