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Trip Start Oct 01, 2012
Trip End Sep 15, 2013

Flag of Mexico  , Yucatan Peninsula,
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This past week has been absolutely surreal, my parents and twin sister came to visit me in my second home, paradise! I hope I do this blog entry justice, describing the highlights of this incredible week.

The week flew by so quickly and of course Baby Kim was back saying a tearful goodbye as we parted ways again and they set off on their journey back home after an incredible 7 day reunion... Of course it was like we had never been apart, and it definitely didn't feel like 5 months since we last saw each other! We managed to fit in so many things and it was amazing to show them some of my favourite places, and for them to share a little bit of my experience out here. They loved visiting places that they had seen so many times in pictures, as well as meeting all of the new friendly faces in my life, after hours of stalking me on facebook (parents.)
After 5 months away from home living in the most beautiful place, what better way to celebrate turning 21 than to have my parents and twin sister join me to celebrate our birthday! After 21 years, we definitely couldn’t celebrate the big 2-1 apart, and what a great excuse for them to have a holiday in Cancun!
This was definitely the best birthday ever and we were treated to an incredible beach front suite in an all-inclusive hotel in the Hotel Zone of Cancun… the Grand Park Royal. Wow. Thanks Dad! We were so lucky and so grateful running around our room screaming as we opened our doors to see that we could literally step outside our room and be on the beach, giving our parents the second floor room instead haha… I absolutely loved seeing their faces as they realised that the colour of the sea/sand is even better in real life than in my pictures, and Sal kept saying “this can’t be real” “this isn’t reaaaal.”

The week was absolutely incredible, so tiring, yet so worth it acting like a little tour guide as I took them on a whirlwind tour of my favourite things in and around Cancun. We managed to fit so much in, and still take advantage of the incredible hotel. Free room service, free mini bar, free food, free buffet and drinks 24/7 ooooh, the fat camp girl inside of me came out, and I was uncontrollable. It didn’t help that I had a couple of workers fall for the whole “English girl trying to speak like a Mexican, living in Cancun” thing and only encouraged my endless eating. Preparing the tastiest burritos for me whilst everyone waited in the queue, and giving my dad my drink of choice when I was nowhere to be seen and saying “for Kim, for Kim.”

Sunday, we spent most of the day chilling poolside in the cabanas and in the sea until it was time to head into town for my basketball match! I was so excited for them to see me play, and my teammates had the predictions that my mum would be horrified as she watched me get hurt, but it turned out that this team weren’t so scrappy and it was just me falling to the floor that gave her the extra wrinkles. My family stood out as it was, but of course my dad couldn’t resist the chance to embarrass me in front of my new friends and teammates, and every time I scored he shouted at the top of his voice “KIMBOOOOO.” The Mexicans watching the game loved it, and it reminded me of the old times, ahh. They loved watching my game and finally meeting my friends, with haribo and chocolate from England, after seeing so many photos. My sister spoke with them in her limited Spanish much to my encouragement as she was forced to say her GCSE oral speech that she had memorized so well. Afterwards, we headed to the Cancun Carnaval and watched all the floats go by as my mum tried a Michelada- a litre of beer mixed with salt, chilli, lime and who knows what else- but she wasn’t the biggest fan. The Carnaval was amazing and interesting for my family as it was so Mexican- full of colour, music and dancing. It was so lucky that the Carnaval happened to be this weekend, and they certainly went all out for it, giving the University both Monday and Tuesday free of classes to enjoy the long weekend event. There were so many floats, all decorated differently, with the King and Queen of the Carnaval standing high on "Chichen Itza"

Our Birthday was definitely the best day, we woke up early and enjoyed opening presents and cards. Very lucky girls! Thanks so much to a special few, it was so nice and unexpected to receive cards and presents from some loved ones back home :) At 9am we caught the ferry and cruised over the beautiful turquoise waters to Isla Mujeres, or Isla Mula as my sister pronounces it… What a day! We rented a golf cart to drive all around the island visiting all the amazing view points, beaches, Punta Sur (home of the Iguanas and where the first sunrays hit Mexico every morning) and our favourite part, the tortugranja, basically a turtle conservation farm. Turtles mean a lot to me and it was great for my sister to finally meet her ancestors… Around midday we settled down in Playa Norte, so beautiful! It is one of the prettiest beaches around here, and they were all blown away by the bright turquoise sea. "Even better than your photos!" The sea was completely still, with no waves to be seen, yet somehow my mother managed to “get caught by surprise”…a hilarious struggle to watch. Mum and Sal enjoyed some coconuts while we managed to get some Wifi at the beach café and download our birthday video from our brother. Such a nice video, such a generous gift and such an amazing brother we have! Love you bro, wish you could’ve been with us! 


After a couple of hours lazing in the sun, sea and sand we headed out for my third time snorkelling in Isla Mujeres. I didn’t really think it through bringing the parents out into the open water given that my mum isn’t the biggest fan and the fact that my dear old man is such a liability. I jumped into the water from the boat first to give my mum a reassuring face to see in the sea... five minutes later and she is still struggling to perch herself onto the edge of the boat, and then the fear spread across her face, which barely fitted into the snorkelling goggles, as the man edges closer to her… SO funny. Eventually, he resorts to pushing the poor woman off the edge of the boat away from laughing daughter #1 into the arms of laughing daughter #2, bless her, she did well and soon relaxed into things with the chubby, wideload hand of mine to hold :) We then enjoyed exploring the beautiful reefs for just under an hour, with some incredible fish for company. I did feel for the poor Mexican guiding us as we were all in our own little worlds with the fish, and I had to keep telling them all to follow the man… So happy to share this experience with them, even though it is not scuba diving, the reefs and fish were still incredible. 


Just as I was letting go of my mother’s hand, knowing that she was now safely on the boat, my dad found himself in a bit of trouble… the current was pretty strong to be fair, but he somehow managed to swallow a lot of water and started panicking, getting himself into trouble. It was standard dad behaviour and was pretty hilarious... By this point I had removed both of my fins as they were too tight for my fat, wideload feet and bloody hell, trying to swim against the current whilst saving my old man was an absolute mission. Eventually he calmed down “Kim, I can't, I’m not going anywhere” “I… kee..p … swall..owing…water” and listened to his loving daughter #2 (daughter #1 watching safe and sound on the boat, no worries Sal) and swam on his back towards the boat. Apologies to disgusted at Harrow, but I have to use bad language again, bloody hell father.

After an incredible birthday in Isla Mujeres we made our way back to our hotel to get ready for a nice birthday 3/4 course meal at El Mirador which overlooks the lagoon. Beautiful. I received some clothes for my birthday (dresses and skirts as always of course, as my mother tries her best to make me dress up nicely...) and so wore my new skirt and used my new birthday make up for the first time :) Truly the best birthday we've ever had, just missing a certain Paul Fenton, we'll see you soon though bro...!


Tuesday we woke up early and made the trip to Tulum- one of my favourite places around here, officially the World's best beach and according to Lonely Planet, the number 1 attraction in Mexico... so of course it was a must for my family to visit! This was also the first time that they have seen any Mayan ruins, and with the backdrop of the unbelievable turquoise sea of the Caribbean, it was beyond impressive! Whilst exploring the ruins you have to take care on the uneven stones and there is one part in particular where it can be a little bit slippery and there is even a sign in English warning the pinche tourists.


Knowing my dad for 21 years now, I told him to be extra careful in this section... I even removed his new camera from his neck because I knew exactly what was about to happen, it was inevitable... and of course, even with extra warnings, he fell. Poor man had to be rescued by his loving wife who rushed to his side as he grazed his little knee... hilarious. Of course, he again lapped it up the rest of the day "you nearly lost your father for the second time... The day was great, ridiculously hot exploring the ruins but we cooled off nicely in the beautiful beach. We then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in Playa del Carmen on the beach/5th avenue and I was so tired... being a tourist guide kills ya!


Wednesday we all took a well earned break and relaxed in the hotel all day. Buffet for breakfast, buffet for lunch, snacks (nachos, hot dogs, burgers, pizza) and drinks whenever we fancied, and another posh restaurant for dinner= a fat girls dream. Mmm, TASTY! I spent the whole week reducing my dad to tears as he watched on in horror as the post chubster camp girl devoured 6 hash browns shamelessly, amongst other things during breakfast, and showed no signs of breaking the Coca Light addiction. Better than an addiction to cigarettes, I told him. We spent the day enjoying the "unreal" sea, games of table tennis (competitive, as always within the Fenton family,) basketball in the swimming pool, and just generally relaxing in the sun. Great day.  
 Again, time to dress up as we enjoyed a nice meal at El Oriental where they officially made the best starters and desserts that I have, possibly, ever eaten. I have a love for spring rolls, and they were made to perfection. Dessert was bread crumbed mini bananas, almost like the ones in Malaysia, but amazing. Then it was time to show my sister the wonder that is, Coco Bongo. She loved it just as much as I did, she couldn't believe it... the constant fire extinguishers from above/below, confetti, balloons, dance shows, open bar, and more shows. Amazing evening and she loved it! All of the shows were incredible as always and there were a couple of new ones for me to see too :D



Thursday, considering we returned to our room in the early hours of the morning, we did well to wake up at a good time just before the breakfast buffet closed, oops there I go again writing about food all the time, apologies... Today, we went to a cenote, of course el Jardin del Eden which they have seen a couple of times in my photos. My dad called it paradise and it really is beautiful. To any new readers, I (wikipedia) will describe again what a cenote is "a deep natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath." That description doesn't really sell it's beauty. Crystal clear blue waters surrounded by the green colours of nature... See the pictures to get a better idea...

Afterwards, we went to complete the turtle dream and try our luck at snorkelling with sea turtles in Akumal. Success! The beach/bay itself is incredible, and we managed to spot 5 turtles munching away at the seabed! Amazing! Especially when they floated up to the surface and their little heads broke through the water... Wow! Just incredible! My family loved it just as much as I did, something about turtles...

Made it back to Cancun in time to run some errands at home, much to the suspicions of my ever hopeful family given that it was Valentines day... and my main man at the buffet was not impressed with me when I didn't get back at 9 like my parents had told him, and he interrogated me with a sad face as to whether I was with my novio... oh life.

Friday was the first new experience for me, Xcaret! The sister eco theme park to Xel-ha (see previous blogs...) Wow, another early, early start to make the most of the day. I received a 50% discount as well as another 10% off for my "guests" thanks to being a Quintanaroense ;) Soy Mexicana with my ID cards! 


 The park is amazing, with so much to do and see before 6pm- the start of the Mexican Spectacular show! Which all my students have raved about to me, in our conversations. Another boiling hot day and we spent the first half exploring all there is to see such as an aquarium, sting rays, manatees, sharks, dolphins, jaguars, lynxs, parrots, monkeys, bat caves,flamingos and turtles, MASSIVE caguamas... they were absolutely huge, I couldn't believe it! The park was so beautiful, the rivers and the beach were stunning. Such incredible colours again, the white sand against the turquoise sea... amazing! We also took part in their turtle programme, releasing five 15 month old green turtles into the sea :D


 Exploring the underground river was so cool! After spending 15 minutes waiting for my sister and dad to get into the crystal clear, yet pretty cold, waters we were off exploring the caves. We were treated to a couple of mayan surprises on the way and had a great time... typical Fenton jokes, banter and laughter were coming from all angles as always and by the end of the long winding river through the park my sister was freezing and parents tiring, the last exit seemed a lifetime away for them... all good fun though and we soon enjoyed the buffet right in front of the sea with Cozumel in the background to boot. 


Beautiful setting. Afterwards we continued to explore the park, such as the butterfly garden and watched the horse show before making our way to the theatre. The route to the theatre was amazing with candles lighting the way and people dressed in characters... which can also be seen in Tulum, Playa del Carmen etc to entertain the tourists. The first half of the show gave us some history to the Mayan culture including a game of Pelota, which is like football but you 'kick' the ball with your bum instead... pretty entertaining. They then set the ball on fire, thanks to "the god of fire" and we were treated to a fireball edition game of hockey. That part was probably my favourite. The second half involved lots of traditional dances and amazing costumes from different states all over Mexico. Overall, the show lasted 2 hours and it was amazing!


We made it back to Bahia Azul, to show my family where I live for the first time (packing everything in, we hadn't had the time earlier) and there they met some more of my friends and it was Monicas birthday so we did the traditional "mordida mordida" and pushed her face into the cake, but then they also made sure Sal and I had the Mexican treatment :) It was nice to show my family around my house, which they were amazed at how it costs so little and is so big/nice! Even after setting some ground rules with my dad, he still managed to say some awkward comments, oh well, they got their chance to put faces to names and to say thanks "for looking after our Kimbo..." oh gaaad.


I forgot to mention visits to La Isla shopping mall over the lagoon, Parque las Palapas where I like to go to eat the Mexican street goods, a hippy market, spending the last day on Saturday chilling in the hotel again... and one main thing... NONE OF THEM GOT THE SHITS?! 

 Overall it was a truly incredible week, and I hope that they had the most amazing time. Lots of love to all for the birthday wishes, it really so nice to hear from so people back home :) Thank you xxx
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BRo on

Kimbo - best blog post yet!!! :D So happy you all had a great time and the pictures look amazing

Mum on

ha ha ha ha ha you have summed up the incredible week amzingly well.. Your poor old Mum did keep up in the snorkeling just to absorb the facinating fish and catching a turtle or two on the way. Thanks a bunch for being such a patient tour guide . What a beautiful Paradise ... xx

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